Chapter 6 - Lunar Day (5)

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Translator: Jayre

GuMeng’s face paled, and he did not bother with the man anymore, walking out of the backstage quickly. He saw a few people standing by a window at the south of the auditorium.

He jumped off the stage. “What happened?”

When he walked closer, he saw a small hill of minced meat beside the wall, thick blood spreading out from it. A human head was right next to it.

It was HeWei.

The lively teenager with a strong desire to perform well.

GuMeng wrinkled his eyebrows, suppressed his disgust and took two steps back. He averted his eyes, but there was a strong smell of blood accompanying each breath.

More and more people gathered around, and the women all naturally gathered together. Aside from ShuiXing who was standing in the middle, the rest of the women were dumbfoundedly crying.

“Who was grouped with HeWei?” XuXing pushed up his glasses, face solemn. “Who saw what happened just now? How did someone who was perfectly fine turned out like …… like……”

Like he was stuffed into a meat grinder.

The woman paralyzed on the ground was called Yu MengMeng and she was the first person to discover He Wei’s death. Seemingly unable to recover her senses, she dully said, “JingJing and I, along with HeWei, formed a group. Just now, I saw that he was standing still in front of the wall and I called him twice, but there was no response. So I went and pushed him……” Recalling the scene at that time, the woman retched. “Except for his head, all the flesh on his body collapsed and fell straight to the floor……”

The group felt horror densely settling amongst them.

Everyone had gathered after hearing the scream and they all came together to have a discussion, but at the same time, they were filled with suspicion towards each other.

“Let’s not randomly guess, we should figure out what happened first.” ShuiXing tossed her long hair. “Looking at how he died, it must have been through an abnormal method, most likely……” After thinking about it, she said, “It’s most likely the name slip was torn, like the one at the school gates yesterday.”

There was an uproar.

“Aren’t the name slips kept by the teacher?”

“Yes, and without the agreement of the majority no one can appeal to have it. Unless the person who committed the crime isn’t a person, it’s either the male teacher or the female ghost!”

“Damn! There’s no hints at all, and we don’t even know why he died.”

“Look at the window sill.” TangZhi gazed at the upper window, his clear eyes calm.

The group paused in the midst of their discussion, and following his directive, they looked towards the upper window.

In the fading rays of the afternoon sun, a small pile of paper confetti laid there quietly.

At this moment, a breeze blew through the window and the confetti scattered and fell. Similarly, the hill of minced meat beside the wall also scattered.

Many screamed and jumped to the side, while those covered with the white paper confetti hurriedly patted them off.

“Damn! Damn it!”  Zhang GuoQiang jumped about as he smacked the paper confetti off his jacket. “When was the paper torn? After tearing and putting it on the window sill that high up, there’s only the female ghost who can do this!”

There were various expressions on everyone’s faces.

“The female ghost also haunts during the day?”

And the murder had gone unseen. Even if one was in a group, one cannot escape the terrible fate of being torn into pieces.

“What a shitty game! Isn’t this clearly to let us die one by one? Whether we participate or not, we will die anyway. I won’t play anymore!” A young man was flushed red, and in his fear became extremely angry. He yanked off his uniform jacket and threw it to the ground, before walking to the doors of the old auditorium.

He was only halfway there before the doors were pushed open, and warm sunlight shone in.

With the light shining behind, a slender figure walked in. Her waist was thin but hips were wide, chest a D cup, and had a sweet smile, but everyone knew that she was not weak when it came to tearing up the name slips, and hence the scene was terrifying.

The young man paused immediately, and in the next second he was right back to where he was before, bending over to pick up the jacket he had thrown to the ground. “Ah this game, it’s important to participate, it’s important to participate……”

The other players: “......”

Teacher XiaoYu hummed a light song as she walked into the auditorium. Instead of greeting the group, she went straight to the minced meat beside the wall, and black high heels stepped lightly into the dark, sticky blood.

Reaching the small blood-red hill, she stopped her humming, looked down, and a strange smile slowly emerged. “ChunZi chose classmate HeWei.”

Zhang GuoQiang endured the hair-raising, creepy feeling and asked, “Teacher, how did HeWei die?”

Teacher XiaoYu smiled pretentiously, lowering her head in a contemplative manner as she paced back and forth in the large pool of blood. From time to time she kicked up the viscous liquid under her feet, like a little girl kicking the small puddles formed along the roadside on a rainy day.

“He did something ChunZi did not like.”

TangZhi immediately understood and as he glanced at the remains beside the wall, he said, “So this game has an underlying condition for death. Whoever offended ChunZi will be the one to be taken away.”

“What condition?” One person asked anxiously. “Why was ChunZi not pleased?”

BoYe looked around the group and calmly said, “A few more deaths and the pattern will be found.”

Everyone shuddered at the same time.

Teacher XiaoYu clapped her hands and gained everyone’s attention. “Cleaning time isn’t over yet, may everyone continue to decorate the auditorium so that ChunZi can have a successful farewell ceremony.”

No one had any mood to continue cleaning after this sort of thing happened, but the NPC in front of everyone was one of the causes of their fear, and so everyone bowed their head and rolled up their sleeves.

“Teacher, HeWei’s……” GuMeng could not bear to look directly at the wall. “How do we deal with HeWei’s corpse?”

Teacher XiaoYu smiled. “It’s okay, teacher will deal with it.”

Just as everyone was about to disperse, all of them saw the female teacher walking to the wall and taking a handful of meat, stuffed it directly into her mouth. She swallowed quickly, the sound sticky.

The group simultaneously gulped their saliva down.

Nausea, disgust.

Before following BoYe, when TangZhi glanced back, HeWei’s head coincidentally rolled aside. This movement attracted his attention and when he looked closely, his sharp eyes spotted a detail.

He tugged at BoYe’s hand. “Look at the back of the deceased’s ear.”

BoYe turned back to look.

Behind the right ear of the head, the blood trails on the deathly pale skin crossed each other to clearly form a letter——


The wound was fresh, as if it had just been carved.

In the evening when everyone finished their work for the day, Teacher XiaoYu licked the blood off her fingers and smiled, “Do eat more for dinner.”

That one sentence almost made everyone puke.

The cafeteria was crowded, and the students were gathered noisily in different groups to eat their dinner, with the atmosphere no different from an ordinary campus.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, it was as if they had returned to the normal reality.

After receiving his meal, GuMeng was looking for a seat and found BoYe and TangZhi sitting at a corner. He casually pulled his roommate over with him.

“Let’s sit together.” GuMeng placed his plate down, and sat down regardless of whether the opposite party agreed.

TangZhi saw the man who was always silent sitting diagonally opposite him, and with an expression full of suspicions, he softly whispered into BoYe’s ear, “It’s him, the one who was peeping at the storage room.”

BoYe scanned the man sitting opposite him.

The man noticed his gaze and returned it, eyes clear and innocent, the look of a guilty man absent on him.

“Classmate, what’s your name?” BoYe placed his chopsticks down and sipped his drink, ready to question him.

The man said without embarrassment, “My name is Baby.”

A spray of soda left BoYe’s mouth.

The man ducked back a little, but did not avoid it.

GuMeng picked up a napkin and passed it to the man to wipe his face, looking awkward.

“Sorry.” BoYe dabbed at his mouth with a napkin. “But your name really…… can’t be called by others.”

Although the man always had an ice cold poker face and seemed hard to approach, he seemed to have a good personality, shaking his head and repeating, “My name is Baby.”

BoYe suddenly lost interest in pursuing the matter and placed his drink down. “It’s okay, Classmate Bao, let’s eat.”
(T/N: 宝贝 is baby, and BoYe took the first half and added a Classmate to it so that he don’t need to call the man Baby)

Apart from what happened today, the four did not have anything to talk about but no one was willing to bring up HeWei’s corpse at the dinner table, and so they ate silently.

BoYe picked out the bones of the yellow croaker and held the meat up, saying, “Baby, eat more.”

He had not even placed the fish in TangZhi’s bowl when the bowl opposite was pushed towards him.

“Thank you.” said the self-named ‘Baby’.


BoYe and TangZhi looked up at the same time and saw the man looking expectantly at the yellow croaker hanging in midair.

The situation became a little awkward. BoYe coughed slightly, reluctant to put the boneless fish in the man’s dinner plate.

TangZhi pursed his mouth, his face full of displeasure.

GuMeng looked away, weakly rubbing his forehead.

“Baby.” Halfway through the meal, BoYe asked with concern, “Are you feeling better?”

TangZhi smiled and was about to reply when a soft male voice floated in, “En, I’m okay. I didn’t feel much when I saw the corpse.”

BoYe’s hand tightened around his chopsticks, and enduring his irritation, he said, “Classmate, I’m not talking to you.”

The man looked stunned and as if he did not understand, he asked, “Why did you call me then?”

“I was calling baby……”

“Yes,” said the male.

BoYe flipped the table!

This was a really naughty, disgusting boy who needed a beating.

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