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Translated by Momo. Edited by Mary.

Dear father and mother.

Please forgive this daughter who is tainted.

I, Cecilia Silvy, will strive to continue to live in peace …

I have decided to become a man!

The Duke’s daughter Cecilia Silvy realized “that” when she was only five years old.

It was like overturning the truth of her own existence and touching the true reality of this world. At first, it was unimaginable for a person like her that a worried mother and a maid with a ghastly pale face would bring in a doctor to her bedroom, even though the five-year-old Cecilia easily accepted it in her mind. Still, she couldn’t pretend to lose sight of the distorted and the black future that awaited her in this world, and after a strong fever, she fell asleep for a week.

The truth that Cecilia remembered. That is……

This was the world of the otome game “Wruhel Academy Saint Princess 3” and that she was reincarnated.

And Cecilia Silvy is the main character Leanne’s love rival. She was appointed the position of the villainess.

Even before she realized it, she thought there was something really strange about her life.

She had the impression of having mixed memories different from Cecilia, like knowing someone before meeting them for the first time, or imagining a meal called “instant cup noodles” that she had never eaten, but could still remember the real texture and taste that would make her drool.

That’s why even though her parents thought she was a bit special…they still loved her very much. Rather, she was an only child and was spoiled rotten. She has been gifted with everything she ever wanted. The servants and maids were told to put Cecilia as their top priority and be prepared to fulfill every single demand she had.

That was exactly what made Cecilia grow to be an unrivalled spoiled child, a shallow girl.

In fact, Cecilia until that time was an extremely selfish person.

She couldn’t help but think she was the absolute center of the world, and her sense of money was so loose that it couldn’t be measured. She thought that if she cried and complained, there wouldn’t be a wish that could not be fulfilled. She believed that her future was set to be brilliant and distinguished.

That personality suddenly changed when they met.

Gilbert Coleson. Currently, Gilbert Silvy.

A younger boy who was taken from the distant Coleson family and became Cecilia’s stepbrother.

At that moment, Cecilia received a strong shock as if she was struck down by lightning, and then froze on the spot.

She knew that boy.

Gilbert Silvy is a young man who was one of the capture targets of “Wruhel Academy Saint Princess 3”.

He looked like a socially withdrawn young man who is sombre and silent. Perhaps that was because of how Cecilia, his stepsister, treated him like a manservant even though he was the heir of the Silvy family?

His age, face, and expression were different from the one in her memories, but his hair, that was dark and shiny like a wet raven, and those profoundly dark emerald eyes were definitely the same.

And then, memories of her previous life resurfaced one after another —

However, at this point, Cecilia could still try to reconsider and deny this reality…

It’s just like that. Usually, one can’t believe this kind of setting. However, in the memories of her previous life that could not be denied, her selfish ego was perfectly reproduced there.

That discomfort started to shape into certainty after a month since Gilbert came to live with the Silvy family. It was the first time she attended a social event with her father.

She met another one again. A capture target…

Oscar Abel Prospere.

In the Prospere Kingdom, he was the firstborn son of the king. In other words, he is the crown prince of this country and the man who will become Cecilia’s fiance two years later.

As soon as she realized the true identity of that red-haired cheeky boy, Cecilia fell down foaming from her mouth.

It could be from the shock from having finally accepted an impossible reality, but the most correct reason for it is that she despaired and feared for the end of her life.

There is no good ending for Cecilia Silvy in “Wruhel Academy Saint Princess 3”.

Awaiting for her there is only  “death while suffering” or “instant death”.

Realizing that she might die at the age of 17, she made a big decision in preparation for the next 12 years of her life.

“Okay. I’ll become a man!”

Yes, Cecilia Silvy decided to turn into a man in order to avoid her miserable future.

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