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Translated by Momo. Unedited.

(Why did this happen…?)

A few days after the kidnapping incident, Cecilia sighed as she walked down the hallway at school.

The students passing by, regardless of gender, looked at Cecilia with curiosity. All the girls had their cheeks reddened, and the boys stared with a mixture of respect and jealousy.

The apparent reason was 'that'...the whole situation ended up being publicized as Cecilia supposedly crushing down Heimat all by herself.

In reality, the surviving Marleen just dismantled the organization properly, but there was no way they could announce that.

In that case, it might be fine if they said they were all defeated during the 'military drill', but that was also difficult.

Military drills consisted of strategic exercises and training. If the field for the battle exercise of the new soldiers wasn't chosen properly, various problems would occur.

That was why, combining all factors, the scenario in which Cecil solved the problem by himself, resulted in the least loose ends in the story.

"But I didn't do anything..."

"Well, in the end, Cecil helped Marleen escape, so Heimat was dismantled without any trouble. Isn't it fine like that?"

Cecilia jumped up as Dante, who suddenly popped out and walked next to her, answered.

"I was really scared, don't erase your presence like that!"

"Ahaha! Sorry, sorry."

Dante laughed as usual.

"What happened to the underlings in the end? I heard there were people caught and imprisoned after the drill."

"Oh, they're all traitors. The original members are with Marleen. They were always on good terms."

Heimat was originally a group of orphaned or lonely people, such as Dante and Marleen, that banded together to make a living. At first, they worked as a group of mercenaries who would protect and escort people, but gradually they were asked to get rid of slave traders or evil and dishonest merchants that were abusing others, so they evolved into an assassin guild.

Therefore, the initial members were more like family than members of the same organization.

"By the way, about Marleen's offer...Are you sure you want to refuse it?"

"It's fine, it would be too much of a burden for me..."

Marleen decided to build up the organization from scratch again. Even though she said it was a new 'organization', right now it was only in the early stages and it was formed by a smaller number of elite agents as an undercover team. And Cecilia was invited to become their first patron.

Even if it was just considered a small number of elite assassins, it was a secret organization that had more than dozens of members.

Honestly, it was more befitting for a royal family somewhere, or an evil emperor who wanted to control the world to become their master than a Duke's daughter.

Moreover, their abilities were the real deal.

It was a proposition that one wouldn't think twice before accepting but Cecilia politely declined.

The reason was that is simply too much trouble.

Because Cecilia only wanted to live a relaxed and wholesome life.

Marleen seemed reluctant for a while, but she finally agreed.

"Well, I'm the sort of person who always pays her dues, so if necessary, I'll make sure to make Cecil's requests our priority. I wish I could provide you with a slightly bigger bodyguard though."


She didn't think she needed such exaggerated protection.

Cecilia and Dante walked side by side.

As they entered the cafeteria, Leanne, who was seated nearby, stood up and waved her hands toward them.

"Cecil! Dante!"

Surrounding her there were Gilbert, Oscar, and Jade. And also Huey, who had been introduced as Leanne's boyfriend another day.

Today they were going to study for the midterm exams together.

Cecilia sat next to Leanne. And carefully whispered into her ears.

"Are you going to keep talking to me like that?" [1]

"Humm. It's unexpectedly already settled in."


For Cecilia, who knew her true nature, it felt strange. And even though Leanne was aware of Cecil's circumstances, she was still writing a novel based on 'him'. Naturally, Cecil was the 'top'.

She said, "I like that he has a beautiful face that makes him look like a 'bottom' but then he goes all out, flirts and makes fun of his partner."

She really couldn't understand this part of her in this life or in their previous existence.

Gilbert laughed while opening the notebook.

"Once the exams are over, it will be summer vacation. Cecil, do your best."

"I-I'll work hard!"

"Are you going home? Make sure to introduce me to Cecilia properly during the summer vacation."

"Eeeh!? Oscar, you want to visit?"

"Not your house. I want to go to Cecilia's place."

"Haha. T- that's right..."

Cold sweat ran on her cheeks.

Oscar was really dense, if he could have carefully observed Cecilia, he would notice Cecil's true identity.

"Then, I also wish to accompany you!"

Leanne raised her hand with a laugh. Perhaps she was thinking about how she couldn't let this interesting event pass.

"If Oscar is going, I'm tagging along!"

"Leanne, I'll follow you..."

"I've always wanted to visit the Duke's mansion."

More hands went up in order. It was Dante, Huey, and Jade.

Cecilia's face turned pale. Her long-awaited summer vacation, which was supposed to be spent gracefully and leisurely, would disappear.

Cecilia wondered if she could somehow stop this event from happening.

However, everyone else except for Cecilia and Gilbert was excited about visiting Cecilia's home. Unfortunately, it was already hopeless.

"But if it's like this, my long-awaited summer vacation will..."

"Well, before that, Cecil needs to cram for the exams."


Cecilia lifted her face when she heard Gilbert's voice.

"You didn't answer any questions correctly except for number 4."

"For real?"


For the time being, it seems that there was no other choice but to leave her musing over her vacation only when summer arrived.

Cecilia scratched her head with the back of her pen.

A very, very fun and enjoyable summer vacation with a mountain of troubles would arrive soon.


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T/N: The note above was originally published by the author at 2019/05/06. When I decided to pick up this novel in late September last year, the 2nd volume wasn't published yet. This was a fun and light read so it seemed like an ideal first project for a newbie like me. I was still living in Tokyo at that time…and a lot of stuff happened since then. Thank you very much for also accompanying me so far. Here are the links to the original WN and the LN on Amazon JP.

1. Leanne's speech pattern is full of flourishes like a noble lady. She's always using suffixes as "-sama" and speaking politely. Hmm, I admit I'm not good at adapting that stuff since I'm not an English native speaker so I just do my best to translate the meaning accurately without altering too much of the original flow.

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