Chapter 195: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (11)

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Shen Mubai raised her dripping wet head, her eyes meeting the male lead’s lowered ones for a brief moment before giving a low meow.

The bath towel she was wrapped in was soft. Jiang Yiran, who had never got close to anyone before, paused for a moment before turning and leaving the bathroom.

He put her down on the tatami in the living room before finding a hairdryer, his attitude unknown throughout the whole process.

Shen Mubai obediently let him wipe her dry with the towel. His slender fingers held the hair dryer and with a flick of the switch, hot air rushed at her.

The temperature was just right, blowing at her as his other hand gently ran through her fur. Shen Mubai couldn’t help but narrow her eyes in pleasure, a purr rumbling from her throat.


After her fur was about dry, Jiang Yiran suddenly took one of her furry paws and pressed down, forcing out her sharp claws. His face was expressionless. “So dirty.”


Shen Mubai, who was happily enjoying the pampering, suddenly stiffened when she heard his words. She looked at the male lead nervously, her dark green eyes clearly reflecting the other’s icy mien.

But she didn’t expect for him to just stand up and return with a nail clipper to trim her claws.


From start to finish, Shen Mubai acted very obedient and cooperated with everything.

Looking at the cat, Jiang Yiran suddenly recalled how she looked a few days back, when he had first spotted her. She was carefully following behind him, then suddenly ran out and bit his pant leg, her dark green eyes filled with worry and trepidation.


He vaguely sensed something about the flower pot but there still wasn’t even a ripple in his heart. He was cold and detached by nature, making it impossible to understand the ways of the world and the emotions with it. As such, he didn’t react at all, just turning around and leaving without the slightest hesitation.


At the start, Jiang Yiran didn’t recognize this cat was the same one that ran out a few days ago. Only after she continued to persistently follow him did he slowly recall her figure and pieced it together.

Jiang Yiran didn’t oppose or reject his mother bringing back a cat. It was just, whenever she tried to get close, he would choose to ruthlessly turn around. He didn’t have any feelings about this furry creature and even prevented her from coming close. Just thinking about the bacteria and dirt on her made him reject her.

But this cat seemed different from before. Although she still looked the same, the feeling she gave off was completely different. That’s also why Jiang Yiran couldn’t recognize her earlier.


The other was cautious and careful, but didn’t have the fear she had of him previously. Her soft, innocent green eyes were always filled with a longing to be close with him.

Such a gaze wasn’t unfamiliar at all to Jiang Yiran. When his mother had first brought her back, she always wanted to come snuggle with him. But back then, he didn’t feel anything at all. He didn’t know why he would do something so unlike him this time.


His icy gaze fell on the kitty who was staring at him pitifully. Jiang Yiran stood up, looking down on her before speaking, his tone indifferent. “If you sneak out again, there won’t be a second chance.”