Chapter 2.1 - Rosa Wants to Obtain Her 'Favorite Character' (ローザは「推し」を手に入れたい) (2)

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On her way back to the mansion, Lutz informed Rosa of the situation. The illegitimate child her father brought was a thirteen years old boy named Bernard. He was only one year younger than Rosa.

He had the same blonde hair as Count Langheim and had beautiful azure eyes.

The child's mother was a prostitute, living with his son in the downtown area of the royal capital.

The mother appealed to Count Langheim for support since she was pregnant with Bernard. But unable to get his recognition, she had to raise Bernard alone and passed away from illness last year.

From there, Bernard was adopted by the owner of a brothel. And then, Count Langheim, who went to the royal capital, came to that brothel without knowing anything.

The brothel's owner demanded him to pay for the child's support he had spent for Bernard until now and to take his son away.

Count Langheim refused, but the angry owner forcefully pushed Bernard away. Unable to stand looking at the mess, the attendant brought Bernard back to Langheim.

"Oh my…"

Rosa listened to the story on the horse with a severe look. But inwardly, her heart was beating fast.

(What a tragic past. Maybe this is… the appearance of 'uke' with a dark side!?)

Rosa didn't feel any disgust at her father or pity at the boy.

It was because her disgust towards his father had already risen above heaven since a long time ago, and she believed it was selfish to sympathize with someone she didn't even know much about.

So Rosa was purely thinking about whether the boy could be her ideal 'uke' candidate.

(Although he's living in the downtown area, he's from the royal capital… I guess he's the sophisticated 'uke'-sama with a 'city boy' feel? But since he grew up in the downtown area, he can be the twisted 'uke'-chan. Or serious uke… Cold uke… Sexy uke… Ahh, I can't hold my excitement!)

Rosa's heart heavily throbbed that she felt slightly faint.

Lutz, who was sitting behind Rosa, sent her a worried gaze. Rosa hurriedly regained the peace of her mind, making sure the stableman did not notice her rotten smell.

(No, no. I shouldn't expect too much. He has the bloodline of Father. He may be a muscly brat… Ah, but then, there's also the development of a corrupted 'uke' meeting a sincere 'seme' and reforming himself…)

In the end, Rosa's roots were rotten. She couldn't stop her mind from wandering.

When they arrived at the mansion, Rosa regained her composition and fixed her facial expression. She ran into the drawing room where her father and Bernard were waiting for her.

For the time being, she had to disapprove of her father for having and bringing his illegitimate child here.

"Father! I already heard from Lutz. Just what on earth are you thi——"

However, her loud voice was interrupted midway.

The reason was that she saw the boy who kept standing by the sofa, looking like he was feeling lost.

"Oh dear…!"


Rosa was so excited that her mind became a mess.

There, Rosa's ideal 'uke' stood.

Thin developing limbs.

Faint blonde and innocent azure eyes.

Youthfulness remained on the line of his chin. Rosa could feel his concealed strong-will from his tightly pursed lips.

Timidly, Bernard was looking at her with upturned eyes. It was an endearing sight.

Perhaps because of the long journey from the royal capital or his poor living so far, Bernard's dirtiness and shabbiness stood out more. But Rosa's rotten filter wouldn't miss it.

His cuteness.

His appearance that tickled her desire to protect.

His face. His form. His everything.

With Rosa's well-trained rotten sense of beauty, she concluded that the boy was the 'uke' supernova.

(He gets the perfect score of 50 billion points! He's exactly my favorite type!)

Rosa was so delighted that she was about to scream, but she managed to swallow it.

However, Count Langheim, who was sitting heavily on the sofa, snorted.

"Look at this shabby rat. This prostitute's son is so naive that he shamelessly claimed to be my son!"

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