Chapter 186 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (56)

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This further increased the violence in Daoba’s heart, his eyes were filled with crazed emotions and mad desire as he ruthlessly pierced the girl again and again with the knife.

During this time, he specially dialed Su Huaiyan’s phone so that he could hear the desperate cry of the girl.

While feeling Su Huaiyan that was forced into desperation like a trapped beast, he also tyrannized the girl. Zhou Daoba’s heart only felt an incomparable happiness, and even his eyes were faintly red, so crazy that he lost his reason.

HAHAHA, Su Huaiyan, do you understand how I feel now?!” He laughed with a distorted expression.

Several other people in the warehouse looked at each other, they all saw the crazed look on their former boss’ face. One of them hesitated and walked to Zhou Daoba, “Brother Zhou, she’s gonna die like this.”

Although those several people had friendship with Zhou Daoba, but it was only limited to the humiliation given by Su Huaiyan several years ago, therefore, in this kidnapping, they also wanted to selfishly get their revenge.

But now, looking at Zhou Daoba’s madness, he would quickly kill this girl. Those several people only wanted to teach Su Huaiyan a lesson, they didn’t want to be charged with criminal offense.

Zhou Daoba only smirked, “You guys, go.”

The meaning was self-evident.

They glanced at each other, but one of them tried to persuade, “Brother Zhou, you just came out of the prison, there’s no need to put yourself in there again for the sake of a young boy. We brothers also helped you because we considered the past sentiment, take care of yourself.”

After those people went out, Zhou Daoba looked at the dying girl. He raised the bloodied knife in his hand and murmured, “Ah Xiu already left me, I can’t find her anymore, Su Huaiyan, what can you do? What can you do?!! HAHAHAHAHA…”

After this words fell, he gave the last stab to the girl’s abdomen fiercely.

Zhou Daoba had lost his mind, or maybe he had planned this way from the beginning. Deeply aware of Su Huaiyan’s ability, he simply wanted to fight at the risk of mutual destruction, so he chose the most cruel and direct method. That was to make him lose the most important person to him, not only that, but he also let him listen to the helpless scream of the girl so that even if he finally came, he could only see her lifeless body.

Su Huaiyan had indeed became crazy the moment he saw the girl’s corpse.

He didn’t know how he walked step by step towards her, his line of sight fell on the fresh crimson blood, the original color of the chair was no longer visible. The girl’s body was tightly tied up, the head with a dishevelled hair sagged weakly, pale and dead. Every cell on his body was stimulated and filled with speechless anger and sorrow, until Su Huaiyan stopped in front of her.

With both hands caressing the girl’s cheeks, his mouth said gently, “Sister, it must have hurt ah. You’re such a coward, you must have been scared…”

The blood stained the young boy’s fair cheeks, the sticky and warm touch made the redness of his eyes became even more distinct. His throat choked with sadness, but there was still a soft and cute smile on his face, “It hurts a lot, right? It’s okay, sister, I’m here, I’ll take you home with me.”

When the ropes holding the girl’s body were removed, it slid weakly into the boy’s arms.

Beads of tears fell down from the corner of his eyes, covered by clumps of black hair in front of his face. The teenager hugged the young girl tightly, kissing her cheeks without stopping as blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t even notice it at all.


Noooo!! (ಥ﹏ಥ)

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