Chapter 1.2 - Rosa Wants to Obtain Her 'Favorite Character' (ローザは「推し」を手に入れたい) (2)

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(Ahh… But… The rose road turns out to be this grim…)

But now, at the current age of fourteen, Rosa fully realized that she wouldn't be able to find her ideal 'uke' here.

The Langheims' territory where Rosa lived was a cold land with steep mountains and sheer inlets.

Although the weather was cool in the summer, the cold in the winter was severe. Inevitably, the people living here had a strong will to survive and a sturdy build.

In other words, most men had a sense of values of 'protecting' and 'leading' the girls and the children.

Naturally, their sense of love followed that. In Langheims' territory, it was expected that men had to lead women.

(In other words, this place is the treasure trove of 'seme' characters, but… it's hard to nurture the attribute of 'uke.')

Rosa sighed with a gloomy face, inspecting the farms to kill time. Specifically, the farmer men.

By the way, 'seme' was the one who played the role of the male in the relationship, and 'uke' played the female role.

'Uke' had to adhere to become the opposite of the 'seme' in general. Rosa decided so, believing that's 'because they are the ones receiving love.'

But the level of 'uke' in the Langheims' territory was overwhelmingly low.

That was Rosa's recent worry.

(No, pairing position is a relative issue, so it's possible to forcibly ignore the build to label someone as the 'uke,' but… I believe there's an ultimate 'uke' in this world!)

Looking at the sky with her violet eyes, Rosa thought so.

Even if she had an impure thought, her refined beauty made her look like a fleeting angel. But Rosa, who had grown abnormally in a crooked direction, was less aware of her charm.

(As I thought, I want a beautiful 'uke.' With a delicate body and childlike innocence, he awakens others' desire to protect. Yet his character has to be tinged with sadness so it has a shadow and a depth. But he's unexpectedly strong-willed, charming so many 'seme's just by walking… Ahh, I don't think that kind of person exists.)

All the men living in Langheims' territory, except her father, were nice guys. They were dependable and more than capable of leading. The perfect 'seme' character.

However, the supply of 'uke' was too small.

With this, her delusions would never get anywhere. In other words, the austerity in her belief reached a deadlock.

Recently, Rosa had begun to feel the limits of her rose path.

For some time, she even tried to nurture 'uke' by selecting people with slender bodies among the people of the territory who offered to take care of her.

But for some reason, everyone who took care of Rosa became a masculine man filled with chivalry spirits. So Rosa gave up and had them return to their home.

(Maybe my delicate appearance is at fault here…)

Rosa was frail and delicate because she secluded herself during her growing period and forgot to eat when concentrating on her rotten activities.

With this, even if someone had the potential to be a 'uke,' interacting with her would relatively reduce that person's delicacy.

If she knew this would happen, she rather became a muscular and tough guy with mud on her face who laughed loudly without caring for her manners. That way, she might be able to make an excellent environment to nurture 'uke'.

With such thought, Rosa suffered deep shame.

Moreover, Rosa had a bad habit. She would faint every time she got too excited.

Besides, many years of secluding herself had cursed her. Her skin was milky white. Not to say, she had a disappointing constitution. When she went out to try to get a sunburn, her skin would only get inflamed.

Thanks to that, she was treated like a sickly lady.

Upon seeing her, the men's desire to protect stirred up, and their masculine and 'seme' attributes began to flourish.

(Ugh… Even though I'm healthier than the delicate men around me…!)

She hated herself for not having the talent to nurture 'uke'.

No matter how wonderful a 'seme' was, rose love wouldn't begin without the ideal 'uke' to attract them.

Because in reality, 'seme' was usually attracted to women until they received a strong attraction to the 'uke'.

(Uke… Uke! More than anything, I need an uke right now…!)

Rosa's impatience had reached its peak.

She was already fourteen years old.

There were still two years left until her marriage period. That's why Rosa was planning to collect the materials for the ideal relationship in leisure. But now it might be better to give up her plan and go straight to the monastery.

By declining the relationship of the masses, she could devote herself to her delusions. As a result, she might be blessed with brilliant rotten ideas.

Rosa's heart had been severely corrupted.

While walking in worry, Rosa encountered farmer Karl and Timo along the way.

Neither of them had a very high 'uke' level. But Timo, who was dabbing his eyes and lightly elbowed Karl right now, wafted a sweet-smell of rose.

Looking closely, Timo was smaller than Karl by one first. Rosa could feel the 'uke' attribute from there.

Rosa's mood immediately improved and she smiled.

(I shouldn't lose my composure…)

As she reproved herself, she prayed to the Rose God, who should be somewhere in this world.

"Oh, God. Thank you so much for blessing my eyes again today."

The first step of her belief cultivation was to enjoy the roses that were here now—not begging for the impossible.

It's alright.

The number of 'uke' was small, but they existed.

If Rosa made the right efforts, she would surely meet the ideal 'uke'...

One second after reminding herself that, her pale servant called Rosa in a rush.

"Miss Rosa, this is bad! Please return to the mansion now!"

"My, Lutz. What happened?" Rosa asked with her eyebrows raised.

Lutz was a lovely boy with round eyes who worked as the stableman. But recently, his Adam's apple had become noticeable and he was rapidly growing in height.

The way he treated the horse also screamed that he was a 'seme.'

In the end, the Langheims' territory didn't have enough cuteness.

Lutz answered in a voice that began to get deeper. "Master came back from the royal capital. He brought his illegitimate child!"

That marked the turning point in Rosa's life.

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