Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1677 - Beautiful Lady Qing

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Zhu Shaoping led the remnants of the Celestial River Navy and retreated thirty thousand miles. Saint Woodcutter didn't lead his troops to chase after them because the main force of the celestial heavens hadn't been deployed yet. There were still the ten guards, the seven dukes, the three chiefs, the two assistants, and the five emperors.

Furthermore, the Celestial River Navy was only one of the three divisions. Even though they were defeated, their main force was still there.

Furthermore, there were still the other two teachers!

This battle was a great victory for Carefree Village, Eternal Peace, and the Primordial Realm. It was also a great victory for the thousands of worlds in the heavens. However, for the celestial heavens, it was just a small defeat!

Finally, the main army led by Celestial Emperor Hao and the civil and military officials of the celestial heavens arrived late. They set up camp, looking majestic as if they had moved the celestial heavens over.

Zhu Shaoping hurriedly entered the palace and quickly walked towards Numinous Sky Hall. He knelt down and apologized to Celestial Emperor Hao.

"Victory and defeat are common in war. A momentary victory or defeat doesn't mean anything."

Emperor Hao Tian said warmly, "Luckily Minister Zhu isn't injured, so I can be at ease. It's a pity we lost Young Master Zuo, and Nine Hells Stage has also fallen into the hands of the enemy. This battle won't be up to you. I didn't expect Eternal Peace's reform to create so many strange things."

Light flashed in his eyes, and he said with a smile, "To be able to form a formation diagram of the Great Celestial Heavens, a huge ship that specializes in breaking through the Celestial River Pagoda, and those weird flying cars. This is why I need Eternal Peace."

Zhu Shaoping didn't dare to speak.

"Eternal Peace's forging is already the best in the world. The forging of the celestial heavens is already empty. This is the reason why I have to seize Eternal Peace."

Emperor Hao Tian stood up and said indifferently, "These rebels think that a small victory is enough to shake the foundation of the celestial heavens. They have truly underestimated the celestial heavens and me. I was still worried that these rebels wouldn't dare to show their faces. Now that they have all jumped out, I won't have to suppress them one by one. Let's move forward and flatten Carefree Village."

The army of the celestial heavens rose from the ground, and celestial palaces floated in the sky as they approached Carefree Village.

The three teachers of the celestial heavens stood in front, and behind them were the Dragon and Martial Guards, the Divine Strategies Guards, the Feathered Forest Guards, and the Divine Might Guards!

These eight guards were like eight Celestial Venerables holding down the fort!

Emperor Hao Tian looked at Tai Chu and said, "Grand Imperial Sire, you have broken the Primordial Realm's Xuandu Canopy."

Tai Chu bowed and acknowledged. He stood up, and the Dao Tree rose into the sky. A great Allheaven descended from the Ultimate Void!

His Dao Tree flew into an Allheaven, and a vibration traveled over. The sky of the Primordial Realm instantly split open, transforming into forty-nine beams of light that descended from the sky and landed behind Carefree Village.

The place where the forty-nine beams of light fell was the place where Heaven Duke had erected the outline of the sky and transformed into Xuandu of the Primordial Realm. The forty-nine beams of light fell and landed beside Heaven Duke. Clang, clang, clang. They transformed into Heavenly Dao treasures and stabbed around him.

The sky shattered, and the sun, moon, and stars hanging in the sky vanished without a trace!

Heaven Duke's face was pale as he wiped away the fresh blood at the corner of his mouth. He stretched his hand out to pull out the treasure that was stuck in the outline of the heavens. With a wave of his sleeve, he put away the other Heavenly Dao treasures.

"Tai Chu, your abilities are still as strong as ever!"

Heaven Duke raised his head and looked at the Dao Tree in the sky. It was the Dao Tree of Tai Chu and a Grand Overarching Heaven. As long as they were suppressed in the sky above the Primordial Realm, his fifty Heavenly Dao treasures could forget about being used again.

It was pitch black outside the sky. There was no sun, moon, or stars.

The entire Primordial Realm sank into darkness and coldness. Only the god cities and heavens gave off faint light, lighting up the night that shrouded the Primordial Realm.

Ancestral God King in Xuandu had long blinded the stars and moved away the sun and moon of the Primordial Realm, leaving the Primordial Realm floating alone in the dark universe.

Now, there was no difference between day and night in the Primordial Realm. When people woke up at night, they could no longer see the sun rising as usual. At night, there was no moon or stars in the sky!

Seven days later, the sea would start to freeze. In the sky above the Primordial Realm, a huge dark cloud that covered the entire Primordial Realm would appear. Snow would fall from the sky and last for months until the entire Primordial Realm was covered in ice and snow!

After the day, even the deepest sea would be frozen into a huge lump of ice, and the entire Primordial Realm would become a land of extreme cold!

At that time, even the air that people were used to would freeze!

A portion of the air would be frozen, and a portion would turn into liquid. The spirit energy of the Primordial Realm would no longer flow, and all life would die!

And now, it was only the first night.

In the darkness, a sun suddenly rose beside a god city in Eternal Peace. The huge Sun Ship was like a huge beast with twelve legs. It moved its feet and followed the fixed orbit.

Beside another god city, a new Sun Ship was activated to let the sun fly.

Gradually, more Sun Ships appeared in every corner of Eternal Peace and Carefree Village. Looking down from the sky, it was as if a bright candle had risen from the dark land. However, the light from the candle grew stronger, gradually dispelling the darkness.

On Sun Ship, there were many white-robed gods. They were gods from Xuandu.

During the Battle of Xuandu, Qin Mu had saved Heaven Duke and saved many clansmen of the Xuandu god race, sending them to Eternal Peace. They were originally the Sun Guardians of Xuandu, but now, the Sun Guardians of Xuandu had long been replaced by the gods of the celestial heavens. They had come to Eternal Peace and become the Sun Guardians of the Primordial Realm.

These Sun Guardians stood on Sun Ship and dragged huge man-made suns to give light to the world, allowing crops to grow and dispel the cold.

The destination of these Sun Ships was the wells that had been constructed long ago. There were man-made suns hidden in them, and with the speed of Sun Ships, it took them half a day to reach their destination. When they reached their destination, Sun Ships walked into the well.

In the celestial palaces of the celestial heavens, the strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne and Numinous Sky watched this scene from afar. They were shocked from the bottom of their hearts.

"With so many Sun Ships and Sun Well, the emperor of Eternal Peace, Emperor Yanfeng, is indeed an extraordinary talent. In just a short period of time, he had already prepared such a countermeasure!"

High Duke Chu Yuming of the seven dukes muttered, "Emperor Yanfeng is indeed extremely terrifying and has great talent and strategy…"

"It shouldn't be Emperor Yanfeng. He has been in power for nineteen years, and he couldn't prepare so many Sun Ships and Sun Well in nineteen years."

Another person said in a low voice, "To build so many Sun Ships and Sun Well, we need to prepare for forty to fifty years! When the wife of that existence was in her position, she had already started to build! At that time, she was already planning how to deal with the disappearance of the sun."

During Ling Yuxiu's reign, she redesigned Sun Ship's Sun Well and improved the man-made sun of Founding Emperor Era. She secretly built many Sun Wells all over Eternal Peace.

Today, it finally came in handy.

When the three teachers and armies of the celestial heavens reached the broken cliff, they didn't even have time to set up their formations when they heard the zither notes. An ancient zither flew in front of the two armies, and no one played it.

Another hourglass flew over and hung in front of the broken cliff. Not long later, the sky lit up, and a Dao Tree descended from the sky. Dao fruits hung from the Dao Tree, but there was no one under the tree.

The three teachers of the celestial heavens stopped and didn't dare to approach.

Celestial Emperor Hao smiled faintly and said, "Thief Kou Yue, Celestial Venerable Yun, and Goddess of Heavenly Yin have arrived."

Behind the camp of the celestial heavens, two Dao Trees emerged from the abyss of the Ruins of End, stabilizing both sides.

In the camp of the celestial heavens, treasured halls rose into the sky and emanated the fate of the strong practitioners of the past universe, suppressing everything!

All kinds of treasures appeared in the ancestral court, and their auras were earth-shattering!

Suddenly, a World Tree stabbed horizontally into the back of Carefree Village. Fifty Heavenly Dao treasures flew out from the tree and spread throughout Carefree Village.

A long magma horn slowly rose from the back of the celestial heavens. The magma flowed and formed a long magma river behind the celestial heavens. Another ghost river appeared and swirled around the horn.

At this moment, a lantern flew out from the Primordial Realm's Youdu and hung on Supreme Emperor Heaven. The light was dim.

The two ancient gods of Taiji looked at each other and raised the taiji sand table, turning it into the taiji star field in the sky. Black and white swirled.

Right at this moment, behind Carefree Village, a chubby youth jumped from one mountain to another as though he was flying. He suddenly leaped into the thirty-third heaven of Carefree Village and spat out his Green Destiny Mirror, his precious companion treasure, to hang above the heavens of the Grand Pure Land.

The Green Depths Mirror on the Grand Pure Land shone brightly and stood opposite the taiji sand table.

In the sky behind the army of the celestial heavens, the huge face of Heaven Duke appeared, covering half of the sky. His long, snow-white eyebrows drooped down like long white ribbons from the sky to the ground.

Behind Heaven Duke's face, there were suns. In front of the suns, there were temples and treasured carriages. Countless sun guardians burned the western sky red.


Violent tremors came from the back of Carefree Village, and the ground split open. Divine golden wheels stabbed into half of the Primordial Realm, and half of them vanished into Youdu while the other half hid in the world of the living!

Qin Fengqing had two horns on his head, and the Youdu Great Dao formed from Youdu devil qi surrounded his body. He closed his three eyes tightly and rose from Youdu. His six arms opened up, and his palms didn't touch the six heavenly wheels.

The six heavenly wheels spun in different directions, and the Reincarnation Great Dao that was born from Youdu Great Dao began to operate.

Celestial Emperor Hao, Tai Chu, and Celestial Empress who had transformed into Mistress Yuanmu couldn't help but be moved. They stood up and took a step forward, looking at the six heavenly wheels from far away across Carefree Village and Supreme Emperor Heaven.

Hall Master Ling Guan also couldn't resist walking out. He still couldn't break Qin Mu's sword path and grew his head out. He could only look around with three eyes on his chest and praise in a low voice, "Seventh young master is remarkable to be able to forge such a divine weapon! This treasure is remarkable, truly remarkable!"

"Patriarch Creation Palace, sacrifice the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu!"

Under Emperor Hao Tian's command, the Patriarch Creation Palace Master, Celestial Venerable Xing An, opened the door of the Patriarch Creation Palace. The bodies of the divine weapons, Celestial Venerable Yu, grew larger as they stood in the celestial palace, their power astonishing.

Not only that, but the Patriarch Creation Celestial Palace also had all kinds of four emperor divine weapons, Heaven Duke divine weapons, and Earth Count divine weapons!

Even though the creation divine weapon of the celestial heavens had been destroyed, Celestial Venerable Xing An was a genius in the path of creation. He had borrowed the celestial heavens' wealth to forge many powerful divine weapons, and he was highly regarded by Emperor Hao.

At this moment, Emperor Hao Tian's pupils contracted as he saw a youth walking out from Carefree Village.

Lan Yutian.

Behind Lan Yutian, Lan Yutian stood out.

That was the creation divine weapon of Eternal Peace, the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu created!

Furthermore, Lan Yutian had personally gone to the manufacturing factory and allowed the skilled craftsmen of Eternal Peace to draw the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu that he had personally participated in the design!

Emperor Hao Tian laughed and rode the emperor's carriage out of the army of the celestial heavens. He said loudly, "Celestial Venerable Mu, since you are here, why don't you show yourself?"

The World Crossing Golden Ship circled around Supreme Emperor Heaven and sailed over leisurely. At the bow of the golden ship, Qin Mu placed his hands on the side of the ship and faced Emperor Hao Tian from afar.

Between them was the broken cliff of the Primordial Realm.

The cliff was immeasurably high and incomparably steep.

"How can a fine lady like you be a thief?" Emperor Hao Tian's gaze landed on Qin Mu's face as he asked faintly.