Chapter 192: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (8)

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Jiang Yiran’s class ended at noon. She continued to follow behind him, keeping a distance that wasn’t too far or too close.

The other’s attitude was the same as yesterday’s, his expression cold and apathetic.

In the afternoon, Shen Mubai returned to the cafeteria to beg for food. She carefully sneaked over, first checking if the stray dog from earlier was still there. Upon seeing he wasn’t, she happily ran in.

The plump aunty soon came out. She saw Shen Mubai crouching at the door and was startled, “You… you’re that cat from earlier?”

If she hadn’t been afraid of being taken and dissected, Shen Mubai would’ve immediately nodded her head.

She gave a ‘meoww’ and used her limpid eyes to look at the cafeteria aunty eagerly before giving a very cute shake of her tail.

The plump cafeteria aunty was surprised for a moment before smiling, “Looks like you aren’t afraid of people at all. I’ll go get you something.”

She went inside, soon returning with two pieces of roasted fish for Shen Mubai.  

Shen Mubai gave a loud ‘mroww’ when she smelled the fragrance, excitedly waving her tail.

System: F*ck, it couldn’t continue watching.

But the cafeteria aunty couldn’t help but laugh at her cute display, “Alright, alright, here’s your fish. Really, what a clever little kitty.”

Shen Mubai picked up the fish and let out a little meow, using her fluffy head to rub against the lady’s wrist to say thanks.  

The cafeteria aunty patted her head before smiling, “So cute.”

Shen Mubai grew a little smug. Looks like from now on, she can use her cuteness to scam people for food- oh, oops, she meant earn food.

The cafeteria chef’s cooking wasn’t bad. At the very least, the fish was delicious, and it’d be even better if there was a bit more cumin, she thought happily as she rolled around on the grass.

The afternoon sun was bright. Shen Mubai watched the kids run around in the gym and suddenly jumped up, thinking to strengthen her sense of existence to the male lead.

She ran in the direction of the school. Jiang Yiran was currently in literature class. The literature class teacher was a beauty, with red lips, curled hair, and a pair of beautiful, slender, fair legs. Adorned with a pair of heels, just watching her walk was a sight.

Two boys were whispering to each other as they looked at her, occasionally letting out low giggles of laughter. The girl sitting beside them could hardly conceal the disgust on her face. However, when another figure entered her line of sight, her face completely changed as a bashful light appeared in her eyes.

Shen Mubai stealthily jumped up on the windowsill. It was right beside the male lead’s seat, allowing her to clearly see the indifferent look in his eyes as he stared at the blackboard.

Jiang Yiran’s skin was completely white, and matched with his apathetic temperament, there always seemed to be a sense of distance between him and everybody else. The school uniform revealed his sexy collarbones and the hand he set on the table was slender, with each joint finely pronounced. Even the way he held his pen was attractive.

Shen Mubai already noticed a few girls staring at his face. Even his hands and clavicle seemed irresistible to them, so who knew what they were thinking when their faces suddenly flushed red.

Shen Mubai sat on the windowsill, watching the male lead for a while before saying to the system, “I don’t think acting cute can work with him.”

System: “You can try acting dumb.”

Shen Mubai: “...I want to sell the system now.”

the last bit’s hard to bring to english. In Chinese, it’d literally translate to “Selling cuteness (acting cute)”, selling dumbness, and selling the system.