Chapter 3069: Number one assassin: The ascetic prince’s attack strategy (Part 20)

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“The Eastern Palace is really lively.”  Murong Ci gave a cold snort, “I’ll see them, I’ll see them all.  Have them go into the main hall.”

“Yes, your highness.”

After half a stick of incense, Murong Ci sat in the high seat and adding in Ning Yuan and himself, there were five people here.

“Fourth brother, I congratulate fourth brother on finally getting married.”  Murong Yu was the first to speak, “I heard that the day for choosing a concubine hasn’t been set yet, but the nobles of the palace have all been choosing their daughters to send to the Eastern Palace.  Fourth brother has always been cold, so I was worried that you’ve been irritated these days.”

“It’s alright.”  Murong Ci slightly raised a brow.  His eyes were still cold and there was a chill that came from him.  He picked up the teacup from the table with his right hand and took a sip, “I wonder, why has the eighth prince come to my Eastern Palace today?”

Since the past, he had always acted as the pig to eat the tiger in the palace.  Moreover, because he was a rebellious person and no one could restrain him, he stood alone in his field.

Whether it was the throne or the title of number one swordsman.  As long as he wanted something, there was nothing that he couldn’t get.

Murong Yu could hear the coldness in Murong Ci’s voice.  No matter how they fought in private or public before, he had always called him eighth brother in front of others.

But now, he didn’t call him this.

“Fourth brother, aren’t I here to give you a present to make you happy?”  Murong Yu looked at Ge Ying on the side and Ge Ying quickly stood up, “Commoner Ge Ying greets your highness.”

There was a faint scar by her mouth.  Although she used heavy makeup to cover it, it couldn’t cover up the marks on her face and the fatigue under her eyes.

“Humph, know who you are and you have the nerve to come to the Eastern Palace to flatter?”  Ning Qian Er sitting on the side rolled her eyes before saying, “If the crown prince likes it, you can keep it for yourself.  Why would you send it to big brother crown prince’s Eastern Palace?”

Ning Qian Er was the pampered daughter of Prime Minister Ning since she was young.  She was given everything she wanted and was protected by everyone.

Growing up like this, she not only became willful, she was often unreasonable.

She liked Murong Ci since she was young.  She liked following him and calling him big brother crown prince since they were young and she was used to calling him this way now that they had grown up.

Murong Ci had always been lukewarm to her.  Other than being polite, he didn’t do anything else.

But now, his heart had been sealed in ice and he didn’t even give the most basic courtesy.

“Miss Ning is joking.” Murong Ci looked at Ning Qian Er and said, “Fourth brother, this Ge Ying is a distant relative of mine and has loved music since she was young.  She can play the pipa like the sounds of nature.  If fourth brother doesn’t mind, you can keep her to listen to music when you’re bored.”

Ning Qian Er bit her lip and stood up in displeasure.  She stomped her foot and said, “Hey, I say, this person……”

“Alright.”  Murong Ci slightly knitted his brows.  He didn’t want to hear their flattery, but he looked at Ge Ying and said, “You can stay here.  Ning Yuan will find a place for you in a while.”

“Thank you, your highness……”

Murong Yu revealed a faint smile as a confident look appeared in his eyes.

There was no one of his in the crown prince’s Eastern Palace right now, so he had to get someone in there even if it wasn’t to kill Murong Ci.

Ge Ying’s daughter was in his hands, so he wasn’t worried that she would do anything.

As for Murong Ci……he would still be played with by him!