Chapter 8 - Lunar Day (7)

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Translator: Jayre

GuMeng took off his clothes in the dressing room before entering the shower room, where there were already two people in it.

There were a total of six cubicles in the shower room, three on the left and three on the right, with each cubicle covered by a white shower curtain.

GuMeng chose the innermost cubicle and went directly into it, turning the water flow to the maximum. Once he came into contact with the warm water, he comfortably let out a sigh and pulled his wet hair back.

“Brother, what will I do tonight? HeWei is dead, do I have to stay by myself in the dormitory tonight?”
(T/N: They aren’t biological brothers, this is a casual form of addressing each other.)

A voice with no confidence came from the next cubicle, and hearing the name “HeWei”, GuMeng paid a little more attention to the conversation.

“Staying alone for one night… Thinking about it, it’s pretty weird,” The other man said. “You spend the most time with HeWei, did you find anything unusual? It’s really too unlucky that he died on the first day, and also that death…...sssi… I don’t dare to think about it.”
(T/N: ‘sssi’ the man sucking in his breath.)

HeWei’s roommate was a college student named Wang KeLe. He was not very courageous and his voice sounded like he was about to cry. “What can I know? Yesterday after being haunted by the ghost we just slept early, before he slept he only told me the little sister ShuiXing was so beautiful with an attractive personality, and nothing else. We weren’t in the same group in the afternoon and by the time I rushed over he already…… already… became meat sauce.”

“Alright alright!” The other man hurriedly stopped him. “Brother. To be frank with you, everyone is suspicious now because of the male teacher amongst us. I’ll like to invite you to my dorm for the night, but in this situation you know that we can’t let our guards down around anyone. Why don’t we wait for the meeting later, to see if anyone is willing to take you in for the night.”

Wang KeLe was crying. “How did I manage to meet such an ill-fated roommate? Now that he’s dead, everyone’s suspicions will be placed on me.”

“Before HeWei died, there was really nothing unusual?” The man asked again, worried.

“Brother! I really don’t know! I just slept with him for one night.” Wang KeLe said anxiously.

GuMeng faced the wall, wiping off the water droplets from his face. “......”

Classmate, there’s some ambiguity in those words.

Two more people walked into the shower room.

“Hey, there’s some people already enjoying it. This water flow is pretty strong.”

The voice belonged to the grumpy old uncle Zhang GuoQiang.

Meanwhile, the shower curtain behind GuMeng was pulled to the side. He was startled, and turned back to look.

His roommate was standing behind with shining eyes.

“Go, go.” GuMeng waved one hand, the other subconsciously covering the body part below. “There’s still space at the opposite side, we can’t squeeze together here.”

EnJin lightly curled the corner of his lips, and voice as clean as the melting snow, he immediately reported the good news. “GuMeng, I have a name now.”

GuMeng did not have much expectations. “What is it?”

If the man dared to say “Baby”, “Darling” or those types of words, he was going to start cursing.

EnJin squeezed into the shower cubicle, seemingly not seeing himself as an outsider and took GuMeng’s hand.

GuMeng, embarrassed, shrank into the corner. “You…… why are you so touchy?”

“GuMeng.” No one knew when Wang KeLe had climbed the partition, but with a height problem, only a pair of eyes could be seen even as he strained to tiptoe. The man looked at GuMeng, then at the tall man forcibly holding GuMeng’s hand, and said, “Are you both willing, or are you playing the forced scenario?”

GuMeng pushed his head down. “Take your shower! Your thoughts are too dirty, thoroughly clean your mind too!”

At this time, the man straightened GuMeng’s palm and using his finger to draw on it, he said, “GuMeng, my name is EnJin.”

EnJin was illiterate, and did not know how to describe his name. If it was not for BoYe telling him, he would not even know how to read those two words, and so he could only write it out for GuMeng, carefully tracing out each stroke and each dot.

“EnJin?” GuMeng raised his head to look at him, feeling a little startled.

Amidst the steam, the man lowered his head. His short hair, sharp nose, jetblack eyelashes were splashed damp by the shower, the corner of his eyes slightly raised. He seemed to be smiling when his face relaxed.

If it was not for the broken brain and the strange behaviour, he was actually a very attractive and charming man.

“This is how my name is written, do you understand it?” EnJin raised his eyes to look at GuMeng and worriedly asked, “Is it a nice name? Does it sound better than ‘Baby’?”

GuMeng regained his senses and swallowed, looking down at his hand that was clasped. “Write it again, I didn’t see it clearly just now.”

EnJin traced it out again patiently, slower than the previous time.

En - from gratefulness.

Jin - the brilliance of the beautiful jade.

It sounded a little feminine, but the meaning was okay. GuMeng drew his hand back. “Pretty nice. Congratulations, you finally got your name back.”

EnJin smiled, turned sideways and squeezed under the showerhead to wash his hair. “You don’t have to worry. I have a name now which means I’m just like an ordinary person, not a bad one. You can be at ease with me in the future.”

GuMeng understood then that EnJin was hung up over everyone doubting him and unwilling to team up with him, and felt his heart hurt a little. “I never doubted you, really.” He said.

Because with your IQ like this, it’s not possible to be a villain.

At this moment, there were footsteps coming from the outside.

“There’s only two cubicles left, this……”

“It’s okay, I’ll use one with Candi.”

It was BoYe’s voice.

GuMeng then realised that EnJin had unknowingly taken his position. The two were squeezed into the small cubicle, but there were also no more available cubicles now.

He glanced at the man, and without any anger, said, “Hurry and wash up, I want to use it too.”

“Brother, I’m done showering, I’ll go first.” Wang KeLe’s voice floated from the outside.

Wang KeLe held the basin and opened the curtain, and with his slippers slapping against the floor, he headed outside, greeting the man in the next cubicle.

Passing by the man’s cubicle, he heard a clear “puchi” sound.

He turned his head to look, and saw red blooming on the white shower curtain.

The scene was like someone splashing a pot of blood on the curtain from inside the cubicle.

Wang KeLe was dumbfounded and his feet were rooted to the ground.
The frosted shower curtain was stained with blood, and the blood flowed down. Under the curtain, the tide-like red gushed out.

It was not until the red reached Wang KeLe’s feet that he found his voice and screamed. “Someone’s dead——”