Chapter 12

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“Hiyono! Look! I finished a new work! Read it for me!”

She was a very creative girl.

Her creations weren't limited to paintings and writings but also from animated videos to original games.

“Oooh! Ichika’s novels are interesting, but it’s all BL. Since it’s based on an otome game, at least make a male/female pairing. ”

I really loved that bright girl who enjoyed her life to the fullest.

I couldn’t keep up with her abyss-related[1] hobby, but I still enjoyed her creations as a reader.

“What are you talking about? It’s exactly because it’s the world of an otome game that the BL shines through!”

"Okay, that’s a bit too advanced for me to understand.”

“A forbidden love that isn’t recognized by this world! My beloved is in love with the heroine! But the heroine is in love with me! The jealousy born from this situation sprouts obsession!! And then, love!!!”

“Why would it transform into love at that point?”

“If there’s enmity, there will be love! If you become a rival, you’re the same as a lover!”

“Wait one second, are you sure we’re speaking the same language?”

Sometimes her reasoning was really sloppy, but even though things could get a bit weird, we were always together.

We decided to attend different universities.

She was going to move away.

But we were still together every day. Even after the high school graduation ceremony and the start of our new lives, we promised to stay together all the time.

That’s right, so it couldn’t have been any different at that time.

“Hiyono, are you going to watch this movie?”

“Saint Princess 3?”

“Yes! It’s going to be exciting to watch the cinematographic adaptation of an otome game, right?!”

She said that while jumping.

“It’s very rare. Though, the number of animes of that genre has increased lately.”

“Absolutely! Also, because I love the director, I’m looking forward to it!”

“Ichika really likes that person.”

“I want to work with this director someday!”

She spoke about her dreams while her big eyes shined brilliantly. The sparkles flying all around her were too bright and I narrowed my eyes.

“It’s really amazing. You’ve already decided on your future dream.”

“Hehehe… By the way! We’re going to watch the movie together, right?”

“Okay. When?”

“Today, after school!”

The movie theatre was engulfed in flames.

She was desperately trying to carry a fainted person.

“Ichika-chan! If you keep struggling like that–!”

“I can’t leave! I can’t go without helping this person! Hiyono, go ahead! I’ll catch up with you later!”


“If you don’t go now, you’ll be in danger!”

“I don’t want to leave Ichika behind!”

I wasn’t as nice and friendly as Ichika. I wouldn’t risk my own life for another stranger, and couldn’t fathom carrying someone else like that in this situation.

But Ichika is different. She is the one friend I swore to keep at my side forever.

I grabbed the other shoulder of the fainted woman.

A brutal raging heat stroked our cheeks, and the burning flames chased us mercilessly.

“We have to leave soon!”

But the entrance at the end of her extended hand was already engulfed in flames.

The flame spread to our clothes. I desperately tried to pat it down to extinguish the fire.

My sleeve also caught on fire.


As if looking back for help, she was lying on the ground and stopped moving.

“Ichika! Ichika! Ichikaaa!!”

I called out desperately, but she didn’t answer.

The smoke swallowed me.

Then my consciousness was sucked into a deep darkness.

◆ ◇ ◆


With a loud scream, Cecilia jumped awake. A large amount of sweat dripped from her forehead and slid down her cheeks, falling on the back of her hands.

She was dreaming.

She had a very bad dream.

It was a hot, sad, painful, dark dream.

“But what kind of dream was that…?”

The dream that only left a bitter aftertaste can no longer be traced back. She doesn’t remember.

“It’s probably the same usual one…”

There is a dream that she has been seeing since she regained her memories of her previous life. She never remembers the contents of the dream, but could easily imagine that it wasn’t anything good because it always made her wake up sweating and distressed.

Cecilia was already convinced she knew of the dream she had seen many times but never remembered was about. This was surely the last memory of Hiyono.

And so, the distress in her heart was without a doubt a form of regret.

Perhaps what she couldn’t fulfill in her other incarnation was manifested in her dreams.

“But I have a new life! I must live happily this time! I won’t die like Cecilia in the game!”

With her feelings renewed, she made a fist in front of her chest.

It was at that time that her eyes darted towards the clock in the room.

The clock hands pointed to eight-fifteen.

By the way, the first period at Wruhel Academy began at 8:30.

“Argh, I’m going to be late!! And there’s the briefing for the school camp today!”

Tomorrow, the second-year students from Cecilia’s school will go camping in a forest. And today was the briefing for that school meet.

She quickly transformed into him. Cecil grabbed his bag and ran out of the dormitory.

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