Chapter 3052: Number one assassin: The ascetic prince’s attack strategy (Part 3)

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Since the previous host became Liang Yu’s lover, she lived every day in pain and joy.

Liang Yu didn’t treat her as a human and she didn’t treat herself as a human.

This lasted for three months until the previous host accidentally found Liang Yu’s secret.

On a weekend, the previous host went to Liang Yu to prepare.  Not a single essential oil could be missing.

But when the previous host was preparing, she accidentally slipped because the floor was slippery.

She went to find a band aid and she accidentally found a correspondence between Liang Yu and his lawyer.

Four years ago, Liang Yu was still a normal model, but he was addicted to desire and wanted many women.

It was just that because of his status at the time, there wouldn’t be that many stars following him and there wouldn’t be as many fans obsessed with him.

So when he couldn’t control his desires, he forced himself onto a little star who was still unknown, Ge Ying.

Ge Ying was a very strong natured girl, so she was planning on finding reporters to expose this matter even if she ruined herself.

She never thought that one of the reporters she contacted also liked Liang Yu.

She had passed this matter to Liang Yu and told her that Ge Ying would be taking action, so she had to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Liang Yu had panicked and had no one to discuss this with.  He was still young and his career as a model had just taken off, so he absolutely couldn’t have any bad news about him.

That night, he went to Ge Ying’s place to look for her.  He tried to talk to her, but after getting no response, he wanted to use money to shut her mouth only to be rejected by her.

After being sent off, he sat alone in his car with his eyes bloodshot.  He looked at Ge Ying who was not far away and he became hot headed as he stepped on the pedal.

Ge Ying died on the spot, her beautiful eyes were even knocked out.

Liang Yu commissioned a lawyer to form an alibi.  The letter that the previous host saw was the one that he had sent to the lawyer.

This letter was hidden under a desk and the previous host didn’t even know how she found it.

But even so, she didn’t think Liang Yu would kill someone.

It was a pity that while she could defend Liang Yu, that didn’t mean that Liang Yu trusted her.

When Liang Yu learned that the previous host saw the letter, he didn’t plan on letting her live.

In the end, in that private villa, Liang Yu killed the previous host while pretending it was suicide.

Due to his preparations, Liang Yu had completely covered up the previous host’s death.

Many fans of Liang Yu believed that the previous host had ended her own life because she couldn’t obtain Liang Yu’s love.

Even if there were one or two voices that came out to defend the previous host, it was drowned out by the rest of the fans.

Butterfly Only Loves Liang Yu: Mister Liang, please take care of yourself.  This is not your fault, please don’t blame yourself.

Eternal Thought: We all understand your kindness, it is your most outstanding feature.

Snow In the North: Please!  It’s not your business that this person likes you.  She wants to use her death to ruin your reputation, you can’t be affected by her.


The voices on the web were overwhelming and most people stood on Liang Yu’s side.

A day later, Liang Yu posted on Weibo as a victim.

Liang Yu V: Little angels, don’t worry about me.  The police have already determined this as suicide, so I will not be lost and I will digest all of these emotions.  The deceased is already gone, so please don’t talk about this anymore.