Chapter 50

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Before Qiao Yanzhou could even respond, the competition was called to a halt. Immediately afterwards the 5 players of EG got up one by one, only the group of logistics people remained as they started to examine everything.

“How come they all left?” Duan Yi stared blankly. 

“Perhaps… they’ve all been beaten by me ba.” Qiao Yanzhou smacked his lips, “Am I that awesome?”

“The mid laner, come over here.”

The person who spoke was the manager of EG. He stood up from the back of the judging panel and gestured for Qiao Yanzhou to come over. Qiao Yanzhou turned his head to discover he was calling for him, as a result he didn't even hesitate to stand up and walk over. As he walked, he heard fragments of conversation coming from the people behind him, not to mention Shen Yinan’s face looked like he ate fly shit. 

“Let’s go, come with me to my office.” Manager Ren patted Qiao Yanzhou’s shoulder, “Xiao Wang, you arrange the rest of them. Tell Shen Yinan to come find me later on.” 

“Ok.” Manager Ren’s secretary nodded his head. 


On the road from the training site to the Manager's office, Qiao Yanzhou was having second thoughts. Did he get chosen? Or did he play too awfully just now? Or did he need to settle the bill for living in the EG dormitory for the past few days? 

After thinking about all the possibilities, in the end he would rather believe that he was chosen. 

Manager Ren's office was on the 12th floor. Facing the sun, the decor was also very stylish.

After opening the door Manager Ren had Qiao Yanzhou sit on the sofa and personally made some tea. 

“How old?”

“18, after the new year I’ll be 19.” Qiao Yanzhou said. 

Manager Ren, who was preparing to sit down when he heard this, looked stunned for a moment. “Then how come your contract with Ivory Cat says that you are 20?”

“My ID card is incorrect, it says I’m older by two years…”

“Oh, so it’s because of that.” Manager Ren nodded his head, “How long have you been playing the game?”

“7-8 years now.”

“Do you want to be a pro player?”

“Yes yes yes!”

This question was honestly redundant. If you weren’t here to be a pro player, then what was the point of doing all this.

“What role would you want if you entered the Org?” Manager Ren continued to ask. 

“I…” Qiao Yanzhou was choked up for a moment, “Mid… mid lane?”

“A little youngster with ambitious dreams ah.” Manager Ren wasn’t exactly expecting that answer and became happy.“You know who the number one mid laner in our Org is, right?”

“I know.” How could he not know…

“Then do you know what role our support, Yao Le, played back in TR?” Manager Ren’s tone held a bit of mockery.

“Then wherever you'd like me to go I’ll go ba.” Qiao Yanzhou lowered his head ashamed, face directly turned red. “If you want me to be a training partner, a substitute, anything is fine…”

Qiao Yanzhou didn’t expect Manager Ren to ask him this. He wanted to awkwardly dig himself into a hole. 

Manager Ren leaned onto the back of the sofa and smiled for a while. “Have you gotten accustomed to living here the past few days?”

“Accustomed,” Qiao Yanzhou nodded. 

“Then just leave it for now ba. I heard from Coach Chen that you’ve been tagging along to training?”

“Yes,” Qiao Yanzhou agreed then hurried to explain, “but it’s just basic training. I just watched them farm and ward, I've never attended a tactics training.”

“Even if you wanted to follow,” Manager Ren lifted his cup and blew on it. “The door wouldn’t even open.”


From the moment he entered the office, Qiao Yanzhou felt that there was no warmth in the words being spoken. Manager Ren was worse than Gu Zixing or even 5 Liang Dongs.

“Let’s keep you for now ba. The higher ups still need to discuss your contract. For the next few days, just do as you usually do and attend the training. Since you're already used to your living arrangement, I won't move you to avoid trouble.”

“Ok ok!” Qiao Yanzhou nodded his head like he was pounding garlic.

The warmth suddenly came with no warning.

Up until he left the office, Qiao Yanzhou was still smug. Although it wasn’t officially decided if he could stay, but since Manager Ren personally sought him out, then it probably wasn’t too big of an issue. 

Qiao Yanzhou was like a bunny rabbit on stimulants as he continued to the EG dormitories. He forgot to bring his phone, otherwise he'd directly call Gu Zixing to tell him this exciting news. 

He skipped all the way back to the dormitories and took the elevator all the way up to the 16th floor. He was about to step out when he suddenly heard people talking on the stairs next to the elevator. That area usually didn’t have many people there. 

Qiao Yanzhou was originally going to ignore it, afterall he wasn’t a person who loved to meddle, but the person sounded familiar. 

“Does he think he relied on his own skill to enter the team? Gu Zixing, if he didn’t have you, do you think he would still be able to stay here?! There are so many contestants in the competitions, yet there was no one who could enter the Org and stay for so long. Do you think I can't see who is secretly helping him?!”

It was Yao Le’s voice. 

Yao Le was a person who gave people the impression that he was a quiet, cold and arrogant man. It was the first time Qiao Yanzhou had seen him in this state. Not to mention the things he was saying made Qiao Yanzhou care. 

“From the moment he entered and was arranged by Coach Chen to live together with you, I already thought it was fishy. It’s because you like him, isn’t it?” Yao Le’s voice was getting more and more loud, it was clear to hear that he was angry.

Yao Le froze after saying the last part. He lowered his voice to ask, “You guys slept together, that's why you’re so determined to help him, isn't it?”

When Yao Le said this, Qiao Yanzhou didn’t want to listen anymore. He was thinking of opening the door to go explain when he stopped. Survival instincts refrained Qiao Yanzhou from opening the door. Say what ne? Say that he didn’t rely on Gu Zixing and on his own skill to enter? But he wasn’t actually selected ah… 

Qiao Yanzhou clenched his fist and in the end, he turned around and left. 

He didn’t hear Gu Zixing’s response, or perhaps he didn't dare to hear it. 

“Finished?” Gu Zixing was leaning against the doorframe, looking at the flushed Yao Le. His face was still as calm and indifferent as before.

“You still haven’t answered my question!” 

Gu Zixing helplessly shook his head. He merely turned around to open the door to leave but was grabbed by Yao Le by the hem of his jacket. “If Qiao Yanzhou really enters EG, then I’m leaving.” 

“WG has been looking for a mid laner, you can go try.”

Gu Zixing clashed with Yao Le and smiled, opened the door and left. 

Looking at the time on his phone, it was already past 4 pm. Xiao Qiao should be coming back soon from Manager Ren’s office ba


Qiao Yanzhou felt that in the span of 20 minutes, he went through a rollercoaster. The worst was he didn’t even actually know if Gu Zixing was the one who got him a chance to enter the team.

If it was true, then he would rather go back and continue to be a carefree little streamer. 

He never took advantage of someone before.

Yao Le’s words were still hovering around his ears and wouldn’t leave. His heart in a turmoil, Qiao Yanzhou wandered around the street blindly by himself. Because he was walking urgently, he forgot to go back to his room and grab his phone. 

“Ai? Isn’t this Xiao Zhou?”

Hearing that someone called him, Qiao Yanzhou lifted his head and discovered the person standing in front of him seemed familiar. Flipping through his mind, he quickly realized who it was. 

“Ah, you’re that friend of God Gu’s!” 

“I’m called Gao Yang, we ate together last time.” Gao Yang smiled and looked around, “Gu Zixing isn’t with you?”

“Ah, no…” Qiao Yanzhou guiltily lowered his head to look at the floor. He didn't know why he was feeling guilty.

Gao Yang didn’t say anything, looked at Qiao Yanzhou then suddenly smiled and said, “Lets go ba. Let’s go drink, I heard that the talent selection competition for today is done?”

Qiao Yanzhou nodded his head. 

Talent selection competition ah. It was originally supposed to be a happy topic but has now turned into a sore subject.

But what kind of person was Gao Yang? He was able to tell how someone felt through their body language, so during the entire time, he never even mentioned the word ‘Competition’.

“Brother Yang…” After the two had entered a bar and drank a bit, Qiao Yanzhou couldn’t bear it in the end and opened his mouth. “Can you tell me, what exactly is between Gu Zixing and Yao Le?” 

“Gu Zixing still hasn’t told you?” As soon as he heard Qiao Yanzhou’s question, Gao Yang was astonished. “I told him to do it earlier.”

Qiao Yanzhou smiled.

“Although I don't usually play games and I’m not really in the circle, but I’m fairly close to the Org so I have some understanding. Furthermore, me, Gu Zixing, and Yao Le are considered ‘the same type of people’’ so I know a bit about their situation.” Gao Yang continued to talk as he added two more pieces of ice to his cup. “Some things I can say, but some things I cannot say, just listen casually ba.”


“I heard Yao Le was originally a strong player from a different team in the past..”

“Yes, the team is from Chengnan. It’s not too far.”

“Afterwards, because Yao Le worshiped Gu Zixing, he jumped ship and came over here. I also heard that he offended a lot of higher ups at the team at the time.” Gao Yang leaned against the back of his chair, “Then he actually managed to mix in in and was close to Gu Zixing. Yao Le’s spirit couldn’t help but be a bit restless. Think about it, the person you dreamed about day and night was suddenly in front of you. If you switch to someone else, who wouldn't be restless? Yao Le had no control.”

“What do you mean he had no control?” Qiao Yanzhou’s heart tightened. 

“Ai don’t over think it ah. My meaning was that he couldn’t control himself and confessed to Gu Zixing.” Gao Yang laughed and used his chin to point at the bottle on the table. “Yao Le also drank Dom Perignon at the time, and he also drank it with me. Geng Qing was also there, after he finished drinking he went back to find Gu Zixing.” 

Note: Dom Perignon is a type of champagne.

“Gu Zixing agreed?”

Gao Yang shook his head. “Whether he agreed or not, I don’t know. In anycase, afterward the two were together. 

“Then how come they are like this now?”

“Last month, it seems they had a tournament.” Gao Yang helped Qiao Yanzhou pour another cup. He knew Qiao Yanzhou’s alcohol tolerance was not good, so he poured him a little less. 

“Two days before the competition, the manager of the team ….. I think his name was Ren Mingba. That manager called Yao Le over. I don’t know what was said but when they went to the match, 30 minutes before they were set to go onstage Yao Le broke up with Gu Zixing.” 

“Gu Zixing agreed again?”

“En,” Gao Yang nodded, “This time he agreed on the spot.”

“I don’t quite understand,” Qiao Yanzhou frowned, “Why did Yao Le offend the higher ups of TR for Gu Zixing, only for the EG manager to call him over, causing him to decisively break up with Gu Zixing?”

Gao Yang laughed, “Xiao Zhou you’re too inexperienced. This kind of thing happens often ah. This industry has two bigshots. If you offended one, if you still want to grow in this industry, can you afford to offend the other one?”

Qiao Yanzhou thought about it, this did make sense.

“But it seems like Yao Le recently wants to renege on it.” Leaning against the back of the chair, Gao Yang harbored a malicious smile towards Qiao Yanzhou.

“Renege? Why?”

“Because he can’t stand seeing Gu Zixing treating someone else well.”

When Qiao Yanzhou heard this, he didn’t continue to ask. He wasn’t stupid, he knew that the ‘someone else’ Gao Yang was talking about was himself. Yao Le was eating his own vinegar, that's why Yao Le talked like that with Gu Zixing. 

Did Gu Zixing like him? 

During Yao Le and Gu Zixing’s conversation, Qiao Yanzhou didn't get a chance to hear Gu Zixing’s answer and had directly left, but now he suddenly was a bit regretful.

“Xiao Qiao, I can see that you also don’t reject Gu Zixing.” Gao Yang looked at Qiao Yanzhou’s thoughtful appearance and tilted his head. “You are…”

“I like girls…” Qiao Yanzhou suddenly lifted his head to say.

But after he said this, he unexpectedly was startled to find that he didn’t quite believe it. 

This type of unconfident answer was clearly from a strongly closeted gay.

Gao Yang propped up his chin and didn't say anything. After a moment of silence he smiled at Qiao Yanzhou. 



When Qiao Yanzhou returned to the dorm it was already 11:30PM. He swayed as he took out his key but realized that he already drank so much that putting it into the keyhole proved to be a problem. 

In the end, Gu Zixing opened the door after hearing movement.

“Where did you go!”

Although he was intoxicated, Qiao Yanzhou still couldn’t help but stare blankly for a moment. This was the first time he heard Gu Zixing talk like this. This type of hurried and urgent tone actually had a bit of sex appeal to it.

He had never seen Gu Zixing in this state before. 

“Drink, went to drink.” Qiao Yanzhou wanted to push past Gu Zixing to enter the room, but Gu Zixing kept blocking the doorway and wouldn’t let him enter. 

“With who?”

“Leave me alone.” Qiao Yanzhou looked at Gu Zixing with his blurry eyes, “Move, let me in.”

Gu Zixing tilted sideways to let him enter and followed him inside.

After returning to his room, Qiao Yanzhou fell onto his bed and squinted his eyes at Gu Zixing, beckoning him with his hand. 

“What?” Gu Zixing frowned and leaned against the doorway to his room, 

“Come over, I have something to say to you…”

“Can't say it from here?”

Hearing Gu Zixing’s tone, it was obvious he was a bit angry, but he still walked over to Qiao Yanzhou. 

Arriving at his side, he didn’t even wait for him to stand still before Qiao Yanzhou dragged an unguarded Gu Zixing onto the bed by his wrist. Qiao Yanzhou took advantage of the opportunity and straddled Gu Zixing, his hands propped on either side of Gu Zixing. 

“What are you doing?” Gu Zixing was startled.

“Doing… you.”