Chapter 193: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (9)

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Just as she wanted to take the chance to jump down while nobody was paying attention, the male lead suddenly turned his head.

Then, one human and one cat met eyes together.

Shen Mubai froze, stupidly holding a leg up like she was about to jump.

The other’s eyes seemed to hold some indescribable power to them. It was completely cold and apathetic. Even though one clearly knew he would acknowledge them, it still attracted countless like moths to a flame, one after another, fighting until badly bruised.

It was just a glance before the other moved his gaze away. There was no surprise on his face, remaining as cold as ever.

But this one glance made the girl by the window’s imagination run wild. In just a moment, she had gone from love into directly thinking about having kids with him.

Shen Mubai sighed before turning around and jumping off.

Afraid she would go hungry after dinner, Shen Mubai ran over to the cafeteria again before school was dismissed. However, this time, she was unlucky enough to run into the dog again. Before the aunty could come out, she was chased back up onto the fence by the dog.

This time, the dog was even more patient than in the morning. Even when the bell rang and school was dismissed, it still wouldn’t leave.

Shen Mubai wanted to cry but didn’t have the tears. Too bad dogs and cats couldn’t talk with each other. One went ‘bark bark’ and the other went ‘meow meow’. In the end, they could only stare at each other helplessly.

From a distance, she saw the male lead in the crowd. Whether it was his temperament or figure, they were all far beyond the other boys in his class. Even a beautiful girl was sneaking glances at him. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to care at all, not even bothering to waste a single glance on her.

Shen Mubai also stopped caring about the dog, directly jumping off the fence to go off campus.

She continued to chisel at the task, walking behind the male lead. As Shen Mubai was trotting along, she suddenly noticed a butterfly along the road. She couldn’t help but swat at it, influenced by her body’s instincts. Just like that, she played the whole trip long and they soon arrived at their destination.

Jiang Yiran opened the door. This time, however, he didn’t immediately close it and just directly walked in.

Shen Mubai was a little dazed as she stared at the open door, internally struggling for a while before finally deciding to strengthen her courage and enter.


Shen Mubai pondered as she walked through the door, carefully stepping in on the blanket.

She noticed a bowl in the living room. It looked very clean.


Shen Mubai secretly thought: Jiang Yiran still leaving a kitty bowl out might mean that even though he doesn’t care about her, he still wasn’t completely heartless.

After entering the living room, she still couldn’t find him. She looked around and found that whether it was decor or hygiene, everything was tastefully chosen. The floor was so clean that she could even see her own reflection.

However, when she turned her head and saw the little pawprints she left, her whole body stiffened.

Then right at that moment, Jiang Yiran walked downstairs.

When he noticed a string of faint footprints dirtying the spotless floor, he gave a slight frown.

While Shen Mubai was worried he would drive her out now, the other started to walk in her direction.

He lowered his eyes, his indifferent gaze landing on the cat. The boy’s perfect figure stooped down, grabbing a reasonably clean part of her scruff before walking towards the bathroom.

Shen Mubai’s brain had completely froze, only reacting after she was thrown into the bathtub.