Chapter 3071: Number one assassin: The ascetic prince’s attack strategy (Part 22)

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Ning Qian Er wasn’t familiar with the Eastern Palace.  She wanted to follow Murong Ci, but she was left behind by him not long after.

When she angrily put her hands on her hips, Murong Yu appeared in front of her.

“Why is Miss Ning so angry?”  Murong Yu looked at her with a smile, “Fourth brother is the crown prince and there are many girls in the Eastern Palace to serve him, so this matter can’t be forced.”

“What does it matter to you?”  Ning Qian Er pursed her lips and rebuked, “Some people that want honour may never get it in this life.”

“So it turns out that is the reason why Miss Ning has refused my many visit requests?”  Murong Yu looked at her with a faint smile as he said, “Actually, I have no ill intentions, so it doesn’t matter if they are refused.  It’s just that you are a girl and will feel aggrieved, so I felt uncomfortable in my heart.”

Ning Qian Er blinked at Murong Yu when she heard this, “Why are you uncomfortable?  It’s not like you’re aggrieved.”

She seemed very proud when she said this, like she was an aloof young miss that was receiving the love of her admirer.

“Miss Ning doesn’t understand?”  Murong Yu said with a gentle smile, “Miss Ning is the number one beauty in the capital, naturally there are many people who admire you.”

“Humph.”  Ning Qian Er seemed very satisfied in her heart as she said, “What use is there in admiring me?  Their status can’t compare to me.  I am someone who will become the crown princess, how could they covet someone who will be the future queen?”

“Ha, ha, ha.”  Murong Yu laughed three times before saying, “Miss Ning, how can you be so sure that the crown prince will be the future ruler?”


“It’s better if Miss Ning has her own discretion in this matter.”  Murong Yu lowered his voice and said, “After all, I heard that my fourth brother has already chosen a crown princess.”

“It’s that dead person!”  Ning Qian Er bit her lip, “How could a dead person be a crown princess!”

“If fourth brother insists on her being the crown princess, what can you do?”  Murong Yu said with a cold laugh, “Fourth brother will anger father at that time and it won’t be guaranteed that he can remain the crown prince.”

As soon as his voice fell, Murong Yu headed off in a different direction without even looking back.

Ning Qian Er was left standing there as she kept thinking about what Murong Yu said.

The words were like needles that pierced her heart……

After a while, Ning Yuan finally found her as he quickly said, “Miss Ning, please come with this servant.  It’s already getting late, this servant will send Miss Ning home!”

“No!”  Ning Qian Er narrowed her eyes, “I will stay in the Eastern Palace tonight.”


“Go report to big brother crown prince that if he isn’t willing to arrange a place for me, I will go live with the women who were sent to the Eastern Palace.”  Ning Qian Er coldly looked forward and said, “I wanted to teach them a lesson anyway.”

Peach Blossom Pavilion.

“She wants to live with them?”

“Yes……”  Ning Yuan wiped the sweat from his forehead, “Prime Minister Ning’s status in the court is unparalleled, we can’t offend Miss Ning.”

“You think that I’m afraid of offending her?”  Murong Ci coldly narrowed his eyes, “Let her live where she wants.  Right, how is the matter of collecting evidence that I left with you?”

“Reporting to your highness, I’ve already investigated the Shadow League.  Now that Jun Yao is missing, there’s no way to confirm that this matter is related to the eighth prince.”

“Keep collecting.”  Murong Ci said in a cold voice, “The lives of all those on Azure Mountain, he will have to repay them in the end.”