Chapter 3068: Number one assassin: The ascetic prince’s attack strategy (Part 19)

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Hui Chen knitted his brows with a bit of worry, “Our Snow Stop Country is just a small country in front of the Mu Country.  We have to pay tribute in pork and mutton each year and although the Mu Country gives us some stuff back, it can’t compare at all.”

“You mean……”

Luo Qing Chen could guess what the high priest meant by this, but she still asked to make sure.

“There will be girls from other small countries in the palace, the ones that want to marry the crown prince are at least fifty if not a hundred.”  The high priest said with a sigh, “Our king naturally hopes that our princess can become the crown princess, but he knows that this honour is indeed hard.”

Luo Qing Chen gave an understanding nod before she kept asking, “Then if the crown prince wants to take a princess, why are the streets so crowded?”

“Because King Mu is very happy this month, so he gave his grace to the world.  None of the stalls need to pay rent this month, which can be regarded as a gift to the people.”  The high priest looked at her and said, “Miss, we have been told that the princess doesn’t need to become the crown princess, but she needs to be chosen as a concubine.  I know that this is very hard for you and you may be trapped in the palace forever, but……we still have to ask this of you……”

“I know.”  Luo Qing Chen looked up with a faint sparkle in her eyes, “But high priest, you have to promise me that if I need something of you in the future, I hope that you will not hesitate like you did today since we don’t have any relations with each other.”

She could help, but she would never do anything that brought a loss to her.

Actually, she was doing her best to hide the joy in her heart.  She was inheriting Murong Ci’s skill of pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger.  She placed herself on the weaker side by being the one that ‘compromised’.

This not only let the other person feel the grievances that you suffered, it made them grateful.

Because they would never know that she agreed not because she sympathized with the princess, but rather because the person that the princess was to marry was Murong Ci.

“Of course!”  The high priest looked at her with a firm look and said, “Our Snow Stop Country will not forget the miss’ generosity.  We will be your backing from now on and will keep you safe in this life.”

Luo Qing Chen took a sip of her tea and narrowed her eyes to say, “Very good.”


Crown Prince’s Eastern Palace.

Because Murong Ci finally agreed to take a crown princess, King Mu was overjoyed.  There were many things given to him, as well as many beauties.

Murong Ci just asked Ning Yuan to arrange them as maids and didn’t take any of the extra gifts.

“Your highness, the women sent by King Mu have all been arranged.”  Ning Yuan cupped his hands and said with a respectful bow, “But there are still a few more that aren’t at ease.”

After all, they were beauties that could dance and sing and they were given by King Mu.

If they were just maids in the Eastern Palace, they would feel unfair.

“Let those who feel uneasy understand the rules of the Eastern Palace through various methods.”  Murong Ci narrowed his eyes that had a chill appear in them.

“Yes.”  Ning Yuan replied, “Your highness, the daughter of Prime Minister Ning, Ning Qian Er is here.  You have been behind closed doors for several days, do you want to see her today?”

“No……”  Before Murong Ci’s voice fell, there was another new guest in the Eastern Palace.

The messenger quickly came in and said, “Reporting to your highness, the eighth prince is here.”