Chapter 3070: Number one assassin: The ascetic prince’s attack strategy (Part 21)

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After Murong Yu left, Ning Qian Er was reluctant to leave.

She looked at Murong Ci with a coquettish look, “Big brother crown prince, don’t be fooled by her song or whatever.  I’m the one that will become your crown princess!”

Ning Qian Er was filled with confidence in herself.  Whether it was her position or her beauty, even if there were many people who wanted to marry Murong Ci, she wouldn’t lose to them at all.

Other than Ge Ying beating her in appearance a bit, everyone else……She really wasn’t afraid at all, she never put them in her eyes.

“Crown princess?”  Murong Ci’s eyes revealed a trace of gentleness before returning to being ice cold as he looked at Ning Qian Er to say, “I already have one.”

“Big brother crown prince……”  Ning Qian Er bit her lip and looked a bit aggrieved.  There were large tears that came out of her eyes as she said with a sniff, “Are you talking about the girl in the ice coffin in the Peach Blossom Pavilion?”

She didn’t know who that person was, but she heard that the crown prince had brought back a girl whose face was ruined and even had all her bones broken.

That was……That was a dead person!

She wasn’t convinced at first since no matter what the order was, she should be the one that Murong Ci cared about the most.  She was the woman who should have naturally become the crown princess.

How could this woman of an unknown origin and with a disfigured face compare to her!

It was a good thing that her father persuaded her that no matter how important this woman was to the crown prince, she was already dead.  There was no need to affect her relationship with Murong Ci because of a dead person.

But today, Murong Ci just told her that he already had a crown princess.

This feeling was like eating a cactus, she could feel the pain and couldn’t say a thing.

“Yes.”  Murong Ci took another sip of his tea and said, “There are some things that I should have made clear to you before.”

He didn’t love Ning Qian Er.  He had rejected Ning Qian Er many times when she confessed her love to him.

But she didn’t understand and felt that they could be together forever if they were together.

How ridiculous, how laughable.

“No.”  Ning Qian Er wiped the tears from her face and said, “Big brother crown prince needs to choose a crown princess this time.  She is already dead, you can’t possibly choose her.”

It was at that moment that Ning Qian Er finally saw just how important that dead woman was to Murong Ci from the look in his eyes.

It was a good thing she died.  If she didn’t die, the crown princess position might have belonged to her.

“You have no right to interfere in my matters.”  Murong Ci’s eyes turned cold as he looked at Ning Yuan beside him, “Send Miss Ning out.”

“I’m not going!”  Ning Qian Er shook her head, “I want to stay in big brother crown prince’s Eastern Palace, I’m not going anywhere!”

The people living in the Eastern Palace’s side courtyards were the girls given to Murong Ci.  Each one of them dressed up, as they wanted to fly up to become phoenixes.

But swallows were swallows and could never become a phoenix.

Even if they changed, they would just be black chickens.

Silky black chickens.

Such a description really fit them.

Murong Ci didn’t say anything else.  He just waved his hand and headed in the direction of the Peach Blossom Pavilion.

Every time that he came here, there would be a strange expectation in his heart.

This expectation came from deep in his heart that he couldn’t explain or understand.

He just hoped that one day, those eyes that were as clear as water without a single impurity would open and look at him again……