Chapter 185 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (55)

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After he was released from prison, his favorite woman had already ran away with another man, and his brothers had also dispersed, leaving only a few who weren’t ungrateful towards him.

He was left with nothing, how could he not hate? So after he was released from prison, with the help of his former subordinates, he hid his trail and started to investigate everything about Su Huaiyan over the past years he was in jail, and he finally found an unexpected surprise.

It was simply god’s gift for him, and he was destined to settle some old debts.

HAHAHAHA, guess where your brother is right now?” Zhou Daoba’s mouth was pulled into a twisted smile, his whole person looked grim.

Shen Mubai felt a little uneasy, “What the hell do you want to do?”

Zhou Daoba’s line of sight fell straight on her, and there was a frantic, mad look deep inside those eyes. The moment he drew a twisted grin, his long scar became particularly terrifying, “Of course I want him to lose the most important thing to him, just like me. I also want him to deeply feel this kind of pain, after all, he loves you very much ah.”

No matter how perverted Su Huaiyan’s temperament was, his blood right now felt like it flew backwards when he thought that the girl he loves was in a place that he could not see and that she might encounter some serious problems, there was a silent panic that was creeping up and occupying his entire heart.

He told himself to be calm and to quickly think of various plans to counter every situations possible. But his anxiety was shown through his clenched hands, his nails were digging into his palm as red blood slowly flowed down without him even realizing it.

Arriving at the designated place, Su Huaiyan frowned slightly, the expression in his face instantly became somber.

The phone rang at this moment, he pressed it promptly and answered with a slight tremble in his voice, “Zhou Daoba.”

As if hearing his rage and warning, Zhou Daoba smiled happily, “Su Huaiyan, do you think I’m lying? You’re near us now, so let’s play a game then. If you can find where we are before your sister is dead, I’ll let her go.”

After he finished speaking, the girl’s painful scream was transmitted through the phone, followed with a beeping sound that ended the communication between the two.

Almost crushing the phone in his hand, Su Huaiyan’s face was extremely cold right now, his eyes shown a never before seen darkness.

But at Shen Mubai’s side, the situation was extremely delicate.

The knife grazed her arms, but because she was caught off guard, the wound became deeper.

The blood was flowing out, and the pain spread all over her body in an instant. Shen Mubai’s face was pale white, she can’t help but cursed at System, “You’re just watching me being abused to death?!”

System said, “Shield sensory package, 3 points, essential for assignment’s travel.”

The knife's cut wasn’t something that ordinary people can endure, seeing that it’s gonna come down again, Shen Mubai quickly said, “I agree!”

How does it feel to cover all your sensory features? She can tell you now that she lost all sight, smell, feeling and hearing, it was as if she entered a closed space, it was even more dreadful than suffocation.

Although it was no longer painful, Shen Mubai still had to cooperate with the outside performance, so she opened her mouth and screamed sharply.

In Zhou Daoba’s eyes, the girl was sitting on the chair with her limbs tightly tied up, her expression was as if she was suffering and on the verge of death, giving up all hope, her red blood sticking to her clothes, it created a picture of a fragile beauty.


Su Huaiyan! Quick! (p゚ロ゚)==p)`д)

Translator: MadPanda