Chapter 3017: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 45)

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“You made tea for me?”  Ye Duo Yun was surprised as she felt strangely nervous.

She was countless times more nervous when facing Su Chen Zhou than when she was with Su Yuan.

In terms of aura, Su Yuan’s aura was much greater than Su Chen Zhou’s.

But she didn’t know why she was so relaxed with Su Yuan.  She felt like there wasn’t a twenty year gap between the two of them.

She always believed that god gave her a ‘rebirth’ so she could meet Su Yuan.

Even if there was a large age gap between them, she didn’t have any hesitation.

“Is there anyone else here?”  Su Chen Zhou took a sip of his tea, “Are you this reserved in front of him?”

He always had a tepid attitude towards Ye Duo Yun, there were even times where he was cold.

It wasn’t because his mother and father had deeply loved each other that when his mother died, he didn’t want his father to get remarried.

It was because Ye Duo Yun was even younger than him.

After his mother passed, Su Yuan was his only relative.

It was a kind of faith that came from the spirit.  He could take a wife since that was just human nature, but he couldn’t accept Ye Duo Yun’s age.

To him, he thought that Ye Duo Yun married into the Su Family for money.

And Su Yuan had been so fascinated by her that he insisted on marrying her no matter what anyone said.

Ye Duo Yun took the teacup and held it tightly in both hands.  The warmth of the tea made her less nervous.  Her expression changed slightly as she said, “No, I’ve never been nervous.  When we first met, there was this sense of deja vu.”

“He, he……”  Su Chen Zhou gave a cold snort and said nothing else.

He naturally didn’t believe a single word she said.

Prejudice had existed since the beginning, so it would be very difficult to change it now.

“Actually, I know that you won’t believe me……”  Ye Duo Yun pursed her lips and said, “I really have only been living in this world with thought for a few years.  I never felt love before and never enjoyed life like a normal person.”

“And then?”  Su Chen Zhou raised a brow to say, “Your parents didn’t want you to marry into a rich family?”

Ye Duo Yun gave a shrug before saying with a helpless smile, “They naturally wanted me to marry into a rich family since my two younger brothers liked to spend a lot of money to gamble and pick up girls.  If I married into a rich family, they would live a better life.”

Su Chen Zhou was surprised.  He naturally never thought that Ye Duo Yun would be so sincere and honest.

Although he already knew these matters.

After all, the one Ye Duo Yun was marrying was his father.  A girl who was younger than him, how could he not investigate her clearly?

“You are very honest.”  After a long time, Su Chen Zhou narrowed his eyes and spoke in a calm voice.

“Su Yuan knows all about this.”  Ye Duo Yun took a deep breath and said, “If I said that I’ve never used Su Yuan’s money to let my family squander, would you believe it?”

“It isn’t important if I believe it or not.”  Su Chen Zhou seriously looked into her eyes and said, “What matters is if you believe it or not.  Moreover, the word ‘squandering’ isn’t used properly.”

“You really are smart.”  Ye Duo Yun was a bit annoyed as she rubbed her head, “I do send some living expenses back, but it’s only three thousand a month.  It’s enough for their food and clothes, no more, no less……”

Su Chen Zhou slightly knitted his brows as his voice returned to the same coldness as before, “You don’t need to tell me this……”

“Kacha.”  As soon as Su Chen Zhou’s voice fell, the door to the study opened.