Chapter 190 — The Male Lead Raises a Cat (3)

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Okay, so the front entrance wasn’t an option. Shen Mubai had no choice but to climb the wall to reach her male lead.

Looking up at the towering wall, compared to her tiny body, Shen Mubai didn’t waver and was determined to crawl up the wall. She accidentally glanced down and felt relieved that she wasn’t scared of heights.

Her nimble body jumped down on the other side, the pads of her paws touching the ground and headed towards the student building.

The school bell rang signalling the end of the day. The students were coming and going and doing their own things. Shen Mubai hesitated and decided to hide for a while. It’ll be better to act once everyone leaves.

But she didn’t expect to encounter students when she turned around.

The students also saw her. Two of the girls couldn’t help but scream, while one boy asked why there was a wild cat on campus.

Another boy replied, “It’s probably a stray cat.”

His face also didn’t look good.

The two girls looked at each other, and one of them said, “Let me have a closer look.”

The other girl didn’t seem like she agreed but didn’t say anything.

The girl came up to Shen Mubai and said sympathetically, “Awe, what a poor stray cat! Look at how dirty it is! How pitiful...If my parents didn’t ban me from having pets, I would have brought you home.” She sighed sadly.

What a load of crap! Shen Mubai could clearly see that the other side didn’t want to get close to her at all despite her words! She couldn’t see half the sympathy in her eyes that she heard in her words.

But the two boys behind her looked at her in adoration and appreciation and said, “Xu Qinglu is so kind. Last time I saw her feed a stray dog, too.”

“Agreed. Not only is she beautiful, but she also has good grades. That iceberg Jiang Yiran is also like her, but what of it? What’s so good about that guy? Just that he has better grades and looks good?” There was a trace of jealousy and resentment in his sour tone.

The other girl looked annoyed but she went up to the girl kneeling and said, “Qinglu, let’s go.”

Xu Qinglu gave her a gentle smile. “Don’t you think this cat is pretty?”

The girl looked at Shen Mubai carefully but looked away in disdain. “Yeah, really pretty. But it’s just an ordinary cat.”

Xu Qinglu was silent for a while and looked at Shen Mubai again, a hint of contempt flashing by her eyes. But she looked at her friend in disapproval. “Xiao Xiao, that’s not very nice of you. No matter what kind of cat it is, it’s still lovely and pitiful.”

The girl student called Xiaoxiao stopped but remained unconvinced. But she didn’t say anything.

Hmph, if it wasn’t for the male lead, Shen Mubai would have long been gone. Do they think she has so much time watching white lotuses performing? After hearing the conversations between the two girls she shouted at them, “What’s wrong with being a countryside cat? Who are you to tell me what I am?!”

Unfortunately, all she could let out were angry meows.

Xu Qinglu was a little scared and couldn’t help but take a step back. The girl next to her was disgusted. “Qinglu, don’t be so kind. Not all animals know how to be grateful. For example, this one in front of us might as well be caught and boiled!” She said as she tried to kick Shen Mubai with her foot.

Shen Mubai hissed a few more times and stepped forward, flexing her claws a little then turned around and ran away.

Behind her came the angry voice of the girl, mixed with Xu Qinglu’s fake worry. “Xiaoxiao, you didn’t get hurt right?”

Shen Mubai rolled her eyes and turned back to look at them and stuck out her tongue, “lueluelue.” (T/N: cat noises, I guess? Basically she’s spiting them lol.)

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