Chapter 184 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (54)

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Shen Mubai originally thought that the system was still useful at critical moments, but at this time, she deeply felt that the system was just a spicy chicken. [T/N: slang for ‘trash’]

And so, she said in a very grieving tone, “What’s your use then? What can you do besides being able to assign me tasks?”

System said, “Nothing oh, you can go die.”

Shen Mubai, “…do I still have to thank you politely?”

System said ‘no need’.

Shen Mubai thought that she and system would go mad sooner or later.

Zhou Daoba noticed that the girl’s reaction was different from other people, she was too calm, and he couldn’t see what she was thinking about.

The corners of his mouth was pulled into a sneering arc, there was disdain in his eyes, “You still expect Su Huaiyan to successfully rescue you? I tell you, it’s impossible.”

When Zhou Daoba said this, there was a strange insanity that flashed in his eyes, his whole person really looked like he was obsessed with something.

Shen Mubai swallowed a mouthful of saliva secretly, there was an ominous hunch in her heart.

System comforted her, “The progress bar on Su Huaiyan had reached 99%, as long as it reaches 100%, you can immediately leave this world.”

Shen Mubai asked, “Then, what about him?”

System said, “Su Huaiyan is the male lead of this world.”

Shen Mubai understood that a protagonist won’t die so easily, so her heart that was slightly nervous had calmed down again.

Zhou Daoba soon resumed his original state. He kept staring at Shen Mubai, slowly telling her the grudges he had with Su Huaiyan.

It turned out, that not long after Su Huaiyan went to junior high school, he not only offended a lot of people in the school, but even some gangster outside had problems with him. But since he pushed a powerful character to a dead end and his reputation spread, most people wouldn’t dare to have any idea about provoking him anymore. That didn’t include a man named Huang Yang, who was Zhou Daoba’s right hand man. He was interested with a particularly beautiful girl in school, but the other party was very disgusted with him. He first thought to force himself upon the girl, but didn’t expect that this girl had a bit of connections. Huang Yang, who had some misgivings, planned to hit the man who this girl liked, and that was Su Huaiyan.

[Panda: So Huang Yang basically failed to put his hand on the girl, and because of his jealousy, he turned his anger to Su Huaiyan, who didn't do anything except for being the girl's one-sided infatuation.]

Huang Yang was a very twisted person, he had been very jealous and unreconciled. Moreover, after hearing Su Huaiyan’s achievements and other people’s respect and fear towards him, he became even more dissatisfied, so he asked Zhou Daoba to take the action.

At the beginning, Zhou Daoba took it playfully, but he did not expect to repeatedly came across this stuck out nail named Su Huaiyan. He was considered to be the most infamous person in the local area, the first reason why he agreed to Huang Yan's request was that he was his subordinate, and the second was because Su Huaiyan made him felt a crisis to his status as the top, furthermore, the other party was still a freshman in junior high school.

Feeling that Su Huaiyan was really difficult to deal with, Zhou Daoba came up with a sinister trick, which was to let him get addicted to drugs.

He knew the power of drugs, because he was one of the victim of it. Therefore, he made up his mind to inject Su Huaiyan with a good dose of this stuff, making him addicted and then manipulate him.

But what he didn’t expect was, the infamous him would one day stumbled because of this very young boy.

He originally thought that his tricks to make Su Huaiyan fall down was successful, but he didn’t expect to be the one who was tricked instead.

Zhou Daoba was then jailed, and the majority of it was because of Su Huaiyan’s contribution.


Bruh, the major reason why you got jailed was your own mistake. Trying to drug a young kid? And then manipulate him? And then blame him when you're jailed instead? (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Translator: MadPanda