Chapter 3073: Number one assassin: The ascetic prince’s attack strategy (Part 24)

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Of course, the three words Gong Mu Xue were stopped by Man’er and Gu Sang.

They said that it wasn’t a problem to use these three words in private.

But when meeting King Mu or the crown prince, she had to use her full name.

It really was……a long full name.

She spent two hours getting dressed before going to the Eastern Palace in a sedan.

Hui Chen kept talking to her on the way, telling her that she didn’t need to be nervous and that she should act normal.

Actually, she wasn’t nervous at all.  She hadn’t seen Murong Ci since they had parted at Azure Mountain.

Murong Ci shouldn’t have forgotten her, which was why he was choosing a crown princess!

It shouldn’t be!  She clearly had 100% affection, so she was confident in this.

She was a bit confused and couldn’t think this through.  Opening the curtain, she said, “High priest, why do you think the crown prince is choosing a crown princess!”

“......”  Perhaps her question was too childish that even Hui Chen had to take a few seconds to figure out how to answer her, “There are many women gathered in the Eastern Palace this time.  It’s all for the crown princess selection banquet in three days, but I’ve heard that the crown prince already has someone that he admires.”

“Really?”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and revealed a hard to hide smile before saying, “Who……Who is it?”

“They’re already dead.”


What did he mean already dead?  Please, she was still alive, alright?

But thinking about it, it was normal for Murong Ci to think that she had already died after falling down from such a high place.

But……based on his personality, shouldn’t he wait to see a corpse or a living person?

“In short, this is taboo.  It’s also the information given to us by the ministers of the Snow Stop Kingdom.”   The high priest kept warning her, “I’ve already informed the king about the death of the princess.  He is very sad and thinks that this is because of his strictness that she lost her life.  So this time, the king doesn’t ask that you become the crown princess, but just save face for our Snow Stop Country.”

“I got it.”  Luo Qing Chen slightly knitted her brows as she kept thinking of the thing from before.

But she couldn’t keep asking because of the high priest’s tone.  She was too lazy to ask since she would be able to make a decision once she reached the Eastern Palace.

Murong Ci didn’t come to greet them, it was his personal guard Ning Yuan who came to greet them.

Ning Yuan was very polite and had arranged a place for them.

Along the way, she saw quite a few people.  They were all dressed in fancy clothes and looked at her with different expressions.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t expect that while it was easy to enter the Eastern Palace, it was hard to see Murong Ci.

The place that Ning Yuan arranged for them wasn’t bad and it was very spacious.  Other than it being beside the maid residence, it was all pretty good.

Once in a while, she could hear the quarrels coming from across the way.

Those girls really had sharp voices and she wasn’t used to listening to them.

Luo Qing Chen touched her ear before slightly knitting her brows to say, “I’m going out for a walk.”

She felt that she was in a market with how much chirping there was.  If she didn’t go out for a walk, she would really go crazy.

“Ai……Princess, princess……”

Man’er and Gu Sang wanted to stop her, but they couldn’t do anything as she walked faster than them……

When she came out, there was a person that appeared in front of her.

Luo Qing Chen looked up to see a face that wasn’t bad.  She was wearing a jade green pleated skirt, with a golden silk ruby hairpin in her hair, giving her the look of a noble.