Chapter 197: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (13)

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The other looked at her coldly before closing the bedroom door without the slightest trace of hesitation.

Shen Mubai: “Meowwww?” Sonny, you really won’t consider having me warm your bed?

She sat in front of the door silently for a few minutes before miserably plodding back downstairs.

There was still a cat bed from before in the living room, but Shen Mubai couldn’t adapt to sleeping there. In the end, she could only curl up on the tatami and sleep, snoring lightly.


She was woken up in the morning when Jiang Yiran pulled open the window curtains, allowing the beams of light to come inside. Shen Mubai narrowed her eyes before stretching, letting out a soft, long meow.


“Good morning~”


The other obviously couldn’t understand her and just glanced at her before going to the kitchen.


She decided that from now on, she would not miss any opportunity to brush up on their intimacy value. Shen Mubai hastily jumped off the tatami, closely following him around.


Today, Jiang Yiran made a fried egg and toast. He carefully rolled up his sleeves, his action neat and tidy, not producing a single wrinkle.

He moved with such grace that the whole process of making breakfast seemed exceptionally pleasing to the eye.


Shen Mubai raised her head, staring at the two fried eggs on top of the toast longingly before flatteringly running up to rub against the male lead’s legs, letting out small, begging meows.


Compared to eating cat food, moral principles didn’t matter.


She scarcely realized that her body’s voice was originally very soft, so with little pleading meows, she sounded just like a spoiled child(kitty) acting coquettishly with her master.


Shen Mubai evidently hadn’t realised so when she saw the male lead’s movements pause and how he unexpectedly didn’t throw her off, she continued to rub against his leg. “Meow~”


Please, the fried egg!

But Jiang Yiran just ignored the cat by his leg, bringing his plate of eggs and toast on the table before pouring himself a glass of milk.

Shen Mubai lowered her head in disappointment, but wasn’t discouraged just because of this. Instead, she threw away her integrity even more as she followed the male lead and crouched by the table, tilting her head at a 45 degree angle. Her dark green eyes were filled with hope as she let out a soft, “Meow!”

Boss, just gimme some food!


With no way to ignore the calling cat beside him, Jiang Yiran could only frown, feeling more and more like he had made a bad, impulsive decision.


But when he looked down at her and saw her watery, dark green eyes, his hands holding his fork and knife suddenly tightened slightly.


He moved his gaze away and expressionlessly cut a part of the fried egg, moving it to another plate before pushing it to the other end of the dining table. His voice was as cold as ice as he stared at the kitty on the floor. “So annoying.”

Shen Mubai’s eyes lit up as she excitedly rubbed against his leg, “Mroww~”

She then jumped on the other chair, drool almost falling out as she stared at the beautiful, delicate yellow egg.

She narrowed her eyes happily as she gulped it down, thinking: integrity sure is nothing in times of need.

When Jiang Yiran was about to leave for school, she eagerly ran over. When the other stopped, she just raised her head, looking back at him innocently.

The male lead lowered his head slightly, “Stay inside, don’t go anywhere.”

Shen Mubai: “...Meow?” Why?

Jiang Yiran lowered his eyes and stared at her, his tone cold as ice. “Go back.”

Shen Mubai’s tail wilted.