Chapter 59

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From beginning to the end of the match, Qiao Yanzhou continued to feel sullen in his heart. Even someone as big hearted as Qi Chen noticed something was wrong. 

Everytime before they started a game, he would scare Qi Chen into nagging him. “Ai ai Xiao Qiao, calm down a bit. You don’t need to go that far. Those people are your teammates, not the people who killed your parents…”

Qi Chen wasn’t exaggerating. No matter who it was, seeing their own support chasing the behind of the enemy ADC, everyone had the same opinion as Qi Chen. 

After the end of the third round, Coach Chen yelled for a stop, then called for everyone to come to the meeting table. He wanted to start the post-game analysis while the iron was still hot.

“Zhou ah, what's going on with you?” Qi Chen sat by Qiao Yanzhou and earnestly asked him. “The front half was good, but in the later half it was like you were playing ranked.”

“Level difference ce,” Qiao Yanzhou smiled, “I was also very desperate.”

“Don’t lose hope, I feel like someone was even more desperate than you.”


Qi Chen spoke then used his chin to point at Coach Chen standing in front of the projector. He had a staff member get the video tape of the competition just now and his face didn’t look very good. It seems like he wasn’t too satisfied with the games just now. 

But this was normal. With 365 days in a year, Coach Chen’s expression was like this for 364.5 days, basically never satisfied. 

“Who started in the first round.” The video wasn’t even done yet when Coach Chen lowered his head to ask as he was fiddling with it.

“Blue side…” 

“Who is the commander?”

“Tang Xuan.”

“How many exchanged for how many?”

“3 for 1.”



Next was a very long, awkward, and frightening silence. 

After 5 minutes, the video was finally uploaded. Coach Chen opened it and fast forwarded to the first team fight, then came another round of silence.. 

The older EG members were already accustomed to this. The peace before the storm was always like this. 

“When Xiao Zhou went mid lane to help out, it wasn't too bad.” Coach Chen turned around to point at the screen. “But what’s the point of the first match? Nervous? Where’s your W skill ne?”

Qiao Yanzhou didn’t make a noise. 

“What role are you?” Coach Chen turned around again to look at Qi Yanzhi. “How about you? How many times have I said don’t be greedy? If it wasn’t for Gu Zixing’s R, if you were killed by the enemy midlaner, how are you going to continue to farm? How come there's a snowball rolling around in your head that’s stopping you from thinking?”

Under the string of questions from Coach Chen, no one was able to say anything. They could only watch as Coach Chen used words to humiliate people.

This was the most frightening place for Coach Chen’s training. It was fine if he only humiliated you, unfortunately he would also drag you up so you could come shame yourself with him. He would ask a lot of questions about your dumb operations, then got everyone, one after another, to answer with a solution. If you didn’t doubt yourself by the end, then you were brain-dead.

That's right, Qiao Yanzhou currently felt that he was a brain dead person. Furthermore he was brain dead with a bad temper who held it internally. 

“It’s fine Xiao Zhou. It’s already pretty good for your first time training.” Probably feeling that Qiao Yanzhou’s expression didn’t seem correct, Tang Xuan whispered to him. 

Qiao Yanzhou smiled and waved his hand, “Tempo was too fast, can’t keep up.”

“My first time I played a match, I didn’t notice that the jungler was botlane.” Tang Xuan semi-pointed at the screen.“Actually, your position was fine. If it continued for a few more seconds, you would be right next to both Carries, and your R would be enough to blow away the enemy top laner.”

Qiao Yanzhou nodded his head. 

Truthfully, this training was really hard. It was completely different from him playing by himself at home. If getting the Zongshi scholar rank was a nightmare to achieve, then EG’s internal training was like hellmode or insane asylum difficulty.

After the meeting was over, Qi Chen and the others wanted to call over Qiao Yanzhou to eat together at the dining hall, but Qiao Yanzhou’s sleepiness was coming back. He was so tired his head hurt. He tactfully declined Qi Chen and was preparing to head back to his room to sleep. 

He didn’t even walk two steps when he suddenly felt someone pat his shoulder. 

“Xiao Qiao.”

As soon as he heard someone call him that, his entire body suddenly quivered. He turned his head to find Gu Zixing. 

“Your performance today was pretty good.”

“En,” Qiao Yanzhou agreed, but didn’t know if it was because he was tired and sleepy, but he didn’t want to bother with Gu Zixing at all at the moment. 

Gu Zixing could also detect that something was wrong with Qiao Yanzhou. He tilted his head, “Xiao Qiao, you’re unhappy?”

“No, just too tired.” Qiao Yanzhou hurried to wave his hand, then immediately afterward he faced Gu Zixing and gave him a smile that was more ugly than crying. “If it wasn’t that my state at the moment isn’t too good,  I wouldn’t have performed so floaty today.”

Gu Zixing was silent for a moment. Although Qiao Yanzhou refused to admit it, he felt that Qiao Yanzhou seemed fishy. But he didn’t say it outloud.

Qiao Yanzhou was never a person who could keep what was in his heart concealed, but this time was definitely a bit odd. 

After returning to the room, Qiao Yanzhou directly laid on top of the sofa.

“You come back to the room to sleep…” Gu Zixing clicked his tongue and was about to go to the curtains to open it for Qiao Yanzhou when his wrist was caught. He was pulled with such strength that Gu Zixing almost fell. 

“Ai…” Gu Zixing steadied his body and turned his head to look at Qiao Yanzhou. “You almost tore my arm off.”

“I’m not allowed to tear off this arm.” Qiao Yanzhou laughed.  “One piece of hair would cost me my ten fingers.”

“What's going on?” Gu Zixing didn’t continue to be cheekywith him. He leaned over and asked. 

“Sit down,” Qiao Yanzhou patted the sofa. “I feel dizzy looking up while you stand.”

Gu Zixing found an empty spot on the sofa and sat down. He poured himself a glass of water and leaned back, watching the half asleep Qiao Yanzhou.

Qiao Yanzhou turned over and sat up, grabbed a pillow to hug in his embrace. 

“Boss Gu.”


“I’d like to interview you for a question.” 


“You say, us two at the moment... What's our relationship?”  Although Qiao Yanzhou’s expression looked very natural asking this question, internally he was on edge, like a rabbit. He didn’t know what answer Gu Zixing would give him, even though he also didn’t know what answer he wanted Gu Zixing to give him. 

“Why would you suddenly ask this?” Gu Zixing pulled down his glasses. He rarely wore his glasses so his temperament entirely changed. 

“It’s nothing, just wanted to ask. If you don’t want to answer then forget it.” Qiao Yanzhou indifferently, laid back on the sofa.

“Actually, I quite like you.”

After 1-2 minutes of silence, Qiao Yanzhou suddenly opened his mouth again, but he didn't look at Gu Zixing and stared at Wotou instead, licking himself at the entrance. 

“I’ve admired you since you entered the professional league, but the feeling that I have for you and the feeling from back then are completely different.” Qiao Yanzhou said as he hugged the pillow even tighter. “My best friend back home is called Liang Dong. We’ve been through thick and thin together, but if the person who touched me last night was switched to him, I’d beat him up until he was confused and disoriented.”

Gu Zixing hearing this couldnt help but laugh. Qiao Yanzhou laughed along. He felt that Gu Zixing ‘smiling expression was infectious. Gu Zixing actually loved to smile but very rarely would he let out a sound. Every time he saw him laugh, Qiao Yanzhoul felt that it warmed his heart. 

“I’m not the same as you. I’ve only ever had girlfriends, but I really do like you…” Qiao Yanzhou bit his lip. He was fully aware that the words he was saying at the moment were shameful and was also aware that in an hour when he recalled everything, this would be labeled as a black history in his memories.

“I don’t know if you just wanted to play with me or something. A person like you would never run out of boyfriends. But I’m not someone who likes playing around. Besides gaming, I’m not inclined to play much else. So I want to be associated with you. So much that…so much that maybe I even want to be touched by you... that’ll illustrate to you how much I like you.”

As Qiao Yanzhou was saying this, his mind was seeing that unpleasant video from last night. 

Gu Zixing didn’t make a noise, it seemed he was waiting for Qiao Yanzhou to continue speaking. 

“During training today, I watched as you talked and laughed with other people… my heart is uneasy, very uneasy. From that moment I realized why I felt wrong.” Qiao Yanzhou spoke up to here and his voice suddenly died down. He was a bit afraid that in a moment, Gu Zixing would mock his pettiness. 

“So… so Gu Zixing… if you don’t like me like that then can we keep some distance between us? If you are always like this, then it’ll develop until we both are uncomfortable with each other.”

It was finally said out loud! Qiao Yanzhou's heart could let out a sigh of relief. He slightly glanced at Gu Zixing, only to see Gu Zixing was looking at him. 

“Xiao Qiao.”

“En…” Hearing Gu Zixing call for him, his body suddenly tensed up. 

“Can I kiss you?”

Qiao Yanzhou was startled for a moment. He didn’t even wait for him to respond when Gu Zixing’s kiss landed on him. It was very soft. Qiao Yanzhou turned his head to cater to Gu Zixing. The two people's lips and teeth very quickly entwined together. 

“Xiao Qiao I’m sorry…”


The kiss was very enthusiastic when Gu Zixing suddenly muttered this sentence. It made Qiao Yanzhou, who was originally relaxed, instantly tense up in nervousness again. 

“The words you've just said, I should have originally spoken them to you.” Gu Zixing smiled and stroked his face. “To make it so difficult for you, it was too inconsiderate of me.”

Gu Zixing’s voice was very low, the warm breath on his neck caused Qiao Yanzhou to feel comfortable and relieved.

Fortunately, Gu Zixing’s apology and what he thought the apology was for weren’t the same. Fortunately, fortunately… 

Qiao Yanzhou flipped over and looked at Gu Zixing being pushed down by him. He took off Gu Zixing’s glasses and put them on the table next to them. 

Qiao Yanzhou extended a hand and rubbed Gu Zixing’s hair, messing up his hair that he painstakingly worked on this morning. 

However Gu Zixing just merely laughed, and that laugh was full of pampering.

“I've never had a boyfriend,” Qiao Yanzhou rubbed as he slowly opened his mouth again, “So from now on… can you teach me?”

Chapter 60

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