Chapter 189 — The Male Lead Raises a Cat (2)

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The male lead was still at school. She didn’t even bother wondering if he will kick her out with a dirty look. She didn’t even know if she could live to see him.

The system: “Why don’t you eat some grass to fill your stomach first?”

As soon as Shen Mubai heard this, she wished she could angrily paw at the system. “I want to eat meat.”

Almost at the end of her wits, Shen Mubai managed to run with her dirty and thin body until she saw a nearby shopping center.

When the people saw the dirty cat, they all wanted to avoid it, some even tried chasing it away.

Shen Mubai dodged the eyes of the older security and spotted her target. A young, sweet little girl with a lovely smile. In her hand was a baked eel. The golden and tender color looked delicious.

Shen Mubai stealthily walked up by her feet and uttered a pitiful cry from her mouth.

At first, the girl was surprised at the sound and looked around to see who it was. She finally found a kitten under her table.

The cat wasn’t too big or small. Although a little dirty, the fur still looked yellowish white and unexpectedly smooth and beautiful. And those moist green eyes looking over...really invoked pity.

Right when she made eye contact with the cat, the cat gave another lovely and pitiful cry.

In an instant, the girl was filled with emotion. She separated the large roasted eel from her hand and bent down to feed it to her. “How pitiful! How could your owner abandon you like this?”

Shen Mubai carefully took the roasted eel in her hand. Her green eyes filled with gratitude and flicked her tail.

The girl was stunned and then smiled. “Do you understand what I’m saying?” She reached out to touch the cat’s head but the security guard finally found her and hurriedly walked over to them.

The girl noticed and became a little flustered. The big security guard was a bit scary. She quickly waved her hand towards the cat, “Go quickly, I can’t save you if he catches you!”

Shen Mubai meowed at her twice as thanks before darting off.

The roasted eel was delicious. Feeling full, Shen Mubai licked her mouth and subconsciously reached down to lick her paws clean. When she realized what she was doing her entire body froze.

“Meow, meow, meow!” She repeatedly banged her head against the side of the wall in despair, hope slowly leaving her body. What curse did she have to be placed in this situation?!

The system wanted to laugh but held it in and pretended to comfort its host. “Host, soon you will get used to it.”

Shen Mubai angrily said, “Get used to your uncle!”

With a crestfallen expression, she started pawing at the ground wishing she was dead and buried 6 feet under!

Whatever. There was still a task to be done, she had to accept her cruel reality of becoming a cat!

After refueling with the eel, she still felt hungry, however, she finally had enough energy to run.

She followed the system’s directions and after 2 hours, Shen Mubai found herself in front of the male lead’s school.

She was panting hard and stuck her tongue out to cool down. A weak meow leaving her mouth in protest.

A guard noticed her trying to sneak in and quickly tried to drive her away, “Go, go, go! This isn’t a place for you to be wandering into. You’re so dirty, ah, who knows what disease you’re carrying. Dealing with you would be a nuisance.”

Shen Mubai was almost hit with his stick. Fortunately, she dodged nimbly.

Vis: The fact that she could run for 2 hours....hnnnn could never be me T-T