Chapter 2.2 - Rosa Wants to Obtain Her 'Favorite Character' (ローザは「推し」を手に入れたい) (2)

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Apparently, Count Langheim had no intention of acknowledging Bernard as his son. Just as expected from his usual trashy behavior.

Even though it's unlikely for a random downtown boy to be born with blonde hair and azure eyes; the characteristics of a noble which was also the same color as Count's features.

The servants standing by the wall also frowned at Count Langheim's words.

However, Count Langheim clearly showed no concern at all. Instead, he let out a loud, dirty belch, signaling the servants to fill him another cup of liquor.

There were already glasses and ice cubes on the table. Seems like he had been crazily drinking right after he returned home.

"I threw that big liar procuress out right on the spot. However, kicking out a child will make my reputation bad. As a gentleman, I have to show mercy and let him follow me along back home, but he's so dirty. My nose is wrinkling from the strong stench."


Bernardo clenched his fist.

Anyone would feel pity looking at the boy's trembling body, but that was still not enough for them to stop Count Langheim.

The Count's authority over his servants was strong. In fact, Bernard was pretty shabby and dirty.

Also… The servants glanced at Rosa.

If Count Langheim accepted this boy as his son, Rosa, a woman, would lose her right to inherit the peerage.

They were afraid that the good, beautiful, and noblest one amongst all noble ladies—the 'Langheim's Rose Angel'—would lose her status in exchange for a boy similar to a rat.


(My, this walking meat Father… How can he say such abusive words to my Bell-tan! It's you who are more smelly, though!?)

Rosa didn't think about the inheritance at all. Her heart was burning with the flame of anger.

After all, she had been secretly plotting to leave home to become a nun.

In front of her ideal 'uke', she couldn't even afford to think about her noble position or so on.

"...As long as you keep your promise, I will immediately leave this place."

(He spoke! His voice is so cuteee!!!)

So Rosa was even standing there to support Bernard fully.

He didn't sound like he was used to speaking with honorifics. Rosa couldn't stop getting excited at how there was a slight youthfulness remaining in his tone.

She wanted to hear her favorite character's voice closer, so she casually reduced their distance little by little.

"Earl, you told me you would pay us compensation money. I* haven't received that yet."

(He uses 'boku'. Good. That's really good!)

[T/N: 'Boku' is usually used by men (in formal speech) and young boys. Rosa is happy Bernard uses 'boku' since that's the ultimate cute-ish 'uke' pronoun :3]

"My mother indeed sold her body, but she's not a liar. Count, you once said in that place, 'Yeah, I'll pay.' Then I'm sure you won't lie about your promise as a Count. Please at least pay for my mother's funeral fee!"

(That's right, you walking meat! Ah, Bell-tan stands firm and quivers in rage for his mother! Even when he's overwhelmed by the atmosphere of this place… How praiseworthy! This is it, the natural 'uke' attribute…!)

Rosa was greatly impacted by Bernard's behavior, but she desperately suppressed it and slowly approached the boy.

(Ju… just a little. I want to touch Bernard's body just a little… I need to touch the skin of an 'uke' with these fingertips...)

Rosa was more dangerous than the Earl.

However, God took Rosa's side.

"Hah, impertinent! I'll sanitize that cheeky nasty mouth!" Count Langheim spitted, throwing what's inside the glass he had in his hand.

As a matter of fact, all the liquor splashed on Rosa.

After all, Rosa moved quickly to attack Bernard. Or actually, she looked like she covered for him, protecting him from the liquor.


(I, I got to hug hiiimmmmm!!!)

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