Chapter 7 Rosa

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Chapter 7 - Rosa Wants to Nurture Her 'Favorite Character' (ローザは「推し」を育てたい) (4)

“I’ll give you everything. ...No, these are all yours from the beginning.”


“All of these things are prepared for ‘the children of the Langheim family.’ Everything I have enjoyed is actually what, the eldest son, should receive.”

Rosa took a step closer to the stunned Bernard, then she took his hands. As she pressed the music box to him, she secretly relished in his smooth skin to her heart’s content.

“You thought you were stealing my things, right? But you’re wrong. You just received what should have been yours. In the first place, you are my cute little brother. As your older sister, I’m happy that I can give you good things.”

Yes, Rosa was the type of person who wanted to give all her fortune to her favorite person.

Simping. That was the supreme expression of affection.

(Bell-tan wears what I have prepared for him… That means, I’m indirectly hugging Bell-tan’s body!)

It was a serious perverted way of thinking. And yet,


Bernard twisted his face as if he had touched something hot.

“What’s with that high-sounding talk…!?”

It’s actually rotten, though.

“I’m not a ‘cute little brother.’ In fact, I sold your precious things to the rowdy men in the harbor very cheaply. Having ready money is the best. Even now, I can still sell your treasures and heirlooms without hesitation tonight. I’m that kind of person.”

“But, Sister is…”

“I never think that you’re my sister!” Bernard shouted and shook off her arms.

It was so sudden that the music box, which was held by both of them, fell to the floor.


The delicate porcelain broke into pieces. Even Bernard’s face stiffened when he saw the exposed mechanical parts.


Unconsciously, his fingers tried to touch the broken pieces on the floor.

“This guy!”


Lutz changed color in a rage and shouted. Rosa screamed.

(Bell-tan’s delicate fingers will get hurt if he touches the splinters…!)

Rosa couldn’t let that happen. Only ‘seme’ could hurt ‘uke’ in this world. Rosa hurriedly grabbed Bernard’s hand. She then hardened her heart and scolded, “What are you doing, Bernard!?”

Bernard frowned and turned away.

“...I’ve said it earlier. I’m this kind of person——”

“You will hurt your fingers!”

At that, Bernard raised his face in shock. “...What?” Then he stared at her with a blank look.

His expression returned into the ultimate ‘uke-ish’ look. Good. Rosa held his face on her chest to make sure Bernard wouldn’t see her grinning face. She also took the chance to thoroughly enjoy the feeling.

“Hey. Even if it’s expensive, it’s still an item. I’ll be sadder if you hurt your fingers. Please, Bernard. Be more attentive about your wellbeing.”

The shape of Bernard’s head was good. The squishy feel of his cheeks was also amazing.

Unable to endure, Rosa put her hands on her brother’s cheeks and stared at his innocent face intensely. It’s as if she was licking him with her gaze

“Don’t say that you’re such a person. You’re a very good boy. My cutest brother in the world——“


However, her words were interrupted again. Bernard suddenly withdrew.

But unlike before, his face was bright red and his eyes were teary.

“What…!? C-cute…”

Rosa reflexively stopped breathing because Bernard’s loveliness gouged straight into her heart without mercy.

That expression should be a foul.

Glad that Rosa’s hands loosened, Bernard immediately turned on his heels. “...I’ll organize my luggage and leave tomorrow. I’ve been in your care.”

He spat out those words before leaving.

“What the hell!? I’ll kill him!” Lutz cursed. He then pressed his mouth, realizing his mistake, and glanced at Rosa. Even so, Rosa didn’t notice that at all.

(Bell-tan is like a cat with bristled fur… Arghhhhh!)

Benard’s uke-ish behavior came like a train and shot right through her heart.

(This is bad. If I don’t calm down, I’ll faint again.)

With her heart still throbbing, Rosa told Lutz to call someone to clean the mess for the time being. She also drove him out of her room.

When Rosa was finally alone, she rolled around on her bed. Then she sat straight to think.

(...I can’t let Bell-tan leave this mansion.)

Time to use her bright mind.

Rosa’s head unnaturally became calm in a go. She started going deep in thought.

Once she let go of the best ‘uke’ now, she would surely lose all hope of living.

Rosa had to somehow resolve Bernard’s dissatisfaction and dissuade him from running away. At least she would make sure he stayed here for two years before she entered the monastery.

(Bell-tan said he wanted to leave because he didn’t like me. He also told me he never thought of me as his sister.)

Rosa wanted to cry when she remembered that her favorite person hated her, but she decided to give it serious thought.

(I’m sure it’s because I’m excluding my rotten nature. I have to intensify my effort to conceal it. I have to become a more capable, noble, and cool sister…)

However, Rosa believed she had been extremely careful about her behavior. As Bernard’s teacher, she had shown off all her skills to him.

Rosa didn’t have anything that could impress Bernard any more.

(But I’ll lose once I give up. If I don’t have it now, I can just ‘make’ one.)

Rosa had almost mastered all of her skills, but she could still improve her magic power. After all, the more exposed someone towards the danger of life, the larger their magic power capacity would be. So if she went into a dangerous situation, she would undoubtedly improve her ability.

(Yes. Bell-tan hasn’t developed his magic power yet. If I show off my magic power aptitude to him, he might recognize me as his sister…!)

From an early age, Rosa had been exposed to the danger of dignified death many times. Although she had awakened her magic power, her extreme experiences backfired. Right now, her magic power wouldn’t improve at all just by small troubles.

Moreover, since Rosa awakened her rottenness, she had been secluding herself in her room to do some ‘activities.’ Naturally, there’s no way any danger would reach her under such circumstances, causing her magic power to make little to no progress.

Rosa decided that she had to put herself in a crisis. Right now. She put her fingers on her chin and squinted.

The problem was her image of being fragile was too strong in Count’s territory. Almost no one would attack Rosa——

“Rowdy men in the harbor?”

Rosa raised her face. Bernard’s words suddenly came to her mind. She briefly examined the plan, then jumped out of her bed.

Outside the window, the full moon began to appear white in the evening sky.

By the time it rose, she would have already improved her magic power, showed it to Bernard, and clung to him.

After deciding so, the aggressive nerd, rotten lady Rosa, slipped out of her room.

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