Chapter 3064: Number one assassin: The ascetic prince’s attack strategy (Part 15)

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At the same time, in the crown prince’s Eastern Palace.

There was a coffin filled with peach blossoms and inside it was the most important girl……to the most important person in the Eastern Palace.

Her face was beyond recognition and all her bones were broken.  Even the moon white robe was covered in blood.

It was the tenth day after she died, but he still didn’t bury her.

At the bottom of the cliff, she was already like this when he found her.  Other than her clothes, there was nothing else left to identify her with.

Whether it was her face, her feet, or her body, it was all bloody and unsightly.

He didn’t want to believe that this person in front of him was her, but cruel reality forced him to believe it.

If it wasn’t her, why else would she be at the bottom of the cliff?

If it wasn’t her, why would she be wearing her clothes?

If it wasn’t her, why would he still be able to see the vague outline of her face?

They hadn’t met for long, so he couldn’t see her face clearly before she had disappeared from his life.

“Your highness, it’s been found.”  Ning Yuan cupped his hand and said, “Your highness, condolences.”

Murong Ci had no expression on his face as he slowly stood up and took a deep look at the coffin, “Let’s go to the study.”


He didn’t want to disturb her.  This was her pure land and he didn’t want any sounds disturbing her.

Murong Ci closed his eyes after sitting down before slowly opening them again.

Those deep eyes were bloodshot.  It had already been ten days since he slept.

Extremely tired and unwilling to sleep.


“Reporting to your highness, this subordinate has investigated the Shadow League.  Although they are unwilling to reveal the identity of the client, this subordinate has found the person who slaughtered everyone in Azure Mountain through different channels.”  Ning Yuan paused before saying, “It’s the eighth prince.”

“As expected.”  Murong Ci coldly narrowed his eyes, “His target is me.”

“He also knew that many on Azure Mountain were your highness’ people.”  Ning Yuan explained, “The king’s health has been degrading in the past few years and he has always coveted your position as the crown prince, so he thought the time was right.”

“Humph, the time was right.”  Murong Ci coldly narrowed his eyes, “I’ve been too lazy to care about him since the beginning, but this time he not long killed the people of Azure Mountain, but also……It seems like he really doesn’t want to live anymore.”

“Your highness, we still need to discuss this matter.”  Ning Yuan knitted his brows in a worried manner, “Please don’t be rash!”

He didn’t respond, but the deep killing intent in those deep eyes could be clearly seen.

“Your highness, the king and queen want to choose a crown princess for you……”

Ning Yuan knew that he shouldn’t mention this matter at this time, but he had to mention it.

Now that the eight prince had put such a big plan in order, from the Shadow League to Azure Mountain, it had to be a very long term plan.

If……the matter of the crown princess wasn’t settled, it would hurt Murong Ci’s position as the crown prince even more.

“I already have a crown princess.”  When he said this, Murong Ci’s ice cold eyes became a bit more gentle.

“Your highness, please reconsider……”

“You can leave first.”  Murong Ci said with a sigh, “I’ll take care of this matter.”

“Yes, your highness.”

After Ning Yuan left the study, Murong Ci slowly turned around and opened up a mural that had been rolled up.

This scroll was very new and the smell of ink came from it.

There was a young girl in a moon white dress on the scroll.  She had a smile on her face that had a touch of playfulness and a touch of gentleness.