chapter 58

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"BAM..." the harsh whistle sounded, and the driver leaned out of the car and shouted, "you want to die! Don't hit my car if you want to die!"

Liu Manman woke up and hurriedly returned to the sidewalk from the road.

Her mind is full of the video just now.

It was when she was in the crew of "imperial concubine falling into the city". Someone secretly photographed her and the deputy director, and even took a lot of intimate photos.

Who took it?

At that time, if she knew she could climb such a giant Buddha as Xie Zhou, how could she have anything to do with the deputy director.

But it's too late to say anything now. How can a man like Xie Zhou tolerate his woman being touched by other men.

Who... Who did it behind her back.

"It is reported that Gu Chu Zheng will play the role of the female lead of Infernal Affairs directed by Yi Fang. This film is expected to be released in the summer next year. Yi Fang's director rarely uses new people. Recently, Gu Chu Zheng is in full swing. I don't know why Yi Fang's director chose this new young flower. Let's interview Yi Dao."

Liu Manman looked at the interview picture on the screen and suddenly wanted to understand something. A sense of hate gradually poured out of his eyes.

It's Gu Chu Zheng!


Chu Zheng entered the group to make a film, because the crew is different from the TV series, the shooting progress and requirements are very high, and she has little time to communicate with the outside world.

Until the Chinese new year, Chu Zheng invested a sum of money in the crew and asked for a holiday.

Chu Zheng gives them money to burn for fun. Even if the director is a workaholic, he can't refuse Chu Zheng's kindness.

After all, with so many people on the crew, who doesn't want to go home for the new year?

So the crew took a holiday at 29th.

The whole crew is very grateful to Chu Zheng, the black sheep of the local tyrant. They hope to meet such a local tyrant every year. The crew is burning money every day. If they were unfortunate enough to need scenes to close to the new year, it would be basically impossible to go home for the New Year.

"It's over. I can't buy tickets. Have you got them?"

"I didn't either. I thought I could go home for the new year, but now it seems to be in trouble again..."

"It's all right. It's good to have a holiday."

The staff gathered in a pile to grab tickets, but it is estimated that they will spend all their good luck of the year.

"Is everyone ready?" The director doesn't know where to come from.


"I've worked hard recently. I'll treat you to dinner." The director waved: "let's go back to the hotel to get our luggage. After dinner, we'll go directly to the airport."

Staff: "!"

"Director, what are you doing at the airport?" Asked a staff member.

The director smiled mysteriously: "Chu Zheng got a special plane for everyone."

Staff: "!"

vulgar tycoon!

Rich people's world, they really can't imagine!

The others were still scrambling for tickets. When they cried, they had already boarded the plane and went home.

#The most powerful female lead, chartered a plane to send the crew home#

A staff member posted a microblog, and the hot search was pushed up before long.

[Xiao Tiantian of Chu Zheng's little sister: in the front row, the goddess lost her family again.]

[President Gu's su cute: ah ah, recently, both Gu and Su are filming, and they don't have the same frame. I've played the star challenge dozens of times. Please feed dog food!!]

[muyefei: I'm crazy upstairs. The goddess has so much money. Please keep it.]

[Xun Fang: it's impossible. Gu is always cute.]

[lighting engineer of a certain crew: broke the news! In fact, we can have a holiday thanks to teacher Gu's money, otherwise the workaholic directer will certainly not let us go! @ Yi Fang]

[propsman of a certain crew: Mr. Gu is the cutest person in the world.]

A certain crew we do not have to guess who it is.

Director Yi Fang was aired out several times and responded, but ended up retweeting his new movie promotion, rubbing off on this wave of buzz.


The director is still your director, this free advertising must be convinced!

Other people on the hot search with a variety of scandals, Chu Zheng on the hot search for spending so much money. |1|

The netizens are eager to learn which family's young lady Chu Zheng is in the end.

But they found that there was no information about her on the Internet except public information.

【 xiao jiejie rest assured, as long as you continue to spend money, I will escort you】Wangzhe guarantees to Chu Zheng.

Chu Zheng: "...."

Who wants you a, bronze escort.



When Chu Zheng returned to the city, it was already more than 11 p.m. on New Year's Eve, and the new year was coming soon.

As soon as Chu Zheng arrived at the villa, she saw a man standing outside the villa.

"Are you back?" Su Jiu wore a hat and scarf, revealing only a pair of wet eyes, which lit up when he saw her.

"Why are you here?" She didn't seem to call him, did she?

"Spend the new year with you." Su Jiu pulled down his scarf, showed his face and exhaled, "it's so cold. Can you go in and say it?"

Chu Zheng looked at him for a few seconds and opened the door.

Su Jiu skillfully changed his shoes and turned on the heating in the house: "have you eaten?"


"I'll make it for you?" Su Jiu took off his coat, rolled up the sleeves of the knitted sweater inside and went straight to the kitchen: "what do you want to eat?"

He opened the refrigerator and his face stiffened slightly. The refrigerator was empty. Su wine opens the bottom and finds some ingredients in it.

Su Jiu fried the steak. Because the ingredients were limited, he couldn't do anything else.

After the steak was fried, he took the steak directly to the living room and put it in front of Chu Zheng: "Ms. Gu, do you have any wine?"

"It's not good to drink." Chu Zhengs voice was faint.

"Today is the new year. It doesn't matter to drink a little." Su Jiu said cleverly, "just drink a little."

Chu Zheng spits out two words indifferently: "no wine."


Su Jiu thought about her empty refrigerator and kitchen. It seemed normal to have no wine. Had he known he would have brought it himself.

"Then... Don't drink." Su Jiu murmured and sat cross legged on the floor covered with a woolen blanket to cut Chu Zheng's steak. After cutting it, he handed it to her.

"Is it delicious?"


Su Jiu smiled brightly, like a praised child: "the ingredients are not enough, otherwise it will be better to eat. Shall I make it for you next time?"

Chu Zheng didn't answer and gave him a deep look.

Su Jiu tilted his head and waited for her answer with innocent eyes.

Chu Zheng lowered her head to eat steak. Su Jiu bit his lower lip. His eyes were dark and deep. He squeezed his hand with a knife and exerted a little force.

A moment later, he lowered his eyelashes to block his emotions.

After the steak, Su Jiu took the plate into the kitchen and washed it. When he came back out, it was the countdown to the new year.

He scaled to Chu Zheng's side and hugged her arm, Chu Zheng jerked a little, and Su Jiu then hugged tighter.






Happy New Year!!!

Su Jiu's lips landed on Chu Zheng's cheek, leaving with a touch like a dragonfly.

His voice followed, "This is our first New Year together, and I want to spend every New Year with you in the future."

|1|  I tried... ಥ﹏ಥ