Chapter 3067: Number one assassin: The ascetic prince’s attack strategy (Part 18)

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At that moment, Ge Ying’s heart trembled.

She didn’t know why, but she could imagine what was in the box the moment that she saw it.

It was as if there were a pair of eyes staring at her through the box.

Full of gentleness, full of pampering, full of pain.

Murong Yu saw the look of panic on her face and he had a satisfied look on his face, “Do you know what is inside?”

Ge Ying shook her head like she had gone mad, “I’m not listening……I’m not listening……I’m not listening……”

Murong Yu grabbed her hair and said, “You have to listen and you have to listen clearly.”

As soon as his voice fell, his bloodshot eyes that had a burning glow in them looked at the box like he was appreciating a work of art.

“Ah!”  With a piercing scream, Ge Ying’s vision went dark as she fainted.

But very quickly, there was a bucket of cold water that was splashed on her face and she was instantly woken up.

The moment that she woke up, there was a human head that rolled onto the ground in front of her.

That was……her husband’s head……

“I will kill you……I will definitely kill you……”  She couldn’t control the tears flowing down.  Ge Ying felt like she was going crazy, but her mind was incomparably clear.

Her husband was dead and even his head was cut off like this.

Seeing him with his eyes closed peacefully, her heart was even more in pain.

Because of her……It was all because of her……If she didn’t become a singer because of their poor family, he wouldn’t have died like this.

She never thought that her singing voice, her beauty, and her pipa skills would make her lose everything.

“Kill me?”  Murong Yu laughed before saying, “The one you want to kill isn’t me, but the crown prince.”

Ge Ying didn’t listen to his words at all as she muttered like she had gone crazy, “You……You……I will kill you……”

“Ge Ying, did you forget that you still have a three year old daughter?”

Ge Ying trembled in that moment, as if her daughter's smile had appeared in front of her.

She tightly bit her lips and looked up at Murong Yu with eyes filled with hatred, “Don’t hurt my daughter……”

It was the only link between him and her, it was the only purity left for her dirtied body.

“I want you to enter the Eastern Palace and become the crown princess.”

“He, he.”  Ge Ying gave two cold laughs, “Someone like me isn’t qualified to become the crown princess.”

“I will give you a new identity.”  Murong Yu raised her chin, “Yin Chang Feng is dead.  If you want your daughter to live, you will be obedient.  Or else I will send your daughter to hell to find her father.”

Murong Yu’s words were like needles that pierced her heart.  The man standing in front of her was worse than a beast, she wanted to chop him up into ten thousand pieces.

She wanted to drink his blood and eat his flesh.

But not only could she not do that, she had to work for him.

This was the most tortuous thing, the most cruel thing.

But she……didn’t have a choice……


At the same time, in the palace.

Luo Qing Chen had followed the native cavalcade and arrived in the capital after ten days.  The capital in November seemed more lively than before.

Vendors on the street, people walking all over.

“Why is the capital so lively?”  After entering the capital, they had changed their carriage for a sedan.  The high priest Hui Chen walked by the sedan and followed her the entire time.