Chapter 191: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (7)

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Chapter 194: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (7)

She didn’t continue following Jiang Yiran, just watching him enter the classroom from afar before weakly crawling down.

“System, I’m so hungry.”

System: “There’s a very kind auntie in the cafeteria.”

Shen Mubai’s eyes lit up before running in the direction of the school cafeteria. She had already memorized the route during her stroll yesterday.

There was still a while before class started so there were some kids in the caf, eating breakfast and chatting.

Shen Mubai noticed a dog sitting and eating something by the caf exit with a middle-aged man next to him, smiling and saying something. The guard at the gate would often slack off, allowing the occasional stray dog or cat to slip in. He also had a gentle temperament, making him much more accepting than others.


Shen Mubai walked up cutely and raised her head, looking at the chubby cafeteria uncle as she let out a pitiful meow.

The cafeteria auntie didn’t notice her at first but looked over upon hearing the sound.

Shen Mubai quietly walked over before issuing another soft meow.

The cafeteria auntie was startled for a moment before giving her the last steamed bun he had, muttering, “Where did such a pretty come from? Why doesn’t your owner want you anymore? It looks like you’re just a little dirty, that’s all.”


Shen Mubai carefully picked up the meat bun before letting out a meow of thanks.

The kitty’s eyes were a rarely seen pure shade of turquoise, shining just like a gem. Her charm was irresistible when she looked over. The cafeteria auntie couldn’t help but laugh, petting her head, “Your eyes sure are pretty. Sigh, those damned people who just buy pets all willy-nilly, then throw them away when they don’t want one anymore. They don’t care about your lives out in the wild at all.”

On the other side, the stray dog had finished eating and was sniffing around. It looked over, growing excited when it saw a cat as it ran over, whimpering.

Shen Mubai didn’t care what it was thinking. With a cat’s natural instinct, her fur couldn’t but bristle as she turned and ran.


Unfortunately, the dog looked like it had taken a stimulant. No matter how the cafeteria auntie called, it continued to chase after Shen Mubai.

In the students’ eyes, it just looked like a yellow tortoiseshell cat running with a bun in its mouth, and behind it, a big dog chasing after it like it wanted to fight for food.

After climbing up to the school fence, Shen Mubai finally released a sigh of relief before looking at the dog waving its tale under her. She grumbled, “System, what does it want?” It didn’t seem like it was chasing her for food.

System: “Ask it.”

So Shen Mubai directly asked the dog, “Big Bro, what are you chasing me for?”

The dog shook its tail even more excitedly before barking at her.

Shen Mubai: “...I don’t understand.”

System: “Are you supposed to understand?”

A hint of despair appeared in Shen Mubai’s heart. It looked like the system was about to max out its taunting ability.

Fortunately, the dog only stayed for ten minutes before realizing Shen Mubai wasn’t planning on coming down. It lowered its tail and left.

After eating the meat bun, Shen Mubai found a lawn and lazily curled up into a ball, soon snoring.