Chapter 3018: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 46)

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“It seems like they’re done talking……”  Ye Duo Yun gently bit her lip, “You don’t need to worry anymore.”

“You’re thinking too much.”  Su Chen Zhou casually took another sip of tea, “She has never made me worry.”

Since she wanted to chat with Su Yuan alone, that meant that she already had her own plans.

Ye Duo Yun heard this and her eyes became a bit sad.  She crossed her arms at her chest and said, “You guys really are good.  We’re the same age, but she’s smart……”

Su Chen Zhou didn’t say anything.  He just looked up at Luo Qing Chen who was coming down from the second floor.

But then his expression became a bit startled.

Since Luo Qing Chen was walking in front and Su Yuan was following behind her.

His father was always very serious.  Whether it was at the company or at home, ‘sequence’ was always very important to him.

No matter when it was, he wouldn’t let his juniors walk in front of him.

Of course, there was no one that dared to walk in front of him.

But why was Luo Qing Chen not only walking in front of Su Yuan, she even had such a calm look on her face?

He naturally knew that she was smart and powerful, but wasn’t this……a bit too much!

“What are you looking at?”  Luo Qing Chen casually sat down beside him and said with a faint smile, “Uncle is easy to get along with, why do you call him strict?”

These sudden words not only surprised Su Chen Zhou, it also caused Ye Duo Yun on the side to open her eyes wide.

This feeling was like Su Chen Zhou greeting her with a smile one day, it was unbelievable……


“Everyone sit down, everyone sit down.”  Su Yuan’s dark eyes were no longer stern and instead looked at Su Chen Zhou with a bit of gentleness, “It’s father’s father, I said those harsh words without understanding Qing Chen……Father is formally apologizing to you and Qing Chen……”

“Dad, you……”

Su Chen Zhou was completely stunned by Su Yuan’s words, not being able to say a thing.

This scene was something that Luo Qing Chen found funny.  She never saw Su Chen Zhou reveal this kind of expression before, it was like a child that had suddenly received a large gift.

He wanted to happily smile, but he desperately tried to suppress the joy and excitement in his heart.

“Uncle is very easy to talk to!”  Luo Qing Chen echoed as a helper, “You need to talk to uncle more to understand his heart!”

“You……”  Su Chen Zhou blinked those deep eyes.  He looked at her in a very cute manner as he said, “You……What did you talk about?”

The curiosity in his heart was provoked to the max.  Su Yuan was his father, so he naturally knew better than anyone what kind of personality he had.

He was stubborn in both thoughts and opinion.

It was hard to change his mind once he was set on something and even if they wanted to change it, it would take a long time.

It was definitely impossible for Luo Qing Chen to change his thoughts in just an hour.

Why?  Just why?

“It’s just we had things in common.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug before looking at Su Chen Zhou to say, “What did you and the madam talk about?  It seems like you had some tea.”

“I have nothing to say to her.”  Su Chen Zhou looked away and said, “It was just courtesy.”

“Good, good, good, having courtesy is good.”  Su Yuan’s face was red and he seemed to be in a good mood, “The most important thing is the wedding between you and Qing Chen.  The wedding of my Su Yuan’s son, it must be the most luxurious and grand wedding.”