Chapter 11 - The Duke's Daughter is Depressed

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The stampede and the ‘named’ class ogre were successfully dealt with. Even though it was a ‘named’ ogre, I defeated it before it could properly receive a name.

I talked it over with the adventurers and the Knight Order regarding the magic stones and materials. We concluded that, as I was the biggest contributor, I’d be able to choose my selection then leave the rest based on our kill counts; the usual process.

Because the materials left were cheap, the adventurers wouldn’t be able to profit enough to eat so I only took what material I needed. Once again, the usual.

Once the deliberations were over, I tried to convince Euphie that we ride back to the castle on Miss Airdra but she adamantly refused. “I will not ride something that wasn’t designed to stop,” she said.

In the end, we decided to ask the knights for a carriage to help transport our supplies.

It’s not like we were in a rush! And with that, we headed off back to the castle with Airdra and my materials in tow. The coach driver and guards insisted on tagging along, saying something like “a princess and a duke’s daughter shouldn’t be boarding a carriage alone.”

Thus, I was able to just relax on the way home. I didn’t feel lonely because I had Euphie by my side this time. Euphie, however, was just staring out the window absentmindedly.

“Euphie, are you tired?”

“No, I’m fine.”

I tried to get into a conversation with her, but no luck. It was pretty clear that she wasn’t interested in talking.

Any normal noble lady like her wouldn’t be used to what she had experienced earlier so she was probably just tired. Euphie probably would tell me not to worry about it, but I can’t help but worry just a little bit.

“… Lady Anise.”


“Do you have a dream?”

“A dream?”

That’s a sudden question to ask. I turned to face Euphie, our gaze intertwining as her eyes were already set on me.

“I have a lot of dreams. It is my dream to study magic so that I can do a whole bunch of things with it.”

“Lady Anise, you study magic because you can’t use it, correct?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Eh, I guess there’s a bit more to it, though.”

“Is there another reason?”

“Well, isn’t magic pretty useful?” I asked her. After seeing what I could do, I wondered what Euphie thought about magic now. “I want to see a world where everyone can use magic freely, even people like me. I think that the people in this world can create magic that even I could never think of. If I could see the full potential of magic, I’m sure I’d find the reason why I was born in this world.”

“The reason you were… born?”

“Weird, right? I’m a weirdo, unroyal-like, with a few screws loose. Thing is, I’m weird because I want to be—but also because I feel like I had no choice.

I tried playing the part at first. I’m royalty, I know that. I just couldn’t do it for long.

I just want to be free, but I couldn’t do as I pleased. The title of royalty just felt like a punishment to me. I don’t want to escape from this birdcage containing me in this country.

I don’t hate it. It just felt a bit suffocating. I’m aware that this birdcage was built to protect me.

“I want to believe that if it’s different, if it’s something that no one else can do, then it has a purpose to exist. That’s why I’ll continue being me. I will learn everything about magicology. I’ll go even further beyond, become more useful, and to be way more awesome!”

“That is what you dream of, Lady Anise?”

“Yep! I want to see everything the world has to offer and witness the moment something new is born!”

Mundanity is boring. Such a rigid way of life doesn’t suit me—someone who was not inherently part of this world. If I don’t fit in this world, then I’ll change it. Otherwise, I’d feel like I’d be suffocating in this world.

I don’t want to sound rude but give whatever status to whoever wants it. I don’t want the title of ruler. I don’t even want to be one. Still, the throne shouldn’t be given to someone unworthy of it. That’s the extent of my feelings of patriotism.

“Consider this: what would happen if Miss Airdra was in the hands of commoners?”

“The magic tool, right…?”

“In terms of transportation, it’s a lot faster than carriage. With that in mind, the distribution of goods could be accelerated and expanded. Food that would otherwise expire could arrive in time and be eaten anywhere. It could also be used to help communication between villages and countries! Don’t you think that has the power to make dreams come true?”

“… It could greatly influence the Knight Order.”

“Right? If there is a demand for it, a supply naturally follows! Magic is only as good as its magical energy, so even commoners can make use of magical tools. This eventually leads to job opportunities. When people work, the country thrives, and when the country thrives the wealth spreads. That is how you create a strong, rich country! There’ll come a day when the Kingdom of Palletia will be called the Kingdom of Inventions!

Speaking of dreams, I hope that I get to see it one day. There are a few things that I need to figure out before it could remotely happen, and I’m not sure if my dream will unfold exactly as I envisioned it… Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That’s why I’m part of the royal family. I don’t want to be the ruler, but I still want to be part of the family. It’s easier for me to contribute to the country, rather than rule it. In that regard, I consider my father to be an ideal boss. I still gave him a lot of trouble despite that, though.

I’m aware of the trouble I give him. To be honest, he doesn’t feel like a father to me. He feels more like my boss. Despite being family, the title of royalty is more like a wall that took away the warmth I want from a father.

But I think that’s fine. It’s not like it’s a complete failure of a relationship? No point trying to change it either.

I noticed that Euphie had a depressed look on her face. “I was raised to be the next queen and to support the king. I’m still trying to do that but… you’re not like me," she muttered to herself.

“That’s because Euphie is an honor student. You don’t normally do the unconventional stuff I do, right? I don’t think that’s a good thing.”

“You’re really out of reach. Seeing you today I thought to myself, her abilities, her mindset, and her goals—they’re all so different from me…

Euphie turned her eyes away, her melancholy still residing in her eyes. That look doesn’t suit her. I think Euphie felt like she was inferior to me.

Euphie, who is so proficient with magic and acts with such grace of a noble, who was aptly raised to become the next queen! I could tell her that but it wouldn’t help with Euphie’s confidence.

I think it’s because Al hurt her and shattered her confidence. Having broken her heart, it made moving on difficult. Without her heart to support her, it must feel like she didn’t have a reason to live.

The queen is the mother who watches over the kingdom. There isn’t a need for a personality—you just need to be a gear in the machine that functions for the kingdom. But we are human beings, contradictory to what is required of someone who is to rule. I think it’s the duty of royals to balance these two aspects.

Euphie, I think, doesn’t have another core to rely on. She didn’t have the opportunity or time to develop one. Maybe Euphie didn’t want another one. Perhaps that’s why she was hurt by my answer earlier, and I didn’t notice it until too late.

I just wanted to share my dreams with Euphie—to tell her that there were plenty of possibilities for her and to move forward, although it seemed she didn’t feel the same way.

Hmm. I tentatively leaned in closer to Euphie.

Euphie turned to face me. I cupped Euphie’s cheek and pressed my lips on her forehead.

“… huh?”

I pulled Euphie’s head close and held her against my chest. Stunned, Euphie tried to make a sound, so I try to calm her down by stroking the back of her head, carefully cradling her in my arms like I’m handling something broken.

“Good girl, good girl.” I keep stroking her head, whispering the words in her ear. Euphie doesn’t react, still stunned.“You did your best.”

I truly thought she did the best she could. She’s even younger than me and, unlike me, Euphie didn’t carry a soul from another world. She made her way up to the top with her own talents. I’ve lived my life by conforming myself to the expectations I placed.

I won’t laugh at another’s efforts. It is as important as my love for magic. I can’t relate to it, but I can recognize its importance.

“A good girl deserves a reward for her efforts. It’s okay to want one.”

Euphie did her best. She earnestly tried her best to become what she wanted to be, but ultimately failed. Still, that doesn’t diminish the effort she put in.

That’s why I wanted to reach out to her—to the unfortunate waste Euphie’s talent went to. I didn’t want her efforts to remain in this broken future she thought she had for herself. In my dreams, I believe she could reach even higher than before.

That’s why I reward those who fervently do their best. For Euphie, it’s the least I could do to help give her that push forward.

“I’m sure everyone acknowledges Euphie’s efforts. Some people may accept it, others might not like it. But Euphie, you’re not alone. I’m here for you. I’ll protect you. Look, you saw how strong I am, right?”

“Lady Anise…”

“Ah, although the engagement was already canceled, at one point you were to be my sister, right? If you’d like, you can think of me as an older sister. I’ll respect your wishes.”

This child has always been protecting something; her pride, her family’s reputation, her kingdom. The one she was meant to protect abandoned her. So, who would complain if I decided to protect her? If someone were to deny me, I’d ignore them.

I have to protect her. The mage I admired, the one person I believed should stand at the helm of this kingdom and, in the future, could have been my sister.

“It’ll be okay. I will protect you. I will protect you until the day you decide upon a reason to live again. That’s what magic is for. Magic is my dream, and it’s my way of helping you make your dream come true.”

I hope she came to realize that there was more than one way to obtain happiness. Of course, it’s up to us to find our own happiness. Regardless of what shape her happiness takes form of, I want her to find it again.

Protect her. It came naturally to me. If I protect her, it would mean protecting a dream that I am incapable of seeing through myself; a magician who is recognized by everyone as one who could make everyone smile with magic.

“I promised. I’ll make you happy.”

And that’s why I’ll keep protecting her. Until a day that we may part. But until that day, I will walk by your side, always.

I want to see what the future holds for her—is the simplest way to describe why I want to protect her. I pressed a bit harder against Euphie, pulling her closer.

Euphie doesn’t say anything. She just wrapped her arms around my back and held me tight. Before I realized it, Euphie fell asleep, still holding onto me. I didn’t let go either.

* * *

“You idiot—!”

A splendid jump.

“This is uwaaaaaaaaa——!!”

Followed by a beautiful twirl into a dropkick.

My father magnificently nails a kick to my face, launching me up into the air and knocking me down onto the floor with a spin.

Right, I forgot. I never told him I went out dragon hunting before.

When we returned home, my father came over to receive us and noticed Miss Airdra stashed in the carriage. With a big smile he demanded, “explanation, now.” And that is how we got to this tragedy you see before you.

“You… what have you gotten yourself into!?”

“There’s no point complaining about what has already been done, father! Please, spare your daughter who has only been acting with the goodness of her heart!”

“Even if your heart was the size of the sky, the wind you’ve caused would overshadow it…! There is no mercy, but the sun left to burn you…!”

This… this isn’t good. It’s been a while since father went into serious mode. Finally, he lost it. Hey, don’t blame this all on me! I’m not the only one who put all this stress on him! Isn’t that right, Al!?

“Hunting dragons by yourself—what sort of dragon-slaying fairy tale is this!?

“I just wanted to!”

“At the very least! In one sentence! Why!?”

“You would have just taken it away!”

“Isn’t that obvious—!? Just how much do you think a dragon is worth!? For you to just use it for yourself, for a hobby, and as a magic tool!?

“Hey! Don’t talk to Airdra with that tone! Don’t you want to be like the wind, father!? It’s the best thing ever!

“Hmph. That’s a good idea. I’ll dismiss the option of dismantling it.”

Nice, I’ve successfully defused the situation. Gosh, father. If you wanted to go for a ride, I would have let you!

“However, this doesn’t mean I will not punish my daughter who has been acting as she pleases.


“I’ve been reminded that I’ve been acting like a king and not as your father.”

No, no, no… father, aren’t you too busy with kingly business? There’s no time to be a father, right? In fact, if you must be angry, shouldn’t the one you should be angry at is Al? Even I think this is insane!

Father grabs me by the neck and, for some reason, places me down over his knees as he claims a seat on a chair. It is at this moment; I knew I messed up. I try to object but father keeps holding me down firmly over his knees, preventing my escape.

“A traditional form of child discipline is spanking. Isn’t that right, Anise?”

“Wha—!? Please… please no—!! This is crazy, father! Keep in mind my age, father, but don’t you think physical torture is unacceptable for a king to dole out to their subject!?

“At this moment, I am your father—no, I am simply me. Are you prepared? Then let us begin this experience this lecture violently together…!”

“Y-you’re serious…! Euphie! Euphie!! Help me! Illya, stop him!”

Euphie just watches the situation unfold, dumbstruck. The person I was asking her to stop is my father, the King, so what could she possibly do?

Meanwhile, Illya, who is standing next to her, steps in between us, shielding Euphie, and bows reverently to me.

“Your Majesty, I’ll deal with her afterward. So please, do as your heart contents. Do what you believe what must be done!!”

“What the—!? I-Illya…!? You would betray me…!? Betrayed! Me!?

“How would our princess phrase it? Ah yes, ‘deal with it!’”

T-that Illya… she says those words with a large smirk on her lips! How cruel—are they all just going to allow this torture to go on…! The real demons are here…!

As I attempt a daring escape, I am interrupted by a pleasant sound. An instant later, the pain registers, and I could a sharp pain run through me, causing me to recoil. Ow, ow!?

“Oh, that’s a good sound you’re making.”

“Hiiiiii—!? Nooo! I don’t want to be spanked like this! Father, you pervert! You pervert!”

“Oh? And here I thought the one thing you didn’t want was to be married to the opposite gender. Good to know. Now reflect on your actions! Take this! And this! And this!”

“Ow, oww!? You’re putting in way too much force into your hits—what kind of punishment is this!?”

I can feel my bones breaking. The pain keeps accumulating, building up, and penetrating my core! Also, my ass hurts like hell!

“What? This is just another instance of magic. Gather enough kinetic energy into the palm of one’s hand and unleash it in a single smack of the palm.”

“Who the hell would use magic for the sole purpose of spanking someone’s ass!?”

“That is reason enough. And for you to slowly realize that you have brought this upon yourself, Anise…! Hahaha, how fun!”

He’s laughing! My father… this man is enjoying this! What a jerk!

“I-I can’t marry a woman after this!!”

“Don’t give me that excuse!! I never properly reprimanded you before so consider this the accumulation of all my scolding!!”

“Whaaaa—!? It hurts! Owow… father, it hurts!! I’m still a maiden, you know!?”

“A maiden who hunted a dragon by herself!?”

“Guuwaaaaaah!? My ass isn’t a druuuuum!! Owowowwwwwaaaaaaaaaaah—!!?

The pain hurts so much that I forget where I am and just let out a loud screech. It is all I can do while stuck on my father’s lap.

How long was it? I can barely sit down on a chair, let alone want to. My ass was beat so hard that my legs are quivering like a fawn’s. Kneeling, I cling onto the armrest of a chair to keep myself up.

My father is sitting in front of me, content from his actions, Euphie is giving me a worried look, and Illya is just working as if nothing happened. I won’t forgive them… I will carry this grudge with me…!

“Ahem. Let it be known that the punishment hereon will be a spanking. It’ll be good for me.”

“Rude! No thanks! What would you have done if this awoken something in me!?”

“You have nothing to worry about considering you refuse to marry a man!”

“Kuh… for you to say that so confidently…!!”

He gives me a cold stare. I can’t deny his words. For him to have such a sneaky response…

In order to protect my cute butt, I’ll have to look straight at my father from now on…!

“In any case, why are you still here? Why don’t you hurry up and go home?”

“Oi, you know if I wasn’t your father you’d be charged with insubordination, right?”

“My butt hurts and I just want to lie down and rest. And it’s all because of a perverted king.”

“Oho, do I hear someone asking for more discipline?

“Please, take it easy, my dear father!”

He is serious. Father would punish me again so quickly! He’s just trying to come up with any excuse at this point! That monster! Everyone, this is the truth of our king!

“Hah, that was a good joke. Sit down, Anise.”

“You’re going to torture me more!?”

“Calm down. We’re just going to talk.”

“But it’s already painful to sit through one of your long talks! Is this another punishment!?”

“If you had just told me you went out hunting dragons, we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place!!”

I deserved this. Ugh, you win some you lose some…! And by lose some, I mean, my ass…!

Still, even though he’s telling me to sit down, I couldn’t. I do my best attempt, carefully lowering myself as to not irritate my butt but Illya grabs me firmly by the shoulder and forces me down into my seat. I could have passed out there.

“Ah… ah… aaaaaaaah…!”

“Princess, please pardon me as I prepare you tea.”

“I… I won’t forget this… I’ll get my revenge…!”

I will definitely make you cry later…! I couldn’t help but bear this vendetta. I grit my teeth, trying to adjust my posture as I turn to my father.

“So… what did you want to talk about?”

“Sigh. I need to talk to you both about the situation regarding Algard.”

So, we’re not talking about my butt.

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