Chapter 3066: Number one assassin: The ascetic prince’s attack strategy (Part 17)

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Whether it was ancient times or the modern age, Ge Ying’s fate wouldn’t have changed.

She was abused like a slave by Murong Yu.  She screamed as loud as she could as she was pinned to the bed, but it was no use at all.

“Shout all you want.  The more you scream, the more this prince will do.”  Murong Yu’s bloodshot eyes wildly burned into her, using all he had to possess her.

She screamed all night.  Her lips were dry in the morning and there were traces of blood on the sides of her lips.

She was covered in mud and her eyes were empty, like she was a broken doll that had been used by someone.

“Take her away to clean, this prince will continue tonight.”  Murong Yu changed into a purple robe and he seemed to be in a good mood, as there was a trace of excitement in his eyes.

“Reporting to the prince, a man is outside the palace asking for his wife.”  Qing Song slightly knitted his brows, “It should be the husband of the woman named Ge Ying from last night.”

“Oh.”  Murong Yu replied in an indifferent manner before giving a shrug of disdain, “You know what to do.  When it’s done, put that thing in a box and bring it back.”

“Yes, your highness!”

Ge Ying spent seven days in Murong Yu’s room in pain.  The trace of hope that she had at first was completely drowned in despair.

Now she didn’t ask for anything, she just wanted to see her husband one last time.

“Beauty!  Do you think this prince has satisfied you in the past few days?”  Murong Yu’s voice was very enchanting.  He hooked her chin with his right hand, but after she turned away, he grabbed her neck.

The feeling of choking came over her right away, but she just closed her eyes and didn’t struggle.

These days, living is more painful than death.

She didn’t want to bear it anymore……

“You want to die?”  Murong Yu’s right hand suddenly released, followed by coughing from Ge Ying.

“Ke, ke, ke……Ke, ke, ke……Why don’t you kill me!”  Ge Ying shouted at him as her eyes were filled with hatred as she looked at him, “Don’t you find yourself laughable?  You can only have my body, you will never have my heart!”

“Pa!”  There was a loud slap sound that rang out as Ge Ying was knocked to the ground.

Murong Yu coldly looked at her with a taunting smile on his lips, “What does this prince want your heart for?  This prince just wants his own satisfaction.”


“Of course, this prince is merciful, so you only need to do one more thing for this prince.”  The crown prince selection was coming soon and out of all the dancers that came during these days, the one named Ge Ying was the most beautiful.

He needed her.  Even if she couldn’t become the crown princess, he still needed her to be chosen and enter the Eastern Palace.

“You’re dreaming!”  Ge Ying roared at him, “Why would I work like a dog for you?”

“Pa!”  There was another loud slap.

Murong Yu licked his teeth with his tongue, “It’s a pity!  You can only be tortured to death like the dog you mentioned.”

Ge Ying’s bloodless lips trembled as she said, “I curse you……I curse you to never have a good death.”

“I advise you to look at your husband first before cursing me.”  Murong Yu gave a clap and Qing Song came in with a square box.

There was a foul stench that filled the air, but Qing Song’s expression didn’t change.  Perhaps he had already done so much that he was already numb.

As for Murong Yu, there was only pride on his face.