Chapter 18

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Translated by Momo. Edited by Mary.

An orientation was set up the next day.

The orientation was for a stamp rally[1] in which the students could freely go around the hiking trails in the forest.

In reality, all the students from Wruhel Academy enjoyed it because it was more like a prolonged walk.

Only one student among them had a faintly depressed expression.

Cecil Admina, originally Cecilia.

(This is an unexpected situation …)

Cecilia looked up at the sky while climbing a gentle slope.

She was worried about the person peeking into her room last night.

(We told our teacher, but the footprints disappeared, what should I do now?)

Immediately after rediscovering the footprints, Oscar went to find the nearest teacher, Mordred, to report the matter. But by the time Mordred came to their room to confirm it, the footprints had already disappeared.

It disappeared only a few minutes after Oscar and Cecilia found the footprints.

(The footprints were so clear! Did they disappear that cleanly because someone erased them? But there were absolutely no signs they even existed…)

For someone to erase them, the culprit must have been standing just outside of the room. But that seemed impossible. Both Cecilia and Oscar had already seen what was outside of the window once. She could only imagine that the wind could have wiped out the footsteps.

(But the wind wasn’t that strong yesterday either…)

The path beneath the window that had the footprints went around the building, so the offender must have come from one of the other rooms to be able to reach Cecilia and Oscar’s place.

If by any chance, the person that peeked into their room was the ‘Killer’, they needed to do something about it soon.


While Cecilia was getting sick with worry, she suddenly heard a stupid yawn from nearby. By her side, Oscar was rubbing his eyes.

“Oscar, you seem sleepy. Did you not sleep well yesterday?”

“…Uh, kind of…”

As he answered in a hesitant voice, Cecil turned his face towards Oscar.

“Was I snoring too loudly?”

“No… Anyway, more importantly, I talked with Dr. Mordred a little while ago. At this stage, it seems they can’t do anything about it yet. But it seems that they have mentioned it at the staff meeting for the time being.”

Although apparently distracted, Cecilia did not insist on the subject and simply replied, “Sorry.”

(Maybe I was really snoring a lot.)

Her cheeks reddened. It is a serious blunder as a lady to snore so loudly. Even if she’s pretending to be a guy now, she couldn’t easily dismiss it in her maiden heart.

Oscar also helped her and looked into this incident seriously. She can never have enough people helping out, so she really appreciated all his goodwill.

“Rather, do you have any idea who was trying to spy on you?”

“Absolutely not.”

Cecilia shook her head at Oscar’s question.

Actually, she had some guesses, but if she said it now, he probably wouldn’t believe it, and in the worst case it would confuse him even further.

Plus, she wasn’t willing to share the memories from her past life with anyone else but Gilbert.

“What about you? Do you have any clue?”

“I don’t have any…But I feel like it could have been a stupid prank if Dante was attending the camping event, but he didn’t participate this time …”

Dante is Oscar’s friend and also one of the 'dating targets’ in the game. He has a bit of a troublesome background and personality, so she can’t help but really respect Oscar’s ability to treat him as one of his close friends.

“I see…”

“Whatever, we should probably just treat it as a prank.”

“Maybe you’re right.”

When Cecilia said that, she felt a presence behind her.

Looking back, Leanne was smiling at them.

“What are you guys talking about so secretly?”

“Leanne!? No-nothing, this is…”

“You seem veeery close!”

“Oh. Does it really look like that?”

Oscar answered with one eyebrow raised.

It seems like he’s a little happy for some reason.

Leanne approached them with a gentle smile.

“If you’re having any trouble, could you share it with me? I really would like to help you both.”

“I-is that so…”

“Well, it’s a little…”

Cecilia looked down.

Certainly, it would be very convenient if they gather more people to help out. But if the opponent is the 'Killer’, Leanne will be targeted too. She can’t put Leanne into a dangerous situation.

And this girl has an important event tonight.

'That event’ with Jade.

This kind of uproar wasn’t worth sacrificing that important event that could greatly affect Cecilia’s future.

Cecil pressed his hands on Leanne’s shoulders.

“No, you can’t get involved.”


“This is our problem. I don’t want you to be exposed to it.”

That remark was accompanied by the usual princely smile, and the surrounding female classmates, except for Leanne, let out some passionate shrills. Some of them even seemed to faint on the spot, perhaps because they were overly excited.

“In other words, it’s better not to interfere because it’s a secret shared by only both of you?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

Since it was their room that was spied on, it wasn’t wrong to say “it’s a secret shared by only both of you”. She didn’t say anything wrong. But there was something wrong with her choice of words.

“A secret shared by you only…If it’s like that then I won’t bother you. But if you need anything, please call me anytime. I’ll cooperate as much as I can!”

She smiled softly, blowing away the lingering awkward atmosphere and then, backed away. Even a girl like Cecilia thought that it was a very cute and angelic smile. It was just like a big chunk of sweetness.

She simply walked away from them. Jade stood in front of her as if waiting for Leanne’s return.

Just like that, they started to happily talk to each other.

(After all, it seems those two are really friendly with each other. But being so openly chummy, that kind of thing only happened further in the game…)

In the game, Leanne was still shy and wouldn’t be so close to Jade. However, currently,  they continued to talk while seemingly flirting with each other without any care for other people’s judgment.

(This looks like it’s also deviating a little?)

Just as the same way Gilbert didn’t turn into a gloomy character, this situation might not follow along with the original template.

Cecilia kept thinking about that while watching them leave.

“So what are you going to do today? Are you going to try to catch that peeping tom?”

She was brought back to reality by Oscar’s voice.

Cecilia thought he would be annoyed while seeing his beloved getting along with another guy, but apparently, that wasn’t the case.

His attitude was just as usual and quite normal.

Surprisingly, he is a very generous and open-minded guy.

Cecilia nodded.

“Yes. That’s my intention.”

“But how do you plan to do it? You don’t even know the other person’s face…”

“I have an idea!”

Oscar looked down at Cecilia with a surprised face.

She beat her chest with confidence.

“I will become a bait!”

TL Notes:
1. I have no idea if stamp rallies are a big thing anywhere else but Japan. In case, you have no idea what this is, basically,  it’s a gimmick regularly used to entice tourists to go to certain spots. Each person is given a sheet with blank spaces where the stamps will go. As they visit each place, their sheet is stamped. When the sheet is full, they turn it in for a prize or as an entry into a raffle!

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