Chapter 3051: Number one assassin: The ascetic prince’s attack strategy (Part 2)

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This was a time travel story.  The previous host was someone from the twenty first century, but because of her death, she went back to the Mu Country that was a thousand years in the past.

Moreover, her identity was the number one assassin.

This story was quite complicated, so Luo Qing Chen slowly sorted out all the memories.

The previous host was a complete fan girl in the twenty first century.  Her target was the number one male god in the country, Liang Yu.

The previous host’s fanaticism was different from the ordinary fans, she was the crazy kind of fan.

What was a crazy fan?  As the name suggested, she would go to all of Liang Yu’s activities and concerts.  Even if she was a thousand miles away, she would still go.

Moreover, she would always buy the VIP seats.

She wasn’t a child from a rich family, all of the money that she spent on Liang Yu came from her hard saving.

It was said that she was a complete star chaser.  This kind of person had one thing in common, she would give everything as long as the other side gave her just one smile.

That included her own life.

But in reality, the man that shined on stage actually led quite the corrupt life.

Due to public relations, all of those love triangles didn’t have a chance to be revealed.

But how could the crazy fangirl believe these things?  She wildly chased after Liang Yu and passionately chased him with all her heart.


Those orgies didn’t satisfy Liang Yu anymore.  He liked girls who blindly worshipped him.

So he gradually started targeting fans.

This kind of vain person would target the most beautiful fans, so the first one wasn’t the previous host.

When the news spread, the previous host and the managers of the fan club began searching for this beautiful fan.

They thought that it was impossible for their perfect idol to do something like this, so the only possibility was that the fan had made this up.

But in this world, paper can’t contain fire.

No matter how they defended their idol, no matter how they didn’t believe it, when more and more fans started talking about sleeping with Liang Yu, the previous host could only believe it.

But she was a confused person.

After she learned of this, her first reaction wasn’t to question why Liang Yu did this, but rather why didn’t Liang Yu come for her if he was looking for beautiful fans?

She wasn’t bad looking and she could do anything for him!

The previous host kept waiting, even intentionally and unintentionally showing herself off at concerts.

Finally, the previous host got her chance a month later.  Liang Yu’s driver personally came out to pick her up and drove her to A City’s most exclusive hotel.

Just like this, she gained Liang Yu’s ‘favour’ and had the chance to sleep with him.

This was her first time doing this and she had no experience at all, but Liang Yu didn’t show any pity to her.

He was completely different from how he was on stage.  In private, he was a violent and perverse character who didn’t care about other people.

But even so, the previous host felt that it was worth it.

The fans that he slept with all left him because of how rough he was.

Only the previous host didn’t care even if he was rough in bed and even had her kneel for an entire day.

She liked him and did all she could for him.