Chapter 9.1 - The Strange Princess Won't Stop Anytime Soon

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After I finished working on Euphie’s magic sword, she requested I take a long break. Umumu, I’ve come to realize that I’m weak to such straightforward requests. Although Illya is my partner, the basis of our relationship is that of master and servant.

It’s a more equal relationship with Euphie. That’s partly due to our social status. That’s why it’s difficult to say no to her straightforward request. I wanted to do more research, but I was told it wasn’t something I could do alone.

And so, while I took my time to relax, I trusted Illya and Euphie to do adjustments for the magic sword. After that long break, I awoke to a refreshingly clear head. Sleep is important, but I feel troubled that I’m wasting time.

“Now that I think about it, I should probably give that magic sword a name.”

It is a weapon that uses the technology of the Mana Sword, but it is not a Mana Sword. It is a new concept that combines the functionality of a magic sword and staff. However, it’s also a custom-made item for Euphie.

Hmmm… Names, names, huh. Would it be a name I use to call future inventions? It’s not something I’d mass produce. I should talk about it with Euphie and Illya.

I can get myself dressed by myself, but they’ll be mad at me if I do their job, so I rang the bell. If Illya gets called, she’ll immediately come over, but if she doesn’t, then I wait for a little bit before getting ready by myself. That was our rule.

“Good morning, Princess.”

“Morning, Illya.”

After a few seconds, the graceful Illya came inside and bowed. It’s rare for Illya not to come on time. I don’t even hear her running, so I wonder if she just waits for me to call her or if she’s somehow muffling the sounds. This part of Illya is a bit of a mystery to me.

Anyways, I asked Illya to get me ready for the day. As I was getting my hair brushed in front of a mirror, I decided to ask how Euphie was doing.

“How’s Euphie? Is the sword alright?”

“Yes. She said she liked it, too.”

“That’s good to hear. Speaking of which, regarding Euphie’s sword, should it have a name? I don’t intend to make any more of it, but I thought it’d be a good idea to give it a name or something.”

“I see. I think it would be better to consult with Lady Euphilia as well as it will be mainly be used by her.”

Well, that’s that. After I finished getting ready, I had Illya lead me to where Euphie was.

It seems that ever since Euphie received her sword, she had been practicing using various magics to obtain data. Since she was the one to tell me to take a break, I don’t believe she’d push herself as much as I did.

Once we got to the square, Euphie was easy to spot. She was dressed in athletic wear in a way that did not seem undignified for a noblewoman.

Euphie must have noticed Illya and I coming because she turned around and gave me a bow. I bowed as well.

“So? Is it to your liking?”

“Yes, it works very well. Did you just wake up?”

“Yep. I’m well-rested and fully recovered!”

“I’m glad to hear. I’ll have my report on the magical sword prepared soon, please take a look when it’s done.”

“Thanks! That’ll really help!”

That’s because the opinions of the one who is using it matters! Euphie is polite and seems meticulous in her work so I’m a bit eager to read her report.

“Oh, right! Euphie, do you want me to name the sword?”

“A name?”

“Yeah. It’s a prototype, one I made specifically for you, but I’m not removing the possibility of mass production in the future.”

“I don’t mind, but if the possibility exists then it’s better to do so, no?”

Hm, I’ll give it a name then. What would be a good name?

It’s a magical sword that can support multiple elements…… multiple elements, multiple colours… a rainbow. A rainbow? If I consider rainbow……

“Rainbow…… no, Arukan… sheru, was it?”

“Arc en Ciel? That’s a good name.”

“Huh? Uh, wait what? Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’ll accept Arc en Ciel as its name.”

If she likes it, it’s probably fine. From here on, Euphie’s magic sword will now be called Arc en Ciel!

“Anyways, is there anything you’d like for me to adjust?”

“Hm, I do have some regarding its functionality. Regarding the blade, I would like to confirm whether it needs any maintenance or precautions when it comes to taking care of the blade. The blade seems special is why I’m asking.”

“I’ll write down everything you need to know later. If you have any problems, let me know right away, okay?”

I guess it’s not bad for a prototype. But the most important part is that Euphie liked it.

Now then, what shall I do next?

Just as I started to think about what to do, suddenly, a figure passed over the sky. Drawn to it, my eyes drifted up to meet the figure; a dove flying by. Ah, my voice slipped out. The dove flew towards me then stopped at my hand.

“A carrier pigeon?”

“Aah—the timing. We should get going, huh?”

“Lady Anise?”

“Euphie, I got to go for a bit. And I had planned to stay inside, too.”

“Eh? Where are you going?”

“The Adventurer’s Guild.”

The Adventurer’s Guild. It is a place where adventurers, not just those of the Kingdom of Palletia but of various places in the world, come to gather. In this world, adventurers are kind of like jack-of-all-trades. They do everything from solving everyday problems, escorting travellers, surveying areas, to bounty hunting.

Nowadays, the kingdom supports the adventurer’s guilds, and so the relationship between state and adventurer is one wherein the kingdom requests adventurers to take on jobs that the kingdom cannot influence or would otherwise take too long to resolve themselves.

“Why did you receive a letter from the Adventurer’s Guild?”

“I’m a high-ranking registered adventurer so they probably need me for subjugation.”

“Why would a Princess register as an adventurer!? A high-ranking one, no less!?”

“I thought it was a good idea when I was helping set up the roads……”

You see, it’s faster and two times more lucrative to sell materials or turn them into the Adventurer’s Guild than it is to take up a part-time job.

As I was trying to think up an excuse, I got a cold look from Euphie and a sigh from Illya.

“W-well, you see. It’s our duty as royalty to act in advance to prevent problems from arising, right?

“In order to get materials, it’s better if I hunted the monsters myself and if I hand it into the Adventurer’s Guild, I can get both the materials and money—"

“Lady Anise……”

Ah, nope. Nope. Can’t hear you. I can’t hear you!

Moving on. For a request to come all the way to a high-ranking adventurer, it’s probably a pretty serious case. What could it be……?

“A stampede, huh.”

A mass outbreak of demons. Whenever they come out in massive droves, it is called a stampede. I think this definitely calls for a high-leveled adventurer.

A stampede is usually caused by the rapid growth of a demon within a demon stone. When a stampede occurs, the demon affiliated with it is associated with a class name. Stampedes themselves are a problem, but you could say the real problem is what happens after.

At any rate, it was inevitable that high-ranking adventurers would be called for. Defeat the stampede and subdue the cause of it. That is the main way to resolve a stampede.

Of course, the kingdom’s knights will also be called upon when there is a stampede active, but the initial response is always delayed. That’s why the adventurers will always be the first to arrive to stop the stampede.

“Did a stampede happen?”

“Seems like it. That’s why I have to go.”

“You’re going…… by yourself!?”

Euphie’s eyes widened in disbelief. I know— I know what you’re going to say. That it’s ridiculous that someone of royal lineage wants to jump into the fray, or that it’s not princess-like behaviour. I know that, but you see—!”

“You can hunt for as many materials as you want in a stampede! An all you can grab!”

There’s so much material that it’s practically overflowing—it’s a material gathering fever time for me!

I instinctively clenched my hands tightly into a fist. When a stampede occurs, it’s not just about the materials from the overflowing amounts of demons, it’s also a chance to obtain the powerful demon stone that started it all! It’s a chance for adventurers to get rich quick!

I basically pay for my research’s expenses by myself. Signing up for the Adventurer’s Guild is just one way for me to pay for it. I also provide information regarding the downtown area to Father for an allowance, and he also pays me for the magic research I provide.

Therefore, I can’t miss this opportunity!

“Illya! Take care while I’m gone!”

“Understood. The same as always, correct?”

Illya held her forehead and sighed. I’m sorry for being the cause of your headache, but there are materials I must gather! Besides, a stampede isn’t really something that should be ignored.

“…… I’m coming with you.”

“Huh? Euphie too?”

“It’s important for the study of magic, correct? If that’s the case, as your assistant, it is my right to accompany you, isn’t that right?”

“…… Uhh, well, I guess there’s no use telling you not to go. You can protect yourself, right?

“I’ve accompanied the Royal Knights, so I have experience in fighting demons.”

Euphie said, looking straight at me as she reached for Arc en Ciel. Well, even I’d be anxious if I was told not to go, but I can’t afford to spend time talking it out. If I don’t leave now, I’ll be left behind in the race to collect materials!

“Got it! Let’s go together, Euphie!”


“Ah, hold on a second! I’ve brought a trump card with me!”

“Okay! ……O-okay? Lady Anise, what did you bring?”

Fufufu, there’s a line that everyone wants to say at least once!

“I thought you would say that! I had this prepared!”

In the corner of the square was a connecting area between my workshop and a storehouse. I opened the door and let the light shine on ‘that’ which laid inside.

“…… That is, what is that? A ship……?”

Euphie, who had been following behind me, tilted her head. She drew back, her complexion turning pale. Ah, well I can understand why.

Thanks to the knowledge from my previous life, this was similar to a ‘motorboat’. However, what is peculiar about the ‘hull’ was that it was made from the jaws of a dragon.

The dragon’s jaw was turned backwards, and the parts were assembled there to form the hull. There was also a ‘rudder’ attached to it for control.

“Here it is! Built from dragon materials, my sixth prototype for a magic flying tool! I call her Airdra!”

“A flying magic tool…… it can fly!?”

“It’s powered by a wind spirit stone! The hull uses the skull of a dragon’s jaw, the scales, and other stuff to recreate the appearance of a dragon and is capable of flight by simulating a dragon’s breath as propulsion!”

I was going to make a motorcycle for long-distance travel, but I couldn’t make tires, so I gave up on that idea. There were also problems with wheels and roads. That’s when I came up with the idea of an air bike, something that can only be accomplished in fantasy!

I had the idea to make Airdra for a while, so I was lucky enough to be able to use materials I procured from a dragon and, after many magical modifications, to make Airdra.

It is excellent for gaining buoyancy with the wind spirit stone and the dragon spirit stone engraved into the hull to recreate a dragon’s breath for use as a propulsion force!

“Now then, get in, get in! Euphie!”

“Eh? Are we really going in this!?”

“The clock is ticking, and my materials are at risk!”

“I wish you were worried about something else there……!”

I used a dolly to carry Airdra outside. Immediately, with Euphie at the back, I firmly grasped onto the rudder. Through the rudder, I began to channel the magical energy necessary to fuel the ship.

As the indicator patterns confirming the magical energy of the ship’s hull light up, a smile formed on my lips.

“Euphie, please hold on tight!”


“Alright, Illya, we’re off!”

“Princess, Lady Euphilia, please take care.”

Illya deeply bowed, then immediately distanced herself as fast as she could. I couldn’t help but admire her speed. Behind me, Euphie was clinging onto me while looking surprised.

“Eeh, why did Illya run?”

“Spirit rock cleared; magical energy filled up! Floating commence…… now confirming for takeoff! Bow alignment is looking okay! ‘Dragon’s Breath (Air Breath)’, countdown to launch! 5, 4, 3……”

“W-wait, Lady Anise!? I have a bad feeling……!?”

“Airdra, Breathburst! Fireeeeeeee!!”

Click! As if I was pressing a switch, I activated the magical energy needed to finalize our launch.

The bow of the ship angled away from the ground using the wind spirit stone and pointed towards the sky. A breath is fired from the back of the hull with a roar that resembles the intensity of a dragon’s as it pushed the hull from behind.

The hull, which had no resistance, gained momentum from the breath and achieved propulsion. Straight into the sky—into the sky! Like a cannonball, we soared through the sky on Airdra.

“N-nooooooooooooooooooo!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!?”

I could hear Euphie screaming behind me, but it didn’t register in my brain then. It was because I was too busy admiring the view of that sky that scrolled before me thanks to Airdra.

“Ahaha! Ahahaha! The sky is the best—!

By pouring magical energy into the hull of the ship, it steers it. The dragon scales affixed on the surface of the hull and the wind spirit stone help change directions. With this, we headed straight to our destination: the stampede.

“Euphie! Don’t bite your tongue! We’re flying!”

“Urgh, we’re flying!!”

* * *

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