Chapter 181 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (51)

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Afterwards, she finally realized that it was cream, so she tried to struggle again but was firmly imprisoned by the other party instead. His kisses were full of strength and possessiveness, the tip of her tongue was sucked over and over again, and her sensitive upper jaw was even licked carefully as a gush of weak and numb feeling seized her whole body, she didn’t know why, but a strange, shameful voice came out from her throat involuntarily.

Feeling like he finally got her weak point, Su Huaiyan continued to lick her jaw with his tongue.

The corner of Shen Mubai’s eyes turned red, they welled with tears from his bullying as she let out thin whimpers to express her weak resistance.

Su Huaiyan gave a low laugh before pushing her against the wall behind her. Continuing his kisses again, he explored the mystery inside her mouth with his tongue. He did it like he was patrolling his own territory, not letting any inch to pass his inspection, and then, he covered her with his own scent to declare sovereignty.

Letting go of the panting girl, Su Huaiyan licked the corner of her mouth, staring at the girl in close proximity with a genuine smile, he then said with a soft, hoarse voice, “Sister, so sweet.”

It was unknown what he implied.

Shen Mubai glared at him fiercely. When she just wanted to roll up her sleeves and give him her two cents, she recalled last time’s punishment, and then, like a good for nothing, she turned silent again.

Su Huaiyan laughed lightly, he extended his finger to wipe the saliva stain on her lips before saying, “Sister, let’s eat the cake.”

The two sat in the living room.

Although her younger brother was bad and perverted in front of her, but Shen Mubai still sincerely helped him light the candle.

Su Huaiyan raised his eyebrow, “I’ve never believed in this kind of thing.”

But he still blew out all the candles in the next second.

Shen Mubai coughed to clear her throat, “Happy birthday.”

Su Huaiyan stared at her for a few seconds, right until Shen Mubai felt that her scalp became numb and she wanted to jump away, he gently smiled, “Sister, I love you.”

Shen Mubai’s expression stiffened.

Su Huaiyan didn’t mind it, he continued to look at her with a sweet smile on his face, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t like me back, buy you can only stay beside me.”

The last sentence was said in an unbelievable soft tone that it made one’s hair stood on end, and those glazed eyes were unabashedly hot and possessive.

She was embraced by the young man from behind, with strong arms around her waist and a lazy chin against her shoulder. Shen Mubai didn’t know why things would suddenly became like this.

In short, the two of them was doing his make up class on the sofa with this posture, they have unlocked a new shameful way ah.

Trying to make herself ignore the people clutching her body like an octopus, Shen Mubai continued to explain with a calm attitude.

His warm breath was getting closer and closer, until the teenager leaned into her ear and whispered, “Sister, do you know what I wished for just now?”

Shen Mubai kept her silence.

Su Huaiyan didn’t mind, he continued to say with a smile on his face, “I want sister to stay with me all my life.”

Shen Mubai can’t help but criticized inside her mind, your wish seems like it will fall flat ah.

Su Huaiyan narrowed his eyes and whispered in her ear sweetly, “Since it’s my sister who celebrates my birthday, then my sister will fulfill this wish for me, okay?”

Without waiting for Shen Mubai to reply, he continued on his own, “This is my third condition, sister must not go back on her own word oh.”

What can Shen Mubai still say at this point? She can only sighed secretly in her heart, as long as you’re happy.


Ohh, does Baibai finally opened her heart? (・w・)

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