Chapter 188 — The Male Lead Raises a Cat (1)

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As her vision cleared, she started to notice some rubble on a seemingly narrow brick road. This heightened vision gave Shen Mubai a headache.

At the last critical moment in the last world, the progress bar on Su Huaiyan's head finally reached 100%. Shen Mubai successfully separated her body and entered the next world. She couldn’t help but think about what he looked like when he saw her body.

Not wanting to think any further, Shen Mubai moved on to more pressing matters. Why was her vision so strange?

“Meow, meow, meow?”

She originally wanted to ask the system for an explanation, but her voice came out like this…

Shen Mubai was frightened, looked down, and saw a pair of fluffy paws.

“I promise not to kill you if you come out, little system~” Shen Mubai cried, a small meow escaping her mouth.

The system came out and slowly said, “Host, don’t worry.”

Shen Mubai wasn’t in a hurry. She would take all the time she needed to cut out its heart.

The system: “Calm down first!”

Shen Mubai stopped meowing.

The system quickly gave her the task for the world.

Because of a bug in this world, which caused the world to collapse and become unstable, the male lead’s destiny was directly affected. His parents divorced and he began to live with his mother. But not long ago, his mother left him again to work abroad.

Jiang Yiran was a silent person without feelings. Even in front of his own parents, he wouldn’t show any emotions. He was so cold that no one could get close to him.

Shen Mubai’s task was to make Jiang feel again.

After understanding her task she still couldn’t help but complain. Why turn her into a cat!?

Seeing her protest, the system said, “This is the only body that can get close to Jiang Yiran at the moment.”

The cat was originally raised by the male lead’s mother. When she went abroad, she left her cat at home.

Jiang Yiran was not only an indifferent person but also a germaphobe. The cat could never enter his room. After his mother Shen Fei went abroad, Jiang only poured cat food on a fixed schedule and never gave extra attention to it.

Cats were sensitive animals. It could sense that the young owner didn’t care for it at all and started to hate its home. So it ran away for three days and two nights.

But how far could a domestic cat go? It soon lost its way and lived by eating leftovers and cold food. Not only did it have to look for food, but there were a lot of wild cats out there. The competition for food was brutal. Its body got thinner and thinner and eventually starved to death.

As for Jiang Yiran, the disappearance of the cat did not cause any change. He didn’t even go out to look for it.

Facing such a male lead, Shen Mubai couldn’t help but feel a bit of despair.

After a lap around what wasn’t a road as she initially thought, Shen Mubai faced another problem.

How does she get down from this high wall?

Shen Mubai purred, “System~ How do I get down?”

The system didn’t answer the question but instead replied, “How does a cat get down?”

Shen Mubai: “Of course by jumping down.”

As if realizing something, with a frightened face she stammered out, “Won’t I die if I jump from this height?”

The system: “Idiot, jump.”

Then, Shen Mubai jumped down with her eyes closed, and of course, didn’t die.

“I will never climb such a high wall ever again in the future.” She said with lingering fear on her face.

There weren’t a lot of people on this road and Shen Mubai was too hungry to look around on her own. So she asked the system, “I’m starving. Where can I find food?”

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