Chapter 4

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While having a friendly conversation, they left the greenhouse after they finished eating their sandwiches.

There was nobody around the old greenhouse.

“By the way, you said that there were three candidates, including sis…So who is the other one? You didn’t mention anyone else but Leanne so far.”

Gilbert asked in a low voice.

After the tutorial battle in the auditorium, the royal messenger asked the students to step up as a potential Saint candidate.

Originally, Cecilia was supposed to raise her hand, but of course, she couldn’t do that anymore, so they moved on to the physical examinations of the female students to search for flower pattern marks.

However, nobody else had it, and the ‘Selection ceremony’ continued without any competition against Leanne.

Some female students might have taken that day off, and if the mark is located at a private area on their body, they would probably hide it. The royal messengers seemed to have judged that “The other Saint candidates could not withstand the responsibilities and thus, could not be named”.

Cecilia turned her head, showing a complicated expression to answer Gilbert’s question.

“Hmm. I’m not sure about it either.”

"What do you mean?”

“At this point, the other Saint candidate should have died already.”


Gilbert’s voice cracked as he spoke.

In the game, there was indeed another Saint candidate with an azalea flower bud pattern. But she supposedly should have died earlier in the prologue.

About a week before moving into Wruhel Academy, Leanne read a news article about a murder. That girl’s shoulder had a mark resembling an azalea.

At first, she had no idea what the mark meant, but after attending the academy and being selected as a Saint candidate, she realized the truth.

The government also became aware of the situation and summoned Leanne and Cecilia to urge them to be cautious as they may become targets.

Later in the game, there were several incidents that seemed to be caused by those who killed the Azalea Saint candidate. Since the identity of the perpetrator is unknown, they were simply called ‘Killer’.

“But you see…There hasn’t been any news like that so far? I paid attention and carefully read the newspapers, but there wasn’t an article like that anywhere …”

“Wait, wait a minute. What are you doing showing the cards this late in the game?!”

Cecilia faced Gilbert again, who was visibly frightened.

“If things keep going like this, sis is going to die…This is my first time hearing about it!”

"That’s right. That’s also because I just said it now.”

“But how can you just say that you may be targeted by murderers in this situation!”

“Well, then  would it have been better not to tell you?”


Cecilia blinked in surprise at Gilbert’s exasperated shouting.  She has never heard him shout like this before.

There are two main causes concerning Cecilia’s death in the game.

One was the punishment for being accused of bullying and harming Leanne.

The other is being killed by someone, most likely ‘Killer’ – in other words, assassination.

Unlike capital punishment, the assassination scenario is a complete mystery.

The day after Leanne is attacked, she would either be discovered with a knife stuck in her chest, floating in the river, or strangled on a mountain.

In all cases, the culprit was pointed to the ‘Killer’, and the reason was “because she’s a Saint candidate”.

To support this hypothesis, Leanne was attacked several times by an unidentified person who seemed to be the ‘Killer’. However, the main difference was that she always survived. There is also a bad route where Leanne was killed, but in that case, Cecilia was not the real culprit, but she’s still incriminated and beheaded. Therefore if Leanne dies, Cecilia is doomed too.

“Why have you been silent about it until now?”

“But, I wasn’t asked …”

“One will usually speak out without being asked! WHAT DO YOU THINK WE’RE DEALING WITH?”

Cecilia blocked both ears from his roaring rebuke.

She really didn’t mean to hide any information, she just hadn’t had a chance to say anything.

“Well, fine. I understand it wasn’t on purpose… Then, in that game, do you know who the ‘Killer’ really is?”

“It seems like it was revealed by achieving the ‘True Route’ but …”

“But what?”

“I didn’t advance to that point …”

Gilbert let out an exasperated sigh.

“I- I can’t help it! I died before I could finish it!”

“But if you don’t know what it is, you can’t take any precautions. Maybe the other party might already be aiming at you?”

“That’s right, but I’m no longer a Saint candidate, so that way….”

“So you think you don’t have to be wary of that? Isn’t it too naive? Do you even know the name of the assassinated Saint candidate?”

“That information has never appeared in the game …”

Gilbert let out a long sigh.

“There’s really nothing else I could do!”

“Yes, but what about other characteristics were there besides the mark?

“Uh …”

Cecilia tried to recall her memory. In addition to the article, a royal messenger showed a picture of the young girl before she was killed in the game, but it was covered by a mosaic-like frosted glass and it was unidentifiable on the game screen.

While she was desperately tracing back her memories, she unwittingly turned into a pathway filled with people.

At the moment, shrill voices calling out “Cecil!” rose from everywhere.

“Oh no…”

As the voices echo around her, Cecilia stumbled forward. In the meantime, a wall of female students surrounded her.

The “Prince of Wruhel Academy” got the title of “Honorable Knight”. The girls involved in the prince fever could not leave it alone.

“Where were you? I wanted to have lunch together …”

“I’ve prepared a homemade lunchbox for Cecil! I’m disappointed we couldn’t have it today, but let’s meet next time!”

“Ladies! We all promised that we wouldn’t outdo anyone! If someone wishes to have lunch with Cecil, everyone will be together!”

“Well, how about a coffee together after your meal?”

“Even madam is asking him!!”

Cecilia let out a troubled laugh.

They were like little chicks flocking to a parent that has brought food to the nest.

It’s honestly awkward to get everyone together like this all the time, but that doesn’t mean she can just neglect them. Because Cecilia believed she must be “manlier” than anyone else.

Their topic changed from lunchtime to Cecilia’s wonderful performance in the auditorium, and it jumped into various other subjects.

While Cecilia handled the situation by herself, she had a gorgeous princely smile. Stroking lightly the tip of the chin of a girl who was in front of her with her fingertips, she says:

“Do not tweet so much, my little birds. I want to listen to the cute singing voice of each and every single one of you.”

(Translation: I can’t understand what each one of you is talking about. Speak one at a time!)

The answer to that sweet voice was another roar of deafening noises from the girls.

Outside the circle, Gilbert stared with cold eyes.

“It’s definitely going to be increasingly annoying because you keep doing this stuff.”

“Eh, what? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear it, Gil.”


With Cecilia surrounded by her schoolmates, he left to return to the classroom alone.

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