TTKWQ Chapter 8

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I separated Shinosaki-san, who was asleep, from producer Tanuki, and she began leaning against me and began breathing. Then, I apologized to P Tanuki.[1]

“Sorry, Shinosaki was drunk and she got careless…”

“Well, my ears hurt after all that talking… By the way, Nana-chan, do you want to also act in the third movie?”

This old man didn’t reflect on anything. Since Shinosaki-san was sleeping, he took the chance.

“The guarantee, this time it’s double… Wait, no, triple’s good.”

My heart shook. Because I then said, “No, I’ll refuse. Of course, Himari disappeared and isn’t in the third movie; it’d be a kill-joy if that was the first scene. Like Shinosaki-san said, the true end would be ruined.”

“Well, I guess so. But, the numbers…”

“If the second movie makes the numbers increase, they’re still going to be many people watching the third part. Since people want “interesting movies,” if the movies’ level of perfection is higher, the numbers will inevitably rise.”

“Even if you say that, just by adding Nana-chan raises the level of perfection.”

Even so, even if Himari comes out in all three movies, the sorrow of the protagonist who has decided to erase his daughter in order to change the future from the last two movies is ruined. Apparently, P Tanuki decided this without talking to the director and staff because the staff around us were eavesdropping, and saying things like, “Good Nana-chan, say more,” and, “Don’t forgive the tanuki’s violence.”

“I think that it’d be better for some other actresses to do it, so in the next movie I’ll become the main heroine again.”

“Well, I couldn’t refuse with a big push from a major production, but I appointed her because the image was perfect for the heroine, but I don’t think that you’ll perform worse… Tahaha…”

“I saw the previous work, and the heroine seemed not to take any acting lessons at all… Is it not okay to ask lessons to be taken properly before the shooting begins?”

“Well, that’s because it was an idol specialized production, it’d be weak performance related.”

I wanted to take an hour to ask why, but that’s how the world works.

Well, P Tanuki was groaning a lot in his seiza. Even his suit was about to break, he needs to slim his legs. Shinosaki-san is sleeping.

Such a good idea, why didn’t P Tanuki think of it before? He hit the table with a pon.

“I know. In ‘Sun Aca,’ how about making the heroine’s child take a lesson under Nana-chan?”

“Eh? In my house?”

“Sun Aca” or “Sunflower Academy” is the child actor’s office that I belong to.

“Yes, yes. Nana-chan often taught acting to other children, didn’t you?”

“……Did I do such a thing?”

“You did~. In “Akane,” you taught Kuroya-kun how to act.”

Ah, that thing. But, I’ve only taught a bit in between shooting, but I haven’t officially taught someone. Firstly, can you tell someone who belongs to another office to learn under me…?

There are many good but vague productions, some productions have many actors that specialize in historical dramas, and yet other productions that have actors that live with the sword. Anyways, in such a case, there’s an unspoken agreement to talk to the actor’s office, though it’s possible to go to other offices secretly.

Well, it seems that the rules are rather loose unless the offices are rivals.

If main child actor belongs to “Sun Aca,” and if it’s a production specialized for idols, I guess it’ll be okay?

“Well, at that time the director yelled at Kuroya-kun, ‘Change, you damn idiot!’ And, after Nana-chan taught him, the director stopped yelling. Somehow, can you take off my skin? Please? Please?”[2]

“Well, if they tell me…”

Hiroto was a child, and the other child actors that I advised were the same. I’ve never taught an adult, and I don’t think that they’ll obediently listen to what a child would say.

Worried, P Tanuki put hands together in his seiza, and asked me like he was praying. Even if such a thing is done, I’m not pleased at all from this bald middle-aged man.

“Ow! Ow! Before, Shinosaki-san abused this bald tanuki, so my glass heart will break! Ahhh, my ligament might’ve broke from forcing me to seiza.”

I declined, and I pushed the bald tanuki’s chest, and he fell into a seiza. Annoyin’.

However, it is a fact that Shinozaki-san abused P Tanuki, so she should take responsibility. However, P Tanuki who was abused by Mr. Shinozaki was slightly happy, so what he said wasn’t serious.

“Haah, I get it. I’ll teach, but give up if the office doesn’t let me.”

“Really!? I owe you a favor! I’ll seriously adjust Nana-chan’s guarantee.”

P Tanuki jumped up in happiness. As usual, he’s acting. Well, as he owes me a favor, I’ll let him off a little.

Besides, if I think carefully, I’ll give private lessons to that idol. Also, that idol is the most popular Shirosawa Kotori-san.

Normally, people’d pay me, but she’s at a level where I pay her to take my lesson.

“Please talk to the other production, producer Tanuki.”

“Of course I’d do that! Well, it’s great. If Nana-chan comes, then I’ll manage somehow.”

“Then, my curfew is approaching, so I’ll have to say goodbye.”

“Yeah, thanks! Should I call a taxi?”

“No, I think that it’ll be okay.”

I carried the sleeping Shinosaki-san over my shoulder. I wish that I could do the princess carry, but this is more stable.

While carrying her, I took our stuff, put on my shoes, and left.

“Well then, I’ll have to be rude. Also, nice to be working with you, Hanasaki Nana.”

After he said that, he bowed, and there was a dull “gon” sound. Shinosaki-san’s head seemed to have hit a table. She didn’t get up so it’s okay.

“Tired… That said, I have a request for Nana-chan.”

“…What is it?”

Was there something else besides teaching acting? I was still carrying Shinosaki-san so I hope that it’ll be brief.

“Then, will you the last line that you said?”

“The last line… See you again, papa, is that it?”

“No, wrong wrong. Before you said ‘I love you papa!'”

Ehhh… I want to hit him, but my hands were full because of Shinosaki-san. I’ll quickly grant this annoying baldie’s wish then go home. While carrying Shinosaki-san, I smiled, laughed, and said, “I love you, papa.”

“Kuu~~~! Good! Good! Nana-chan, I know that it has to be you in the third movie, want to do it?”

“I don’t.”

After I left the bar, I got on the taxi boarding place, and I lined up in the taxi line. Shinosaki-san was pushed into the back seat, and my wig and glasses were quickly put on.

If I go to my house from now, I’ll make it in time for the curfew, but if I have to go to Shinosaki-san’s house, I’ll go far beyond it. It can’t be helped, Shinosaki-san’s drunk, so I’ll have to let her stay at my house.

Part 2

In the next morning, after I got up, I jogged in the room runner, and I lightly sweatted. Then, I went to the living room. There, Shinosaki-san, in the same suit as yesterday, was in a dogeza.

“…Sorry, while looking after Nanami-chan, I got drunk, I’m sorry for showing you such a shameful sight…”

“I heard the whole story from Nana-chan; I don’t mind.”

Mother said that while laughing. She had breakfast made and Shinosaki-san’s portion was there.

Yesterday, when I returned with Shinosaki-san, mother was surprised, but, when I told her that she drank Oolong High by mistake and got drunk, she laughed in amazement.

Father is strong with alcohol, and mother can’t get drunk. Probably, I’ll also be strong with alcohol, but I’ll have kid’s beer until I become an adult. It’s just carbonated juice (apple flavor), but I drink for the atmosphere.

Non-alcoholic beer’s packages looks like ordinary beer packages, so it’s easy to mistake the two and I have to be careful. If word gets out that I’m drinking, then the next wide show will be, “Nana-chan is drinking while underage!?”

“…I want to die.”

“Shinosaki-san, do you remember about yesterday?”

Shinosaki-san nods silently. It seems that she remembers.  Well, as long as you’re not that drunk, you won’t lose your memory.

“……I want to die.”

“Mother made breakfast, so let’s eat.”

Shinosaki-san, who fell to the dark side completely by saying “I want to die desu,” stood up and sat on a chair in the dining room When I woke, I thought that I was going to tease her for yesterday, but I don’t feel like kicking a dead body down.

Today’s menu is Japanese. Rice, miso soup, and grilled fish.

Since tou-san and Kazuki-dono were already sitting, I said, “itadakimasu,” and I started eating.

A well-balanced breakfast is the key to having a good day. Shinosaki-san was squirming while eating, but she seemed better after she finished eating.

“That was a delicious meal.”

“It wasn’t that good. Do you want tea?”

“No, I have to go home. I apologize for any inconvenience that I’ve caused.”

“No, no, it’s me that needs to apologize for any inconvenience that Nana has caused. If it’s okay with Shinosaki-san, please come and stay at any time.”

Shinosaki-san, who was talking to mother, put a large shoulder bag on her shoulder and headed towards the entrance. Oh yeah, I didn’t tell Shinosaki-san what happened after she slept, so I said to her back, “Oh yeah, Shinosaki-san. I’ll be giving Shirosawa Kotori-san lessons, so will you talk to the office?”

“…Isn’t that the heroine’s child in “My Name”? How did that come by…?”

“Ummm, producer Tanuki asked my to give lessons until the start of the filming.”

“…Again, you accepted work without permission?”

“No, no, this time I wasn’t bad. Ummm, right…?”

I told Shinosaki-san of what happened after she slept, “Ow! Ow! Before, Shinosaki-san abused this bald tanuki, so my glass heart will break! Ahhh, my ligament might’ve broke from forcing me to seiza.”

While rolling around in the living room, I imitated P Tanuki. The face on Shinosaki-san when she saw my acting was perfect.

Shinosaki-san’s face was red, she trembled, and her shoulders dropped.

“I will talk to the office… I want to die.”

She went home dripping.

After Shinosaki-san returned home, she got preached to by her mother and father, “Adults shouldn’t get teased like that.”

I think that they conveyed it perfectly.

On the evening of that day, Shinozaki-san talked to the office and seems to have decided to go to the other office instead of calling Shirosawa-san to Sun Aca.

The instructor fee was also talked about. It would be paid by us.

“Because it’s not too expensive to hire the instructor, this time I’ll pay…”

And, after Shinosaki-san said that apologetically, I declined.

Shinosaki-san’s always helping me, sometimes it’s not bad to help her sometimes.

TN note: I’m also a bit confused, but it seems that both Nanami-chan and her sensei teach or the idol really is at the level where you pay to teach her

[1] P Tanuki = producer Tanuki, if you’re confused. I guess the author got too lazy to write producer.
[2] ひと肌脱いで(hitohada nuide); take (my) skin off. An idiom that means to pitch in and help.