Chapter 183 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (53)

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The girl’s phone couldn’t get through, and the locator installed on it was probably found, Su Huaiyan’s face became darker.

At this moment, the phone rang suddenly.

Su Huaiyan looked at the caller, and his body immediately filled with anger as he pressed to answer the call.

“Su Huaiyan, I haven’t seen you for a long time ah.” The man’s familiar voice sounded from over there, it also brought with it a queer laugh.

His hand that was holding the phone tightened slightly, Su Huaiyan then answered with a soft voice, “Oh? I thought who, but it turns out to be you.”

The teenager’s indolent and casual tone was transferred through the phone.

There was a burst of violent brutality surrounding Zhou Daoba’s body for a moment as the hatred in his eyes grew deeper, “Are you looking for your dearest sister everywhere?”

Su Huaiyan chuckled, “Why should I look for a woman who’s not related to me? Even if she’s related to me, so what?”

Zhou Daoba laughed queerly, “Su Huaiyan, your remarks are somewhat similar with your sister, I can’t help wondering if you guys are colluding. One said that she herself doesn’t have value, while the other said that he doesn’t care at all, reasonably justified, if I don’t know the truth, I might believe your words. After all, who doesn’t know that you, Su Huaiyan, is a monster that nobody cares about and treat people as playthings. If you’re interested, then you will play with it, if not, then you won’t take a second look.”

Su Huaiyan’s expression slightly changed, but he still smiled and said, “it seems that you really understand me, I’d still let you down even if you catch my father.”

Zhou Daoba smiled weirdly, her laugh became louder and louder, “Su Huaiyan, you really don’t care about her anymore? You like her so much, how is it possible that you don’t care about her? I don’t have time to play tricks with you, don’t treat me like a fool, who told you to be careless when you kissed your sister intimately?”

Su Huaiyan’s face suddenly changed, the nails were digging through his palm, “What do you want?”

Although the teenager still had that kind of indifferent attitude, but Zhou Daoba who was familiar with him knew that his mind was in a mess right now, he couldn’t help but made a wicked voice, “Su Huaiyan, who knew you can have such a day too. The location is in XXXX, remember, you must come by yourself, and you’re not allowed to tattle tale on those police dogs. You also know that I now have nothing to lose, otherwise I wouldn’t be so fair and give you a call. If you violate our agreement, I’ll kill your woman immediately, anyway, I have been in prison for several years, I don’t plan to keep this shitty life anymore.”

As if there was something settling down deep inside Su Huaiyan’s eyes, the emotions on his face became more obscured, “Okay, but if you dare touch even a strand of her hair, I won’t let you go.”

Zhou Daoba smiled, “I’ll wait for you here, there’s quite a good deal of debts to be settled.”

After hanging up the phone in his hand, he turned and looked at Shen Mubai, a cheerful smile appeared on his face, “I didn’t expect, I didn’t expect ah, I thought I’d be distressed thinking how to deal with Su Huaiyan after coming out, but god actually sent me such a good opportunity.”

Shen Mubai had heard the conversation between the two, she then looked at the big men around her as she said to system, “Is there anything that can get rid of this situation?”

System said, “Yeap.”

Shen Mubai gave a happy shout, “I want to exchange!”

System said, “Your points aren’t enough.”

Shen Mubai, “…”


That's why, you shouldn't exchange points with chicken legs, Baibai! џ(ºДºџ)

Translator: MadPanda