Chapter 10

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Young leaves were sprouting, it’s the season of fresh greenery.

The air was clear and the sunlight wrapped around the students chatting peacefully.

The wind gently stroked their faces, carrying the scent of flowers to their noses.

Today was a great day for picnics.

It was clear, sunny, and bright.

(So why am I in a situation like this …?)

“Cecil, what about our previous matter?”


Trapped between a chalky white wall and a sturdy body, cold sweat rolled down on Cecilia’s cheeks.

The one who was pressuring her and had a terrifying expression on his very handsome chiselled face is the Crown Prince Oscar.

His right hand was resting on the wall behind Cecilia, this was the infamous ‘wall trap’ situation.

The mood was definitely not as dreamy as many girls might fantasize about it, rather it looked like a common blackmailing scene in violent gang-related comics.

The 'previous matter’ obviously referred to the (absolutely terrible) order (not favour).

Cecilia scratched her cheek with a bitter smile.


“Not yet?”

“Even if you say, 'Not yet?’ We just talked about that the day before yesterday, as expected I just can’t…”

This prince was too hasty.

By the way, Oscar called out Cecilia yesterday as well and trapped her in a similar situation too. There was a possibility he might call her every day until a scheduled meeting is properly set.

(This is really too much…)

She sighed.

Cecilia’s initial goal of having absolutely zero involvement with Oscar was no longer achievable, but she still wanted to stay as far away as possible from him.

Though, that might also turn into an unattainable wish soon.

“And I wanted to confirm one more thing, but…are you really Cecilia’s friend?”

“You asked that before …”

“Would such an innocent girl, an angel amongst saints, allow a man whose sole purpose is to chase around skirts while thinking with his lower body, to even lay a hand on her?”


(Why would this guy have such a delusional image of me? And what’s so bad about Cecil?)

At this exact moment, all the reputation points Oscar had in Cecilia’s mind crashed and burned to the ground.

Well, the score wasn’t originally that high, to begin with…

“I’m really just a friend, Your Highness.”

Cecilia smiled while adjusting her expression.

She couldn’t figure out if his immature thoughts were cute or not, so she just shoved that idea away to the back of her mind

“It’s not 'Your Highness’. It’s Oscar. You don’t have to use honorifics.”


“I don’t want Cecilia to see me as a man who makes his friends uncomfortable.”

(How annoying…)

The score took a turn to the negatives.

“For the time being, quickly set up a meeting place--!!”

The next moment, Oscar’s head and Cecilia’s face, who was looking up at him, bumped into each other. And Gilbert came out from behind them.

When he realized, Oscar was already kneeling on the spot.

Apparently, Gilbert gave him a push behind the knees and made him fall.

“What are you doing with Cecil, Your Highness?”


“I already told you that it was useless to use Cecil to reach my sister, and you’ll have to pass through me first if you want to meet her.”

“Would I even be able to see her if I ask you?”

“What are you talking about, of course, I won’t let you!”


Oscar rushed towards Gilbert’s direction with great momentum heading straight to his torso.

Gilbert annoyingly evaded it. Cecilia was already getting used to these interactions.

(They really behave completely different from the characters in the game ..)

Oscar and Gilbert in the game almost didn’t interact. Gilbert was described as a gloomy character, and Oscar wouldn’t go out of his way to get involved with him.

Oscar should be a lot calmer, very mature, possess extraordinary pride as a member of the royal family, the very image of an immaculate prince. He never acted like such an ordinary young man. At least not in the game …

What could have changed him?

(Well, it’s easier to mingle with them like this.)

Oscar and Gilbert were still having their glaring contest.

“I will just say it, as soon as I inherit the throne, you will become one of my ministers!”

“But we’re just students right now. Don’t think I’ll let my sister meet you just because you said such a trivial thing.”


“And I don’t think it would be possible to rule the country without the help of the Silvy family, even so, would you still look down on me as a minister?”

“I am not admonishing you!”

“I trust your words and I don’t particularly dislike Your Highness.”


“But it’s a different story whether or not I allow you to see my sister.”

The words coming from Gilbert’s mouth sounded a lot more convincing. While gauging his own authority and age, he was probably the most reasonable one.

“That’s why I’m not asking you! I’m asking Cecil!”

Oscar turned his gaze from Gilbert to Cecilia.

“…will you do it?”

“I-I’ll do my best!”

She automatically answered while being utterly impressed her stepbrother can take that same glare and remain unaffected.

“Your Highness, that would be considered a threat.”

“I know. But aren’t we just students? Then we’re in at equal status. The one feeling intimidated here is to blame. Gilbert, don’t use double standards here, ok? We’re all friends. ”

Watching his own earlier remarks being used against himself, Gilbert just couldn’t express enough frustration on his face.

“… It’s troublesome how smart you can actually be at certain moments.”

And then, he decided to wrap up the conversation.

“I see. But please let him go right now. Even if you threaten him now, you wouldn’t be able to meet my sister immediately. I have some business with Cecil.”

After Gilbert said that, he pulled Cecil away from Oscar.

“What do you mean with business? Is it lunch?”

“There’s that too, but it seems like there was some progress on Leanne’s side, so I wanted to tell you.”


Her body trembled after hearing Gil’s whispers.

“I just happened to see it in the courtyard. I thought you might not know, so I came to inform you.”

Gilbert said that with a smug smile on his face.

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