Chapter 194: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (10)

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She raised her head slightly, meeting eyes with the male lead.

His hair seemed to glow under the lighting, taking away some of his usual icy edge and making him look much gentler. However, his face remained as apathetic as ever. His long, delicate eyelashes casted a faint shadow over his eyes, where a cold look laid in his eyes. “Don’t move.”


The curve of his lips remained flat. His voice was just as cold as the person himself.

Shen Mubai meowed before obediently sitting in the bathtub, not moving.

Jiang Yiran looked away and picked up a brown comb from the product shelf. Although his head was held high, it didn’t give a haughty feeling. Rather, it created a feeling of alienation, like nobody could truly enter his eye.

He held the comb in his right hand, the distinct joints on his hand appearing even more fair and slender. Jiang Yiran measuredly sat in the bathtub and combed through her fur, unable to help a frown when he saw the stains on her coat.

Although the male lead’s technique was lacking, the amount of force he used was just right. Shen Mubai couldn’t help but let out a low purr, fixing her dark green eyes on him.

Jiang Yiran brushed her for a while before putting the comb behind him, in a basin filled with other dirty things. Then, he started to fill the bathtub with warm water.

His beautiful, slender hands splashed water on Shen Mubai before adding some body wash into the water and rubbing it into her fur. Throughout the whole process, Jiang Yiran kept up his facial nerve paralysis. If it weren’t for the slight wrinkle of his brow, nobody would’ve been able to see through his mood.

Shen Mubai couldn’t help but shrink back when his hands stroked her. Although she now had the body of a cat, thinking about how she needed help showering was still embarrassing.

As such, she couldn’t help but let out a small meow of complaint, her dark green eyes rigidly staring at the ripples in the water.

Although she could look away, she couldn’t block off her senses.

Shen Mubai could clearly feel his slender hands move from washing her neck down to her legs, before making their way to her soft belly. She stood in the bathtub stiffly, but didn’t dare to struggle. It took her so long just to enter the male lead’s house. She couldn’t just throw this chance away.

The strength he massaged her at was just right. However, according to her memories, the one who helped wash her was always the female lead. When the original kitty had been following the little master, it would disappear from time to time to play until it ultimately just stopped returning home. Therefore, Jiang Yiran had never given it a bath before.

Shen Mubai secretly rejoiced that although the male lead was a novice, at least he didn’t hurt her. Otherwise, her life as a cat would truly be hopeless.


However, when his hands reached her rear, Shen Mubai felt the urge to bury herself. Her furry ears shamefully folded back.


For cats, the tail was an extremely sensitive area filled with nerve endings. She couldn’t help but meow and pull back her body.

Jiang Yiran seemed to sense her reaction and paused for a moment, but still decided to continue his actions. For a germaphobe like him, he couldn’t stop until he thought she was completely clean.

After half an hour, Shen Mubai was finally released. All the bubbles on her coat were thoroughly rinsed off and she was wrapped in a soft towel.

But the male lead continued to put her at a distance. It was nothing like how other pet owners would gently treat their house cats.