Until the Saint Loves Back

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In a certain kingdom, there was a saint, named Alicia, who was more beautiful than everyone else.
It was said that with her white and slim hands in prayer, the angel itself would talk to her.

Alicia was always busy.
If she head that a conflict occurred, she went to that distant place to warn the people.
In order to pray to God, she practiced singing.

She danced the dance of good harvests perfectly and beautifully.
This, everyday everyday everyday everyday everyday.

Relax, rest, free time, what’s that? Can you eat it?
The wonderful saint Alicia was alone in this world.
Alicia was worn out.

(Someday, I want to spend spend time quietly and alone.)

In her heart, she had that little wish.
No, as she was the only saint, it could be said to be a huge wish.

Alicia became 16, an adult.
She received proposals from many men.
Everyone was looking forward to this time.

Alicia tried to talk as usual with her brilliant smile.
But, because of that beautiful smile, men fought.
A seemingly smart man saw the eyes of the saint, and a dark desire wiggled in his heart.

At last, Alicia said, “When I’m in this kingdom, conflict will only flame. As a saint, that cannot happen. Therefore, I will pray to God by myself in the tower in the forest.”

To the words of a saint, these devotees had no choice but to nod in agreement.
Finally, Alicia’s wish was granted.

Alicia, who lived in the forest tower, was happy.
Waking up to the voices of the birds, washing her face in the beautiful forest’s water, and doing her own laundry.
Then, in the middle of the day, praying to God.

Since Alicia was religious enough to become a saint, it wasn’t difficult to continue praying.
She prayed diligently with a small voice, similar to the singing of the birds; not loudly enough for people to hear.

And then, she slept well at night.
When she opens her eyes in the morning, the world would be sparkling; her life was wonderful.
Like that, months passed.

“Occasionally, I’ll sing.”

Alicia’s voice was carried by the wind through the forest.
Thereupon, knock-knock, a small sound came from the windows.

It can’t be, nobody would climb up to such a place.

On guard, Alicia timidly opened the window.

“Well, what do we have here…?”

A fruit was rolling there.
It was a ripe peach.

She looked out the window, and saw a dragon perched on the tower’s roof.

“Is this for me?”

The dragon nodded.
Alicia gave a heartfelt smile to someone, the first one in a long time.

(Since I received God’s power as a saint, I don’t need to eat.)

The peach’s sweetness moistened Alicia’s throat.

Thus, the exchanges between the dragon and Alicia continued.
On someday, on sometime, the dragon brought a some kind of fruit.

One day it was an apple,
one day it was a pear,
one day it was a cluster of cherries.

Alicia thanked God and the dragon for the grace of nature, for they were all delicious.

As the saint gave prayers with a calm feeling, the forest grew more fruits than ever before; they were plentiful.

One day, Alicia asked, “Is it okay to touch you?”

The dragon nodded and flew down to the window.

The wind from the flapping blew Alicia’s hair, and the dragon narrowed his eyes prettily.

“You’re big, aren’t you?”

He was large enough to cover Alicia’s body with one wing.
Alicia gently stroke the dragon’s head.

“It feels cold but nice. Your earth-colored scales are really beautiful. You are surely loved by these vast lands.”

The dragon made a joyful sound.

On yet another day, Alicia woke to the noise of the birds.
Different from normal, on this morning, she had a bad premonition.

From far away, there was the sound of many people’s footsteps.
Alicia locked the tower door, and looked down from the window of the tallest room.

For some reason, the troops wearing colorful uniforms visited Alicia.

“Why have you come?”

The reply, “Saint Alicia-sama, please forgive us for this sudden visit. It seems that a dragon settled down in this forest. For your sake, we’ll subjugate the dangerous dragon.”

Alicia’s eyes went wide.
These people’s dark thoughts could be seen.

(If I kill the dragon, the saint will like me, and we’ll get married. This forest is surprisingly fertile, our country will be blessed with a good harvest.)

Alicia visited various countries and their princes; one of them seems to have come to this forest “for her sake.”

Even if Alicia says, “Dragons aren’t dangerous,” they won’t listen.

“To the beasts who don’t know the words of Man, saint-sama, be wary of having compassion to them. You are very precious, which is why I want to protect you.”

He’s lying.
The dragon without words is so sincere.
Alicia started to cry.

It was almost noon, the time when the dragon usually comes.
All the soldiers pointed their bows and their arrows towards the sky.
The surprised dragon dropped the peach he was holding.

Alicia wiped away her tears and prayed to God.
With the strongest, the purest voice, with love.

——Thereupon, something happened.
The arrows that were released, they burned in a white flame.

And then, the dragon was wrapped in light, and he transformed into a handsome young man.
He was like a god in clothes of platinum.

The scared people prostrated, with their heads hitting the ground.

“When defending important things, the power of a saint will manifest. This dragon is precious to me. God also acknowledged this. There’s nothing to worry about. I, in this place, live with this person, please go away.”

Alicia beckoned the young man.
The young man, without trouble, flew down and stood next to Alicia.
With wings of a dragon that grew on his back, he gently covered Alicia.

The sparkling close couple was beautiful; no human would be their enemy.

The soldiers returned home downheartedly.
Because the talk of this time was spread into many countries, people didn’t enter the forest.

Alicia looked up at the person next to her and smiled.

“For turning you into a human and surprising you, sorry. But, you’ve never proposed, have you? Thinking of me, you gave me the number one most delicious ripe fruits. To court me, you gave your treasures.”

The young man’s eyes softly narrowed.

“Yes. I was fascinated with your singing, I was charmed at first sight, and, eventually, I loved your very existence. Now, I’m in much bliss. Yes, I gave you the number one most delicious fruits, but you are my only irreplaceable treasure.”


Alicia gave a happy, beautiful smile.

Alicia spent blissful days in the forest.
Forever, forever, for her whole life, she was in bliss.

“I thought alone was the best, but I’m happier being with you.”

While holding hands, she relaxed in his warmth.

“Life with just you is more wonderful than before. Kyaa!”

The dragon young man hugged Alicia and rubbed their cheeks together.
Because he was still a child dragon who only lived for 20 years, the gesture was very childlike.

Alicia was in bliss.

“I like things that express pure love very much. So, your name is Light’s Love(Lucas).”

“True Love(Alicia).”

She said her name many times.

The world gave them its blessings, and quietly watched over them.

Author’s Note: Thanks for reading. I wrote a sweet story.