Chapter 13

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The school camping event in the woods.

It is a major academic event in which a large group of students stays in mountainous accommodations during spring and autumn, and they can learn the difficulties and splendour of communal living.


Cecilia was shaking, surrounded by the thick forest and fresh air.

(Why is this happening?)

She had a paper in her right hand with the number “3” written on it, and her left hand was clenched tightly.

There were a lot of joyful male students standing in front of her, and a few who were slightly dispirited, but nobody was as depressed as Cecilia.

And right next to her–…

“So, we are in the same room? Well, better than a random stranger.”

Just like her, Oscar held a paper with the number “3”.

Everything started a few hours ago.

Cecilia and the other sophomores from Wruhel came to the mountains, located three hours away from the school by horse-drawn carriage.

The purpose is, of course, camping in the forest.

The accommodations are collective facilities, such as dormitories. But there was a hidden trap here.

The rooms were basically single bedrooms, but the number of rooms for boys was less than the number of students. Of course, this wasn’t a mistake on the part of the school, it had always been like that, and some of the boys would just share the same bedroom.

Wruhel Academy has 160 students in the second year. Among them, a little over half, about 90 people, are male students. So only 10 to 20 people had to share a bedroom with someone else.

Twenty percent out of ninety. About 18 boys had to share the same space.

For Cecilia, who was crossdressing, having to share a room with someone could be dangerous in many ways. And she was completely betrayed by her expectations. Almost one out of five. It was suppose to be difficult to hit the jackpot.

However, in the lottery draw that just finished, she successfully earned the right to share a room with Oscar.

(Why did it have to be Oscar?!!)

Cecilia silently squeezed the paper with the cursed number.

While her face stiffened, someone gently patted her back. Looking back, she saw Jade observing her with a worried face.

His fluffy hair and gentle look like a large dog was exactly like in the game.

“Cecil, are you okay?”


“Are you perhaps nervous because you’ll be roommates with His Highness?”

“Yeah, well.”

As Cecilia nodded vaguely while her face turned pale, the good-looking young man gently patted her back again and whispered gently into her ear.

“Well then. Shall I switch with you?”


Cecilia jumped up. He must have been assigned to a single room. It would be very helpful if Jade could replace her.

Jade smiled and wrinkles formed around his eyes.

“Yeah, I actually wanted to talk a little bit with His Highness.”

Her eyes were almost burned by his angelic doggy-like dazzling smile.

A Godsend existence, a benevolent Buddha, this is Jade.

“Then, pleas–aaah!”

But the moment she was about to accept his offer, Cecilia realized it would be useless to switch out now.

Leanne and Jade have a romantic event that can’t be missed during the school camp. The absolute condition for it is that Jade must be in a single room.

In the game, the room lottery also happened, and the level of favourability between Leanne and Jade determined whether his room will be double or single. Then, if the affection between them was low, Jade would be placed in a double room, and the romance event no longer occurred.

Cecilia remembered that just in time and shook her head.

She decided to attend the school camp to watch over Leanne and Jade. She couldn't disturb them.

That was how things should be.

“Actually, I’m fine!”


“I like Oscar! I’ll be okay!”

“…Is that so?”

After a subtle pause, Jade nodded while saying:

“But don’t force yourself and let me know as soon as you feel uncomfortable.”

“Thank you!”

Even though they were classmates, she hadn’t had much contact with Jade, but just like in the game, he was a very nice guy.

She couldn’t help but pray for him to fall completely in love with Leanne soon.

“Ah, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Cecilia gave up. Life is what you make from it. C'est la vie.

Even though the main bath was like a large Japanese style bathhouse, it was written somewhere that there was also a shower in the bedroom, and the sleeping arrangement wouldn’t necessarily mean they had to share the same bed.

It should be easy to deceive that thick-headed Oscar for one or two nights.

She entered the room with Oscar while thinking positively.

And then, she became appalled.

(Eeeh, the room is surprisingly small.)

The rooms in the dormitory of the Wruhel Academy were rather large. In addition to the room with the bed itself, there were two additional rooms that can be used freely. Most students didn’t use it, but they also had simple kitchens and utensils, large desks and closets, and even a rotary dial telephone device in case something happened.

However, the rooms at the camping accommodations were more like a modern economical business hotel. Judging by the size, it was all very similar except for the bunk bed in the corner.

The furnished room was small and had no dividers, with only one round desk and two chairs. The closet that they would use was just big enough for Cecilia to fit in. By the way, the dormitory’s closet was large enough to accommodate three or four famous cat-shaped robots[1].

“W-what should I do?”

The situation was a lot less favourable than she expected. During the day, they would rarely stay in this room because of extra-curricular activities, and when it’s time to come back, all they need to do is to directly go to sleep. Considering all that, the size may be reasonable and appropriate, but it was also small enough to involuntarily surprise her.

She has to stay with him in this cramped room. That means that she can’t take her wig off. And not even the binder on her chest.

“It gets quite stuffy and painful, this is going to b–…”

“Hmm, did you say something?”


Cecilia straightened her back and answered Oscar, who looked back at her while holding the room key.

Fortunately, each of the bunk beds had curtains so if one enters, it’s possible to have some privacy for a while.

In this case, the wig will only bother her until bedtime. That was the only silver lining.

(Well, let’s think about the details later, the most important thing now is to make sure Jade and Leanne stay together!)

She clenched a fist in front of her chest, renewing her determination.

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1. Yup, she meant d0raem0n.

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