Chapter 3053: Number one assassin: The ascetic prince’s attack strategy (Part 4)

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Liang Yu’s life went smoothly after the previous host’s death,

But although the previous host died, her soul traveled through time.

To become the number one assassin of the Mu Kingdom’s Shadow League, Luo Qing Chen.

The previous host who traveled through time had short term amnesia and forgot about past matters for a bit.

But fate wasn’t kind to her.  Even after traveling through time, she couldn’t escape Liang Yu’s grasp.

Or it shouldn’t be Liang Yu, but rather Murong Yu.

The eighth prince of the Mu Kingdom who was charming and gentle.

When she first met the eighth prince, the previous host’s heart almost jumped out.

That eighth prince looked exactly like Liang Yu from the twenty first century.

The painful scenes from the twenty first century flashed in front of her eyes.

She loved Liang Yu so much and could do anything for him, so why was he so cruel to her and even killed her in the end?

The previous host wanted to question Murong Yu, but after thinking about it, she knew that Murong Yu wouldn’t recognize her.

As the number one assassin, it wasn’t hard for her to kill him.  But the task that she received this time wasn’t to kill Murong Yu, but rather the crown prince of the Mu Kingdom, Murong Ci.

Other than being the crown prince of the Mu Kingdom, Murong Ci was also known as the number one swordsman of Azure Mountain and was very skilled.

Other than being very skilled, he was also the most handsome man in the Mu Kingdom.

The previous host immediately executed the plan to kill Murong Ci, but he was too strong for her that she had no chance at all.

After the assassination failed, she was injured.  It was then that she met Murong Yu.

The man who killed her a thousand years in the future.  After Murong Yu learned of her identity, he took her to his private villa to take care of her.

This feeling was very familiar to the previous host.  The previous host didn’t know why Murong Yu saved her, but she learned later that it was because he wanted her to kill Murong Ci.

It was common for the royal family to fight one another.

The previous host refused at first because as long as she remembered how Murong Yu had hurt her, she couldn’t do anything to help him.

But she later discovered that the things that he had done to her had become fuzzy in her mind.

When she saw his face, she couldn’t help falling and couldn’t pull herself out.

“If you succeed, I’ll marry you.”

“You already have eight concubines and you want to marry me?”

“It’s not about having too many concubines, it’s about sincerity.”

Murong Yu kissed her deeply and said, “I always felt that you were very familiar.  It was as if we had been together for a very long time.”

“Are you sure that it’s before and not in the future?”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing.  I will kill Murong Ci, will you marry me then?”

“Of course.”

The previous host took this as a promise, so she did her best when she went to the Eastern Palace to kill Murong Ci.

But she never thought that she would still fail.

Murong Ci had a pair of cold and very deep eyes that were as beautiful as the stars.

After he captured the previous host, he didn’t want to kill her.  When he wanted to say something, the door suddenly opened……

Murong Yu came in with a sword in hand and didn’t hesitate to stab Luo Qing Chen in the heart from behind.

Blood splattered all over.  Even if she didn’t turn around, she knew who killed her.

Why, why, why……

“Fourth prince, eighth brother has come late.”  Murong Yu slightly knitted his brows, “This is an assassin from the Shadow League.  It seems that someone wants fourth brother’s life.”

Murong Yu’s cold eyes narrowed as he looked at the corpse on the ground.  There was no mercy at all in those cold eyes.