Chapter 14

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“My dear sister,

How is the school camp going? Are you having fun?

I’m really worried about letting my harebrained and sloppy sister out into the wild.

Did you bother anyone?

Did you do anything stupid?

If you ended up getting a roommate (His Highness would be the worst possible outcome) or if your crossdressing is in danger of being exposed, please let me know immediately.

No matter who tries to stop me, I’ll come to pick you up.


“I wonder if my stepbrother has clairvoyance...”

“Cecil, did you say anything?”

“No, n-nothing!”

Cecilia replied to Oscar’s voice coming from behind while hiding the letter.

She discovered Gilbert’s letter while unpacking.

She laughed a bit while opening it again inside her bag.

Gilbert objected to Cecilia’s decision to go camping. The school camping event at Wruhel Academy is an optional event so some students choose not to go.

Since it was dangerous to stay in the communal accommodations, Cecilia was supposed to skip that too, but this time she had to attend to keep observing the recently discovered fast-paced relationship between Leanne and Jade.

In addition, there were many participants this year, so most students were attending it. Cecilia would stand out if she was the only one who skipped.

Gilbert, however, objected to it until she got on the carriage, as there were clearly more disadvantages than advantages.

He probably put that letter in her luggage to express his unwillingness to let her go.

(Gil, you’re always protecting this big sis!)

The rude words he wrote stung a bit, but proper affection was still conveyed in the letter. She was actually impressed that the villainess in the game was capable of bullying this cute and caring stepbrother.

(But if I contact him now, I’ll make Gil even more worried! I have to get over this by myself!)

“Sis, it’s amazing how you could disguise yourself without being discovered even while being roommates with His Highness! I have a newfound respect for you!”

Cecilia lifted her lips into a proud smile as she imagined Gilbert’s compliments after this situation was over and safely returned home.

(I’m always showing my unreliable side! I must restore my status here!)

If Gilbert was here, he would certainly cut off Cecilia’s train of thought with his sharp wit.

But there’s nobody around who can stop her now.

“Hey. Did you finish unpacking?”

“Ah, yeah!”

In response to Oscar’s question, Cecilia turned back with a smile on her face. He would get angry if she treated him politely, so she’s currently trying to act more casual by talking to him like a regular friend, but she still couldn’t get used to it.

Oscar also asked Gilbert to address him casually, but it seems he stubbornly said: “I absolutely disapprove of it.”

“We have to do lunch prep now. Let’s go.”

“All right.”

Cecilia left the room following after Oscar.

◆ ◇ ◆

The exchange diary was the key to Leanne and Jade’s event at the school camp.

Though, even after some time passed since they began the exchange diary, Leanne was still hesitant to meet Jade privately.

Leanne really wanted to get along with Jade. However, she was unable to take it one step further because she was ostracized in the past and didn’t wish for Jade to go through the same experience just because he befriended her.

At that time, Jade invited her using the exchange diary by writing “Let’s slip away from the dormitory together tonight.” Leanne agreed and headed to the meeting place.

They met up and had a pleasant conversation while looking up at the night sky. Jade was surprisingly educated, telling her stories of foreign constellations that he knew about.

They were supposed to just be friends, but the distance between the two was not much different from being something like lovers. Their cheeks occasionally reddened while they were engrossed in their conversation.

Suddenly, a scream was heard from the dormitory. When they rushed towards the dormitory, they found it stricken by ‘disturbances’.

Stray dogs and ‘disturbance’ infected classmates were attacking other people.

They rushed to the rescue, but during the battle, Jade was hurt trying to protect Leanne.

She felt guilty about it and offered to take care of him.

Fortunately, they were light injuries, but Leanne still took care of ailing Jade.

Leanne then began to notice her feelings, and Jade also became more aware of her.

(That’s why we can’t fail this event– right!!)

Cecilia vigorously swung the kitchen knife downwards on the potato, while recalling the memories of her previous life. The cutting board jumped with the sound of a BANG! However, it didn’t cut through anything past the potato skin.

“Huh? Did I miss it?”

While muttering noisily, Cecilia raised the knife again.

When she swung it down it again with her full strength, she chipped the cutting board and some splinters flew out.

Cecilia dodged the splinters directly, but they grazed her cheeks slightly and cut her face.

“How irritating…”

She wiped her cheeks with one of her sleeves. A red line appeared on the fabric. It was blood.

“I can’t believe I got hurt while chopping vegetables…”

Cecilia was making curry.

“I’ll make you regret having hurt me!”

She was just making curry.


The hand that lifted up again was now grabbed by someone.

Oscar was standing behind her with an embarrassed face.

“It’s my bad to interrupt you while you’re enjoying yourself, but what the hell is this?”

“…What? Ain’t I just cutting some potatoes…”

“Are you sure you aren’t just goofing around?”

“Of course not!”

The next moment, Cecilia’s cutting board and kitchen knife were confiscated by Oscar.

“What, why?!”

“Take a look around.”

When she observed the surroundings as told, she could tell everyone was frightened as they stared back at Cecilia. Even the girls who would normally squeal gleefully at her actions had pale faces.

“Huh? Why?”

Why, he asks… If you saw someone fighting off with potatoes looking like a psychopath, you would be terrified too!”

“I was just pumping myself up…”

“Really? Is that how you encourage yourself…”

Oscar sighed deeply.

“You’re really bad at cooking. Even though you have a good reputation for studying and playing sports…”

“Aaah…I guess I’ll just refrain from it…”

Actually, Cecilia has always been bad at cooking since her past life. She wasn’t particularly proud of it, but she once cooked a homemade meal for her mother and it all ended up in a promise to never enter the kitchen again.

It’s not that she wasn’t interested in cooking or that she had a bad sense of taste.

She was simply too clumsy.

Even after becoming Cecilia, she cooked for her parents and Gil once, with the help of the head chef. However, her mother collapsed after eating, and her father ran into the toilet immediately. Gilbert seemed unaffected but fell into a deep sleep for a whole day after that.

She really regretted that occasion and felt like she had done something terrible.

Since then, she hasn’t entered a kitchen at all.

“Wait, but I believe I can at least cut potatoes …”

“You’re not even qualified to hold a knife or use a cutting board properly!”

It really didn’t seem that Oscar was willing to return those things to Cecilia.

“And why would someone get injured in a place like this while cooking?”

Oscar poked her cheeks, making Cecilia frown from the tingling pain.


“Is it painful?”


When he stroked her cheeks, she felt slightly uncomfortable.

There might be some small splinters stuck in the cut.

Oscar grabbed Cecilia’s arm after he held his temple.

“Hey. Let’s go!”

Then he started to walk while dragging her.

“Where to? Where are we going? Where are you taking me?”

“To the first-aid tent.”

He said that with a faintly annoyed expression.

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