Chapter 23

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Cecilia was alone in the Academy cafeteria during lunch break on that day when Gilbert stomped away furiously.

“What should I do…?”

She stabbed a piece of quiche with a fork and it just fell off onto her lunch plate. She usually eats her meals with Gilbert, but since that incident happened in the morning, obviously, she didn’t invite him. Since Gilbert also didn’t look for her during lunchtime, he most likely didn’t want to see her yet.

By the way, the girls who had been very enthusiastically chasing after her and shouting “Prince Cecil!” all the time seemed to have reached something like an agreement amongst themselves, and they didn’t approach her as indiscriminately as before. Of course, she felt some fierce glances while eating alone, but nobody was bickering and trying to grab a seat next to her. In this way, she could indulge herself in her thoughts.

She was incredibly grateful for that.

“I still have to do something about Leanne, but I can’t just leave Gil aside like this…”

In the end, she still didn’t know if Jade and Leanne’s event at the school camp could be considered successful or not. Jade protected Leanne and didn’t get hurt, and since then they have become even closer. Seeing them frequently sharing secrets and engaging with each other might have indicated signs of being lovers.

However, from Cecilia’s perspective, who knew the truth, it was obvious that they were not in that kind of relationship

“It doesn’t seem like she’s avoiding the events with the other ‘characters’, but that also doesn’t mean they’re going to get along in the future…”

This also happened with the other 'characters’, but the one with the most unexpected behaviour is the protagonist, Leanne. Cecilia thought she would be hopeless romantic because she was the protagonist of a dating simulation game, but surprisingly, she didn’t seem interested in her own love life. On the other hand, she was completely focused on multiplying 'others’ like her.

Cecilia threw the piece of quiche into her mouth.

“Anyway, let’s work out things with Gil first!”

Gilbert was an important family member. Of course, her priority was getting rid of her downfall, but for Cecilia, the only person she treasured more than herself was Gilbert. He was her stepbrother, ally, and best friend. It was her duty to protect him.

“Why did Gil get angry in the first place?”

She felt bad for not telling him that she stayed in the same room as Oscar and that they slept in the same bed, but since she wasn’t exposed as a girl, it shouldn’t have been a problem.

At least, that was what Cecilia thought. So, she assumed that when Gilbert eventually found out, he would be slightly amazed and the story would end up being just another funny memory, but unexpectedly, he made a big deal out of it.

It’s been a long time since she saw Gilbert so angry.

“Cecil? Are you alone today?”

When she looked behind, towards that voice, she saw Oscar.

Perhaps because of Leanne’s novel, the girls that saw them together started to whisper noisily. Some of them were even squealing.

(Everyone’s imagination is running wild, huh…)

Cecilia involuntarily laughed a bit.

Oscar, of course, knew about the novel, but he didn’t seem to care about it.

He sat in front of her without asking for Cecilia’s permission. Soon, a waiter brought him a cup of coffee.

This was the school cafeteria where nobility gathers. The service was a lot better than regular cafés and restaurants and was also stylishly decorated.

Oscar sipped his coffee.

“It’s rare to see you alone. Where’s Gilbert?”

“Some things happened… What about you, Oscar?”

“I didn’t have time to have lunch today. I’m just taking a break.”

He said that and raised his cup again.

“So you’re only having that? Aren’t you hungry? I understand you’re checking the kingdom’s government affairs during your lunch break but if you keep doing it all the time, it’s going to affect your health, you know?”

“But it’s something I have to do eventually. Wouldn’t it be better to get used to it as soon as possible? I shouldn’t waste my time.”

“Well, maybe it is but still…”

Cecilia sighed.

After hanging out with Oscar, she discovered that he has always been involved in the kingdom’s affairs while studying at the academy. Of course, there are many documents that couldn’t be inspected in public, so it seems like he usually returned to the dormitory during the lunch break. The king often called for him too, and sometimes he would be out for the whole afternoon or the whole day.

Only studying at the academy was already difficult enough, but on top of that, he was that busy with the kingdom’s affairs.

“Anyway! You’re probably hungry! Eat this!”

Cecilia pushed the piece of bread in her hand into Oscar’s mouth.


“If you don’t chew it properly, it’s bad for digestion.”


At first, Oscar resisted, but he gradually moved his mouth, chewing everything, and eventually finished it all. He seemed hungry.

Cecilia smiled while watching it.

“One can’t fight if they’re hungry!”

“…You…If you try this kind of thing at the Royal Palace, I’m afraid it will not end with just a stern warning…”

“Huh? Why?”

“All my food intake must be poison tested first.”


Cecilia let out a small cry since she completely let that slip out of her mind.

Basically, all of the meals in Wruhel Academy must have passed strict checks. There’s a food taster that tries the food every day and checks for toxins. All of the tableware and cutlery is also closely inspected.

Nothing should happen at this school that the children of nobility attend.

On top of that, the Crown Prince, Oscar, has an exclusive food and poison taster. It was a customary concern that nothing should harm the next king. The coffee he just had was surely also tasted before.

Cecilia had completely forgotten that nobody else except Oscar had to be extremely concerned about such things.

“…You should seriously pay more attention next time.”

“Ah… yeah. Sorry.”

“Well, it wasn’t like I completely dislike it…”

His ears turned a little red as he said that.

Oscar looked around.

“By the way, why isn’t Gilbert around? It’s about time for him to ruin the mood and start interrupting us…”


“He’ll definitely come. Just as usual.”

Oscar stated that as it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Indeed, when Cecilia and Oscar were talking, Gilbert always came in at the right moment.

Cecilia always thought he just coincidentally happened to come in at the right times, but apparently, Oscar thought Gilbert was getting in his way on purpose.

“Could it be…did you guys quarrel?”

Oscar’s assumption just shot straight in the bull’s eye. He immediately understood and glanced at Cecilia.

“What happened?”

As she thought he sounded gentler than usual, Cecilia moved her lips to answer.

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